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VA- Marketing Assistant

marketing practice

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There is no doubt that Social Media plays a major role in every individual’s life whether it is for personal or business purposes. As for the latter, they use Social Media as one of their marketing tools and had proven to be efficient and effective at the same time. However, most business owners are too occupied in handling their businesses in real time hence they look for a person who can do this daunting tasks for them.

This is where a Virtual Assistant comes in. Small businesses or those who are just starting up usually hire a VA as their Marketing Assistant. As the term implies, this kind of VA focuses on developing the business’ online presence to increase its market reach. To create an established recognition in the worldwide web, a VA-Marketing Assistant should be knowledgeable or an expert in SEO off page. To do this, s/he should be keen in forum posting, blog walking, and social media management, guest post hunting and link exchange management.

A VA-Marketing Assistant uses these kinds of online marketing strategies to make your business’ name appear first in most online search. Looking back at a traditional Marketing Assistant who uses print, audio and visual media, the purpose of letting consumers know that your business exist is exactly the same as what a VA-Marketing Assistant does—only in a very interactive way.

Hiring a VA-Marketing Assistant is proven to be cost effective. While you take time in expanding other areas of your business, your VA could try every possible online marketing strategy for your venture. S/he could even create an online contest or raffle in order for your business’ name be known to lots of consumers who uses the Internet worldwide. No matter how clueless you are about these kinds of promotion let your VA handle the task. They are trained and are experts in this field and all you have to do is to provide the prizes and give away.

To have a single VA-Marketing Assistant is like hiring several people to do several tasks and this is a very logical step you should take. In a matter of time, you could reach a wide market— actually more than you can ever think of, making your business a success.

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Virtual Assistant: Solo or Agency

solo or agency vaAs of today, the craze of working online keeps on rising and more people have become more engrossed in this kind of job. Working from home are most popular to moms who choose to stay at home and look after their families but later found out that even in the comfort of their homes, earning an income is viable.

You probably heard about Virtual Assistants and how they become important to businessmen of today’s generation. In fact you might be fully interested in accepting jobs like this but then there are issues that you need to consider to begin with.

By becoming a Virtual Assistant, you have the option to choose whether you would want to work solo or in a company. Just like any other tasks, working alone would mean you are fully in control. You could work beyond your time frame thus giving you more accomplished tasks. However, since you are single handling the project, the prospect of accepting two or more jobs at the same time would be hard to accomplish. This could be the reason for your limited earnings.

Things could be easier though if you work for a company or a team.  There are normally team of Virtual Assistants, led by a project manager, who delegate tasks to each one of the members to finish a huge endeavour. By having more manpower, accepting jobs other than the existing one is promising. The income more often than not is based on profit sharing where all of the team members reap the benefits of working together. Nonetheless, being in a team is not all pure bliss. If there are one or more members who did not do their job well, most likely the project won’t be a success and what’s worse is that those people who did their preeminent would also be affected, negatively.

Well, if we are talking about Virtary. We choose none of the two options. We are not VA agency, nor solo virtual assistant. We are a team and except for the clients, our team work from one centre. Virtary do not outsource the job to another VA, all tasks are done onsite (in our small office). None of our team works from home as we find that it’s not fair to share client’s credential and private details. Virtary consists of full timer people, centered office and we DO not run a profit sharing basis, all team are paid based on fixed monthly salary. 

The advantages of doing VA business in our current system is very obvious:

-More manageable projects

-Protection for client’s credentials

-Easier to control

Yet, there’s also another disadvantage that means I must ensure that we have enough projects to pay salary of all full timers working in my office :D, but I’ll take that as a challenge. I personally prefer this way as I can have more control to whatever that my team works on rather than sharing client’s trust, considering that not all people knows the responsibility and commitment to work from home with high discipline.

So if you are to choose between working solo or in a company, weigh in the pros and cons first before diving into the caravan of becoming a Virtual Assistant.