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beOrganized, an innovative time management application for Android smartphones has been released in Android Market. The app comes in paid and free versions.

PIM Systems has announced the release of their innovative time management app beOrganized. beOrganized is time and task management app that integrates Google calendar and tasks.

The key features include:
– Every action requires a minimized number of taps
– Quickly adding tasks and events using speech recognition
– Events and to-do’s on one, easy-to-view list
– Full sync with Google tasks and calendar.

The philosophy behind beOrganized is to be “invisible” to the end user. It allows to arrange and re-arrange the user’s day using as little effort as possible. A task for today can be added with just one tap using the Android native speech-recognition feature. Every appointment can be moved to another day using just two taps.

beOrganized supports all the calendar features that are required for intensive everyday planning, like color-coded calendars, recurring events and alarms. The app comes with elegant widgets that show the list of upcoming events and to-do’s for today on the main screen. The app can work in a fully offline mode, which allows user to store her or his schedule locally for increased privacy.

beOrganized comes in paid and free version. The free version is ad-supported, it also lacks widgets and voice recognition features. Except for these functionalities, free version has no limits and is a fully-functional organizer that gives user the daily schedule at a glance.

Device Requirements:
beOrganized is compatible with Android smartphones, minimum OS 2.1 and higher.

About Us:
PIM Systems is a Poland-based company focused on developing innovative mobile time-organizing solutions. Its product go through extensive usability tests to provide solutions that minimize the end user’s effort when doing the daily time management.

The app was released under productivity category in Android Market.  Android users can download the app by directly visiting Android Market website using Android platform phones.

1 Air Monkey, The Sensational One Button Hit Flash Game Now Coming to iOS !

Eric LaBadie, founder of NationLocation.com, top online game developer based in San Francisco, today proudly unveiled Air Monkey for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad on App Store worldwide. This game is an adaptation to the previous popular online flash-based game released four years ago by the company. This latest release of Air Monkey includes more special features for iOS platform while maintaining the same successful concept of the flash version; a simple to control game where players enjoy hours of challenging and addictive game play.

The Air Monkey game title was taken from the name of the main character in the game, Air Monkey, a poor lonely monkey who wishes to reunite with all his fraternal brothers and join them in Club Tree House, perched atop a tree. The player’s objective is to help Air Monkey climb up unique and challenging trees by maneuvering him up a maze of swinging ropes. While navigating the Air Monkey higher and higher up the tree, players must beware of falling branches or miscalculating a jump, either of which will result in Air Monkey plunging back down to the ground. If the falling Air Monkey fails to catch any of the ropes on his way down, don’t panic—there will be fez donned brothers below can still save players with their trusty trampolines.

Eric LaBadie, NationLocation.com founder says, “We are very excited about publishing Air Monkey ‘second release’ to the iOS platform. With iOS, we were able to make a great game even better with new features such as the gyroscope capabilities for extending a players view the game playing field, Game Center to promote competition and enhanced graphics to take advantage of the remarkable device’s hardware. Plus, we doubled the number of levels, adding depth and new creative challenges for the player. We are excited to provide all iOS gamers access to Air Monkey on all iOS devices so players can enjoy the game while they are mobile anytime, anywhere.”

With today’s overly complex games, Air Monkey offers refreshing break back to a simpler, retro-style game that guarantees hours of addictive, highly entertaining single-touch game action.

Air Monkey For iOS Features Highlights:

  • 36 unique and challenging levels suited for players of all ages. This doubles the number of levels over the original Flash version.
  • One-touch button control – simple and quick to play
  • Surprises and hidden treasures including spinning bananas to give super jumping powers and twirling fez’s to earn an extra monkey
  • Tilt control to view more of the tree to help players make better rope jumping decisions.
  • Continue game feature to allow the action to continue
  • Game center scoreboard to compete against other players around the world

Device Compatibility

Air Monkey compatibles with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Minimum iOS 3.0 or later.

Pricing and Availability

Air Monkey for iOS is available exclusively through App Store worldwide with $0.99 price for a limited time. Game trial with limited feature is also available for free on the Lite version.

Air Monkey

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Total Agenda – Powerful Task Manager for Android Phones

Total Agenda is a powerful task and time management application, integrates with Google Calendar and Task where you can view, add, edit and delete your entry in just a few simple tap. It allows displaying your event and task on one list, making it possible to organize your time in the most efficient way. Its intuitive user interface is also designed to make the app to be user friendly and very simple to use.

App details:

Android Market Link

Tippy Tower – Challenging Tower Building Puzzle Game

Tippy Tower is unique style tower building puzzle game. The objective is to build tower by placing different shapes of bricks on top of each other to reach a certain height. Players must keep the tower stand still while building and not to get the tower trembled.

Level starts from simple levels for beginners. Watch out for the construction and use creative strategy to pass level by level until you became a Tippy Master. Advanced level players will be challenged by higher level marker which will give extra points when the tower’s successfully built.

Tippy Tower was developed by Timaware, a group of IOS apps developers based in Lisbon, Portugal. They create only innovative, funny and humorous apps with a special touch in design. Duckstruction, iFejk, iDolittle, In the Air and Blesk Finger are their other released apps available in App Store.


Tippy Tower

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