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Hostgator Review

People are very much accustomed in using the Internet almost 24/7 that’s why even mobile phones nowadays are made capable of surfing and browsing the worldwide web. And for some Internet junkie, building their own blogs or creating websites for their businesses had always been an option.

While there are free platforms where you could start creating your personal blogs for free or build a website at no cost, there would come a time when you would want to take your endeavor to a higher level. This is where you would purchase for your own domain name and hosting site.

Speaking of hosting sites, Hostgator had always been on the top list among bloggers and website owners. There are more than enough reasons why they choose Hostgator among the rest. We couldn’t have the nerve to write this review if we are not a Hostgator user, so yes, we are among those who give full trust to this hosting site. Why we love Hostgator? Here’s why:

1.  We actually came from another host and the switch from them to Hostgator was a smooth experience. We thought it would be that difficult but they guided us all through the transfer—for FREE

2.  We’ve been in the business for few years now and never did we experience any downtime on our sites (truly a 99.9% uptime guarantee). For us, to have our website up and running all the time is imperative to make sure nothing escapes any single chance of giving our business the right amount of traffic and boosts on our online presence.

3.  Hostgator’s customer services are up and about 24/7, 365 days a year! There is no big or small inquiry for them, just call their hotline and they will gladly be of your service. This is what we actually love the most about them. You could relay your dilemma to a customer representative, receive a loud and clear response plus they would try to fix the problem right then and there.

4.  Accessing and understanding Hostgator’s control panel is so easy. There are occasions when we would hire a new member on our team and being a newbie, we allot time on teaching them how to manipulate our sites. But with Hostgator’s user friendly control panel, we are often spared from tutorials, no need for that since it’s as easy as 123. So, we all go straight to our actual task.

From time to time Hostgator offers discounts and promos to new and existing clients so it would be better to visit their site more often. And if you finally decided to give it a try, ease yourself from any worries because they have a 45 Day Money Back Guarantee in case you didn’t liked their service (which we doubt 100%).