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VA- Marketing Assistant

marketing practice

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There is no doubt that Social Media plays a major role in every individual’s life whether it is for personal or business purposes. As for the latter, they use Social Media as one of their marketing tools and had proven to be efficient and effective at the same time. However, most business owners are too occupied in handling their businesses in real time hence they look for a person who can do this daunting tasks for them.

This is where a Virtual Assistant comes in. Small businesses or those who are just starting up usually hire a VA as their Marketing Assistant. As the term implies, this kind of VA focuses on developing the business’ online presence to increase its market reach. To create an established recognition in the worldwide web, a VA-Marketing Assistant should be knowledgeable or an expert in SEO off page. To do this, s/he should be keen in forum posting, blog walking, and social media management, guest post hunting and link exchange management.

A VA-Marketing Assistant uses these kinds of online marketing strategies to make your business’ name appear first in most online search. Looking back at a traditional Marketing Assistant who uses print, audio and visual media, the purpose of letting consumers know that your business exist is exactly the same as what a VA-Marketing Assistant does—only in a very interactive way.

Hiring a VA-Marketing Assistant is proven to be cost effective. While you take time in expanding other areas of your business, your VA could try every possible online marketing strategy for your venture. S/he could even create an online contest or raffle in order for your business’ name be known to lots of consumers who uses the Internet worldwide. No matter how clueless you are about these kinds of promotion let your VA handle the task. They are trained and are experts in this field and all you have to do is to provide the prizes and give away.

To have a single VA-Marketing Assistant is like hiring several people to do several tasks and this is a very logical step you should take. In a matter of time, you could reach a wide market— actually more than you can ever think of, making your business a success.

Internet Marketing

A latest and advanced trend going around on the web is social media marketing. It’s pure logic to use popular social networking sites like Digg, Facebook, and Twitter. Usually social networking sites are free, but we all know everything comes with a price. These sites make money by offering their web page space to companies to advertise their products.

Social Media Marketing

Users of these social networks usually browse through pages and click on an ad that catches their attention. Two things happen here: one being the ad sponsoring site makes money as soon as the ad is clicked. Second thing that happens is that the product that is being advertised gets publicized to that particular user. Now if we look at the big picture, there are hundreds and thousands of users in various networks all over the world clicking on that same ad.

Newbie entrepreneurs use sites like Linked In, Twitter, Facebook, etc. to promote their own products from home. Whether it is clothes, shoes, jewelry, or books, they can easily take photos of their merchandise and write descriptions and post them as Tweets or Status Updates. And if you have loads of friends or followers, then the items you are trying to sell will likely to get noticed more.


Wannabe performers use YouTube to show their talents for the world to view. It could be anywhere from singing and dancing to stand-up comedy to magic tricks. If you’ve got it in you, then there’s no obstacle that can stop you from uploading a video and putting yourself out there. And if they’re really good, talent agencies will find them and make their dreams of becoming a star into reality. Rising artist like Justin Beiber used YouTube as a social media marketing tool to get himself noticed. Eventually, Justin Timberlake and Usher were battling to sign him to their label. And before you know it, he has a $750 haircut!

People hire employees to promote their products on social networking websites. The job employees are required to get likes and followers and fans to a particular or page that is being promoted. This is when the employer wants to market their services or goods, but doesn’t have the skills or the time to do so.

Basically there are numerous ways to use social networks to sell or offer a product or service. Some ways are free, and some might have a minimal fee. Overall they’re easy to do and can also be a valuable instrument to maximize your earning potential.