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Virtual Assistants Pros and Cons

You probably have seen online advertisements about Virtual Assistants whether it is about VA hiring advertisements or training and seminars for VA’s. Curios of what a VA is? Well, Virtual Assistants are the modern personal assistants of people who are busy with their companies, businesses and even personal agendas. They do the same tasks as PA’s like organizing files, scheduling appointments, typing and documenting, email handling and the lists could go on. The only difference is that a Virtual Assistant works remotely from his/her employer and their means of communication could be through the Internet, phone calls or fax.

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Virtual Assistant Portfolio

Each individual is unique. But in the world of Virtual Assistants, you have to come up with the “most unique” representation of yourself in order to standout among the rest.

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VA Tips: Taking Days Off? How?


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All work and no play could also make any Virtual Assistant tired and unproductive. Of course when we say play, it means taking at least a few days vacation just like any ordinary employee would do especially when the going gets tough at work. Being a VA is also stressful like any 8-hour job, perhaps even more stressful because of the complexity of the job per se. But the question is, “Is it possible to take days off especially when you work with clients overseas and most probably than not have different holiday schedules like yours?”

Of course it is possible! All a VA has to do is to abide to these following rules in order for him/her not to sabotage his/her client’s business once the vacation materialized:

1. Advance notification- if you have worked before in a corporate world, you are probably aware of this. Telling your client in advance that you will be off from work for a couple of days would give him time to prepare. He/she can even hire a temporary substitute for you if your position cannot be vacant. For Virtual Assistants, a week notification would do and if you have been an effective employee, your boss would probably approve your request for a vacation.

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2. Do all tasks in advance- once your client gave you the go signal to go on a vacation, be responsible and finish all your pending tasks. While you are away, your client may or may not hire a substitute for you to do your job therefore it is better to do it in advance. You can do task that is due for next or couple of weeks in order to ease your client from the burden of not having his/her VA around.

3. Keep your mobile with you all the time- mobile phones are a necessity to every VA and even when you are on a vacation, make sure you have it with you. It’s either your client might give you an emergency call or send an urgent email. Since mobile phones have Internet access nowadays, you can easily make a quick peek on your inbox for important and urgent messages. Your mobile phones would also serve as a medium for you and your client even when you are away as it makes communication still intact.

4. Keep your promise- when you name the date of your return to your client, make sure that you keep it. Remember, your client is waiting for you as well as his business. As said earlier, be responsible and be true to your word.

After your vacation, you surely are more energized and more psyched to work so make up with your client for the days that you are away. Be more productive once you resume working so you could be granted for another vacation when you feel the need to or as deem necessary.

Virtary, Virtual Assistant Service In Indonesia is Officially Launched !

Having been a solo virtual assistant for over 6 years, Rieni Santoso, Indonesian Work At Home Mom (WHAM) today proudly launched Virtary, virtual assistant service company and website, offering remote assistant service for both Indonesia and international market


Jakarta, Indonesia (PRWEB) May 27, 2011

Virtary founder, Rieni Santoso (also known as Rieni Mayasari), former sales manager in advertising and public relations company dialed up her career to become full time mom in 2006 and started her journey of working at home as virtual assistant since then, today excitedly announced her pet project that she has prepared and kept for months, http://www.virtary.com

Virtary was established to cater professionals’ needs for reliable remote assistant, it offers a wide variety of tele services for local, expatriates and international market from general administration work up to the internet marketing promotions and online public relations service.

Service Offered:

-General admin & secretarial works
-Internet research
-Data entry
-Market research & analysis
-Fact checking & verifications
-Website management
-Social media management
-Internet marketing & promotions for Android and IOS apps
-Online advertising & PR services

Currently Virtary provides 2 convenient service packages; pay per project or stand by VA giving clients freedom to choose which one of the two fits with their requirements or budgets.

“Basically we are offering multi tasks personal assistant service for small to big companies, where clients could enjoy the comfortability of having remote assistant to support their daily business activities. Clients could avoid some costs by hiring a VA, free from overload workload, be more organized and also more concentrate on the big things such as business development” says Rieni, Virtary founder. “We also believe that virtual assistant business could bring fresh air, especially to Indonesian market where the business is still something not very common.”

As formerly a solo VA, Rieni has gained various kinds of experiences, been hired by top executives from small to big international companies. She is confident that as a company, Virtary would continue the professionalism, ethics, respect clients’ privacy, and guarantee confidentiality for confidential projects by signing Non Disclosure Agreement in advanced.The new, simple and easily navigable website, Virtary, will be definite resource and communication touch base for existing and prospective clients starting from today. Virtary also welcomes other VA or VA to be’s to visit the site and share useful tips or information together.

For more information about Virtary and service offered, please visit:


About the Company:

Rieni Santoso is currently one of Indonesian top freelancer providers and her name is also listed in top 100 international provider list in Elance, the biggest international outsourcing website. She started her first journey to become a professional virtual assistant after read a short mini paragraph quoting about the business and its opportunity on female’s magazine years ago. Her first blog created for VA business was rienimayasari and rieni.info



Benefits of Hiring a VA

How Will You Benefit in Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

The modernization of technology together with the prevalent usage of internet has created a leap on the demand for virtual assistants. Whether you are a business owner or an employee, you may hire a VA for the ease of managing your hectic schedule and minimizing your work load while focusing on your main priorities.  Here are some benefits that you can have when hiring a VA.

Cost friendly

–You can live within your budget. You can discuss arrangements with your VA on how many hours per day he/she will work and the terms of payment that will be convenient for both of you. You can also have her/him work on a part time or full time basis depending on your needs.

Less responsibility

-Hiring a VA is a cost effective way of resolving your staffing needs with less liability. You do not need to shoulder legal responsibilities such as taxes, employee benefits, compliance issues and insurance. You pay based on the hours worked or the agreed contract fee. No more, no less.

Save time and effort

You can delegate time consuming tasks to your VA so you can have plenty of time focusing on running your business. You do not need to do everything on your own in handling your personal errands since your VA could act as your personal assistant as well.

Immediate assessment and decision making

The length of service would be based on your discretion. If you are not satisfied with your VA’s performance and did not meet your expectations, you can terminate or end the contract anytime.

Diversity of workload

You do not need additional manpower in order to get various tasks done. VA’s do not only provide secretarial services but also manage to handle other tasks that may be assigned from time to time. VA is flexible in handling wide array of workloads depending on her/his credentials and work experience.

Quick process

– Hiring a VA is simple since everything can be accomplished online. It does not require long process of application since interview can be done in minutes and commence work immediately.


– You do not need to look for location and facilities. You don’t have to worry about other additional expenses such as office rent, trainings, allowances etc. Your VA will be the one to take care of these matters. You can focus in generating income on your business while leaving the administrative and support duties to your VA.  Your VA is working even if you are not around so you can expect the job done when you need it.