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It’s Stupid, It’s Silly, It’s Totally Necessary, and It’s Live – SoStupid.com

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Have you ever seen something so incredibly stupid that you just wanted to stand up and shout it out to everyone? Well, now you can.

The launch of SoStupid, gives everyone an online place to point out whatever they think is “stupid”. From the mundane to something on TV last night to the latest “stupid” app you just downloaded, SoStupid.com wants to hear about it.

The site is set up to be extremely pointed and intuitive – people can go and read what others think it stupid, and then sign up for free to leave their own “this is stupid” opinions. The site also encourages interaction and is simple to use, utilizing a series of dropdown menus combined with text boxes so people can get their exact “this is stupid” message across.

So what can be chronicled at the site? Well, almost anything – was there something on TV last night that was stupid? Go to the site and tell everyone. How about a song, or a movie? Maybe something that happened at school and/or work? It’s all fair game for SoStupid.com.

Now a days, SoStupid.com is something that is needed.  There is so much that is “stupid” out there, but no real place to chronicle it. Yes, you can use Facebook and Twitter for such, but with SoStupid.com, people will come to the site to “expect” the stupid, making it a lot more fun.



The site is meant to be fun, but will draw the line at hateful speech or online bullying. You have to be 13 to register, and the site will not allow “stupid” postings for non-public figures. So, you can’t say your classmate was stupid, as that’s not really what the site is after. It’s more of a pop culture, observational thing. Which leaves, oh, maybe 100 million stupid things to write about.