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Three Reasons Why Your Online Career Stuck

stuck-careerJobs offered for online execution have been an inspiration to most stay at home moms and to those who have been jobless for quite some time. It has given them another reason to smile with the idea of earning at the comfort of their homes. With the rise of different outsourcing companies in need of reliable online workers for various businesses, many had jumped in to the caravan of pursuing their own online careers.

But not all who joined in the trend had successful stories to share. Unfortunately, there are factors that were left behind by people who thought that working online is an easy job and they are as follows:

1. Less commitment

Working online is far different from working in a corporate world where you probably have a superior who would give you tasks at the same time will monitor you if you are doing them correctly and on time. In pursuing an online career, you are your own boss. Therefore you have to adjust in all aspects when it comes to your work. Clients may live from different countries, which means they could have different time zone from where you are. Do not commit on schedules which you are unsure of, like scheduling conference meetings at time which you knew would be impossible for you. Keeping up with your commitments are very important to both of you, as employer and employee because you have the same goals and objectives therefore, failure to do so even just once could caused negative effect on your online career.

2. Language barrier

You mostly have the skills and talents to cater for your clients however, communication is imperative in nurturing your relationship with them. There could be no problem unless your client has the same native tongue as yours. But since it is evident that English is the most used language in any parts of the world, you can never be competitive enough if you can’t communicate clearly using that. In job application and interviews, how you master the English language can determine your capabilities. So whether you have good hands in web design and application but cannot relay your thoughts to your client, other provider might be chosen instead of you. 

3. Unwillingness to learn

The Internet is most known as the worldwide web. People may be drawn from one site to another and endless search and results can be achieved through surfing. Therefore, as a person who aims to succeed in online career you should also be open at the idea of continuous learning. From time to time, the trend changes especially when it comes to online marketing and other Internet related jobs, which simply means, you also have to keep up with that changes. Employers normally advise their staff if there are innovations or changes in systems but it is most appealing to have suggestions from you. If you remain on your own hive, your own method even if it means you are being outdated, then you are in for an unpromising career online.

To end this post, let me leave you with these saying: “One of the greatest things about being an online worker: whether you sink or swim depends mostly on you.”