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Social Media Sites Are Empowering Consumers And Businesses

There are now more than 700 million people on Facebook which makes it the most important social networking site. However, using social media sites is no longer just a great way to socialize with friends and family. Social media has become a valuable tool for businesses seeking to use social media to reach and interact with their target customers and consumers have the ability to find a product or service and learn all about it before they make a purchase. When a company leverages the power of social media, it enables consumers to effectively find, learn about, and purchase their products or services.

According to a study performed by OTX Research, about 2/3 of customers use the information they find through social media to influence their buying decisions,  67% of customers are likely to pass this information on to others, and over 60% trust information they find through social media more than traditional advertisements. These statistics show that social media is now an important tool empowering consumers shopping for products and services, and consumers are not just making purchases, but they are spreading the word about products and services they like.

Understanding the Power of Social Media

One important household device every homeowner needs is a water heater. Manufacturing and suppliers of water heaters can greatly benefit from using social media and social media users benefit using social media to find water heaters. When a manufacturing and supplier of water heaters effectively use social media, they can get their water heaters in front of their target audience. However, to effectively leverage the power of social media it is important to understand how to use social media to connect to a target audience.

Reach a Target Audience

Social networking involves sharing information rather than engaging in marketing tactics. To reach a water heater target audience, manufacturing and suppliers use LinkedIn to do a search on groups to find interest groups that might be interested in water heaters. They then add insightful comments to discussion threads and include a link to their website at the end of a comment. When using Facebook, they search for relevant groups or Pages where they post insightful comments and include a link to their website. One of the newer social media sites, Pinterest, is ideal for businesses that have a lot of engaging photos. A company can “pin” individual photos of water heaters onto Pinterest to attract potential customers. Blogging is another effective way to create informative content to share. This is a great way for a company to target audiences interested in subjects relevant to water heaters. A supplier of water heaters can blog about such subjects as water heater issues, furnace issues, plumbing issues, etc.

The Main Goal of Social Media Networking

Due to the growth of social media sites, consumers no longer just search for a product and buy it, they use social media sites to learn all about a product and they are heavily influenced by others’ experiences with the product. Tagging, sharing, pinning, and liking, are all tools consumers use to pass on information. Referring back to the water heater example, using social media to find a water heater is easy when a manufacturing and supplier of water heaters utilize all available social networking tools to proactively engage and inform targeted social media users. Today, social media is empowering both consumers and businesses.