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What You Should Do When You Can’t Finish A Task?

As you work from home there are some inevitable scenarios that you would surely encounter one way or another. The question now is, how can you get through that scene without making any negative impact on your work-at-home career?

Before we talk about the solutions, perhaps it would be better if we tackle first the reason why we can’t finish a task in the first place. Whether we admit or not, there are some tasks that we find unpleasant simply because we are not truly interested to do it or it is not really in the line of our expertise. The end result—we procrastinate! And that is why we become unproductive.
Now that we identified the culprit why we can’t get an assigned task done, let us move over to the solutions.Set up a time schedule to work on the task you don’t like- the reason why you decided to work from home is to earn while you stay at home, right? Ever heard the saying “Beggars can’t be choosers? So, your boss assigned task that you honestly don’t like. You can’t blatantly say no unless you have a fall back job. What can you do? Set up a time schedule to work on it. This is actually an all in the mind trick. If you know that doing the task will only take you ten minutes or so, you will surely do your best to beat the clock. See,instead of procrastinating, you actually got over it and finished the task after all. Just make sure that you polish your work before you submit it to your boss—that would be easier after all.

Determine the time when you feel you are most productive- if you know your strong points, you surely know the time when it comes out as well. Being productive also has its own set of time. Let’s say, your mind works better in the middle of the night when your surrounding is silent. Or perhaps when the kids are already in bed and you have the time all for yourself. Take advantage of this time and work your way and be productive.

Give your boss an advance notification- if all else fails and if you know that the reason why you can’t finish a task is beyond procrastination, notify your boss immediately. There is nothing wrong with being honest. Do not give your boss false hope. If you really can’t do the task, at least be honest and be professional. Sending an SMS message on the last minute is very unprofessional. A phone call or at least an e-mail message would do.Just make sure that you do it in advance and when your boss has still time to look for an alternative.
Working from home is not all sunshine and daisies. Distractions and other hindrances will surely come your way. The best way to get through with it is to face it with an honest heart and an organized mind. By doing so, you can keep your work-at-home career for the longest possible time.

The Difference between Average Copywriters and Spectacular Copywriters

I have been into blogging and article writing for a few years now and yet I still consider myself as a newbie when it comes to writing. I read swarm of articles on the web most of the time and I often find myself amazed at all those written masterpiece. Indeed, I get inspirations from well-known writers and bloggers but for all we know, the success of an outstanding article often depends on how it was edited by copywriters. Continue reading

Hourly Jobs vs. Fixed Price Jobs

Since I started working from home, I have been asked several times on how I charge my clients for the online tasks I did for them. And since I wanted to encourage some of my close friends and relatives to try their luck as online worker like me, I would patiently explain to them the basics of working online and it would usually starts from the question: How do I charge my client? Continue reading

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How to Work at Home and Manage your Kids

mom and kidIt is such a privilege for home makers of today’s generation to land a job online and be able to manage their homes and families at the same time. Home-based jobs had reached a large number of people who used to stay at home and had no source of income at all. A person can easily land an online job if he/she has the skills and knowledge needed by most outsourcing company. Since home-based jobs clicked mostly on stay at home parents, their career transformation from plain home makers to work at home moms or dads is often questioned by some narrow minded people who cannot believe that such kind of job is possible. The primary reason of working at home is to be able to take care of their children, earning is only secondary.

Now, allow us to share some tips on how to work at home and manage your kids from a personal experience of a work at home mom who has three children aged 7, 5 and 3.
Set up a working schedule- while working at home seems to be a flexible job, sticking to your own work schedule would do you a huge favor as well as to your children. You can do all your household chores and motherly duties during your off-hours and be productive during your working hours

1. Spent time with your kids before setting yourself up on client call

It is observed that children seek attention from parents when they feel they are being neglected or taken for granted. Most of the time, tantrums occur when they see their parents busy on the phone or with their laptops. Therefore, play with them first, prepare their meals or ask beforehand what they would need while they are watching television or playing with their siblings. If you see that they are already comfortable without you around, then that would be the time for you to set up a conference call with your client without them disturbing you.

2. Seek help with other family members or relatives

While most employers understand how it is to be work at home parents, they are still your clients who pay for your services. Hence, meeting deadlines or attending important calls from them should also be your priority. Asking help from your partner or close friends is not a bad idea. Let your kids spend time with them while you do your work or allow them to have play time with children around the neighborhood. The more quite your home is, the earlier you could finish the job and call them back to your house.

Working from home could only work for those people who have excellent skills in multi-tasking. That is doing their role as wives/husbands or mother/father to their children while they aim for a profitable career online.

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Top 5 Jobs You Can Do At Home

jobs you can do at homeLife has never been easy since the development of the Internet. Traditionally, most people believed that a person who did not graduate from college or at least from high school will never get the chance to land a job that could feed a family. But living in the digital age, that belief has long been purged.

Today, if a person has the talent, perseverance and willingness to learn, he/she could earn upbeat income at the comfort of their homes. This is indeed true and for those aspiring people who would like to give it a try, here are the top 5 jobs you can do at home


1. Programmer

The need for this job is at high demand especially since we are talking about computers, Internet and websites here. There are businessmen out there who have ideas in mind to promote their industry but didn’t have the skills to put it into action. This is where they seek the help of programmers. Since programming is normally included in any college/high school curriculum, any person could be a programmer. However, it is a learning process and it is up to you to excel in this kind of field to get the job.

2. Designer

If you have that artistic side then you might fit in perfectly in this kind of employment. There are lot of software either for sale or for free in the Internet that could help you enhance your love for arts and crafts. Well, of course this is way too different than doing manual drawings or handmade scrapbooks. Great examples are Photoshop, Corel, Vectors and other software that could make your art applicable in making designs for websites and other Internet hub. Businessmen are willing to pay their designers a hefty amount as long as they are happy with the designs. Basically, it has to be eye-catching, unique, related to their business and of course, something that could attract customers to their business.

 3. Writer

Whether you’re a professional writer or simply loves to express thoughts into words, then you could be one of the million writers out there who earn from their writings. As to my experience, writers who have their own blogs or at least some articles written around the web have the edge in getting writing jobs. This is simply because employers wouldn’t have to ask for sample articles from the applicant since their writing styles could be easily seen from their blogs. If it suits their taste, the hiring process would be in a flash and work could start immediately. Less time in hiring could give ample time to discuss more about the job and their expectations from you.

4. Researcher

People who spends almost 24/7 on the Internet could be an outstanding researcher. Most businessmen today look for someone who could do research about the latest trend in their industry to be able to be more competitive. Moreover, historical background are also important for them hence they hire somebody who can do wide search over the Internet. Prove that you are Internet savvy and could dig deeper to get the most leads in this kind of work.

5. Internet Marketer

If you have the knack in making sales but didn’t want the idea of doing house to house selling or marketing then becoming an Internet Marketer could be your forte. Based on statistics, more sales occur through online marketing today. People now have the power to purchase what they want even without seeing or touching the actual products or services. With strong persuasion from Internet Marketers, sales continue to rise up. Now if you think that you have that strong urging power, and then try to apply into this kind of task.