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Attract More Clients by NOT Discounting What You Charge

Competition is present in any kind of industry. Albeit its negative connotation, it is often deemed as healthy and a motivation to provide outmost products or services. But there are some people who don’t know how to handle competition especially with the way our economic is doing today. So for them to gain clients, they offer their craft way below their standard fees.

This is not how things should be. You work hard for your skills therefore you should be firm on how much you charge your clients to avail of your services. I remember watching an infomercial where a man got only a cone without the ice cream just because he asked for an impossible discount. Now let’s put it this way: If your client asked for a discount and you submit to that bid, naturally, it would only prove that you are capable of cutting down the quality of your services. It also shows that you are not solid in providing high quality products or services because you are depending on your client’s finances and not on your work’s value.

It is understandable that you only want to gain clients by discounting your price but it could also be a manifestation that your service is cheap or can be bid on. What you should do is to be concrete on how much you charge because that is your service’s worth. Be certain on your value and believe me, your clients will see the silver lining behind your service rate.

If you want to be competitive without discounting your service fee, you could offer supplementary services at no additional cost or freebies. Who would say no to freebies? E-books are popular nowadays so why not offer a free download if they chose to avail of your services? This is just one of the many possible additional offers you could come up with to gain more clients without sacrificing your rate.

In the end, it is up to you to prove your worth so work to the highest level of your skills and knowledge.