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Working Online? Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket!

Easter Egg Basket

Before started my online career, I always remember the concept of not to put all your eggs in one basket. All of us may be aware of the concept’s objective, which is to prevent us from bigger lost when something bad happens. From my own opinion, the concept can be useful reference for someone working as online freelancer.

Internet is a big source for online freelancer to get a project. We can go hunting for target client everywhere, either by joining outsourcing websites such as Elance, Guru and Odesk, running Google Adwords campaign, advertisements, forum posting, search engine optimization, etc. Yet, I found that as a smart freelancer, our marketing and promotion efforts shouldn’t focus on only one channel.

There is always a risk from one of the channels you use. For example, joining outsourcing website can bring a lot of opportunities. If you really have specialization and skills, you can build your profile and reputation, get a lot of clients and money surely coming in.

Unfortunately, nothing is perfect. Not the outsourcing website, and nor yourself. So, when bad thing happens, such as someone gives you bad review, feedback and rating, or there’s an error on the system that makes you banned from the website, and you must build everything from the beginning again.

That also happens when you rely marketing campaign by search engine optimization. If you didn’t use proper techniques, or you hire someone to do SEO for you and apparently the person you hire using black hat method until the search engines penalized you, then all of your efforts become useless. You will be left alone without any search engine visibility, and it’s kinda suck that you must start everything from the scratch.

Anyway, the great thing about working online is you can just sit in front of your desk, and find all the possible channels where you can get the opportunity. Clients can come from anywhere; they can approach you in Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, or even comment in your blog. You can win the projects in outsourcing websites, they can also come to your website after searching on the search engine with some keywords, or they come after clicking your ad. There are so many ways to get money on the internet!

Be enthusiast to try any marketing method and don’t stop even you know that you succeed by practicing a method. Combine all strategies and mix them together into powerful marketing machine. When one of them goes down, you can still have another.

Good luck!