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1 Solow Cards – New Card Game Where Low Man Wins

With our fast paced world we miss out on social opportunities where we can laugh, tease, and just plan have fun with our friends. We are so much into technology until we realize that we miss the times, like old times, where we have friends over for some chips and dip, sit at a table and play for fun.

Http://www.solowcards.com introduces Solow Cards, the newest card game of the twenty first century.  A card game that will give you opportunity to laugh with family and friends and fill your energy rise.  It’s SoLow Card is taking over the country.  Groups are being formed due to the ease of the game, the laughter created and the competitive tilt that children to seniors are enjoying.

When life is tough laughter can bring new perspective. SoLow Cards is a great way to bring your family and friends together and refresh your own energy. Set up your first night of play and find out what you have been missing.  Whether it is just our family or you invite your friends you will find the energy changes and everyone becoming more relaxed.

What makes this game fun:

  • It is easy to learn no matter your age
  • Two people can play.
  • Its fast paced.
  • Low score wins.

This game is beneficial for everyone and can aid those who are struggling with math and strategy skills. (Don’t tell them it can help them, let them discover their math abilities rise).  With the fast passed world we live in it is nice to call a few friends and just play Solow Cards.

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