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Since I started working from home, I have been asked several times on how I charge my clients for the online tasks I did for them. And since I wanted to encourage some of my close friends and relatives to try their luck as online worker like me, I would patiently explain to them the […]

There are a lot of things that can be brought online these days. You can make your own personal diary into a personal blog, make your store a virtual shop and yes, even companies can exists online through corporate websites. No matter which category you fell into, you would surely want to have an established […]

All work and no play could also make any Virtual Assistant tired and unproductive. Of course when we say play, it means taking at least a few days vacation just like any ordinary employee would do especially when the going gets tough at work. Being a VA is also stressful like any 8-hour job, perhaps […]

We’ve got quite a lot inquiries, job application letter or even just a short message asking how to start working as a Virtual Assistant submitted from our contact form. We really thank you for that. Although we don’t think that we’re the expert, but we love to share some of our experiences and hope that it […]

What Happens When Client Doesn’t Pay? So, you got a new client who would probably keeps you busy for at least a month or so based on the tasks he/she assigned to you. The job lasted for more than a month and you have been friends all along— you promptly submit reports and you got […]

Venturing into an online career has always been very tempting especially for those people who always stay online. With several clicks on different ads and links that often promote easy money while browsing the Internet there is the possibility that people would bite into it even without further proof that such offer is legit. Being […]

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