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Knowing When to Say No To a Client

Working online could be very overwhelming especially if you made this as your career and considered as your bread and butter. The more clients you have, the more income you could earn. Camaraderie between you and your online employers is also possible to blossom hence making the work relationship more effective and efficient.

However, there are some instances when your regular client would ask you to do some task that is a bit way off your expertise. And because you don’t want to disappoint him especially if you grew fond of each other, you gave in but resulted in poor if not so good output.

This is not an isolated case for people who work online. It does happen and I can personally attest to that. I was once assigned to create a Press Release which I haven’t done in my entire career as a writer. I don’t want my client to think that I am not a flexible writer so I accepted the task and did the best as I can. In the end, my client informed me that though my article was great, it didn’t sound as a Press Release so she had to alter some paragraphs. Her client accepted the revised PR.

My point is that I should have just said no to her. Although I was thrilled to learn new skill, we both just wasted our time and on my client’s part, her finances because she paid me despite of the revisions.

For you to avoid circumstances like that here are some situations when you should just say no to your client:

• If the task is not in line with your expertise- this is the same as what I had experienced. You could say no if you know you don’t have enough skills to do it. Yes, you could learn as you proceed but it will just eat up much of your time and effort and money on the part of your client.

• If the project is time restricted- as online workers, we take pride of what we do or write. If a client is willing to sacrifice the quality of your work just as long you completed the job, then better say no. Our output is our crowning glory, our ticket to gain more clients. If you agree with this client, imagine how your prospective client would think if they saw your poor works?

• If your client provides poor communication skills- in working online, communication is imperative and as we, contractors, knows how to keep in touch regularly with our clients, there are some employers who just give tasks and then become invisible. They expect us to get the work done whenever they feel like showing up. Yes, you will be paid especially if you work in hourly basis but what if you have questions? What if you need their opinion before proceeding on the next step? These are the type of clients that you should not work with again, so better say no if your road crossed again.

• If the price is not right- you work hard for every task assigned to you therefore you should also be unyielding when it comes to your service charge. If you feel like you are underpaid for a particular job, better skip that client and move on with another.

Your reputation as a good online worker will not be decreased if you say no for a particular client or assignment. It will only show that you know your capabilities and you wouldn’t want to be compromised for something that you know you are not adept with.