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Working Online? Be Aware of Internet Scams

internet scamVenturing into an online career has always been very tempting especially for those people who always stay online. With several clicks on different ads and links that often promote easy money while browsing the Internet there is the possibility that people would bite into it even without further proof that such offer is legit.

Being a newbie into this kind of Internet trend is not an excuse to get you scammed by people behind illegal sites. You have the prerogative to investigate first and ask if the deal seemed vague or unclear to you. We would not want you to be another victim of scammers around the net so better take note of these following tips:

1. If a certain company requires you to shell out money, let’s say for registration purposes or for a membership fee before they offer the job—think again. There are huge and legit outsourcing company who seeks online workers for free so why would they? It is acceptable though if a certain percentage from your earnings is cut off by an outsourcing company, provided you got the job first before the deduction occurs.

2. If the job offers sounds too good to be true—stay away from them. There are lots of people who got scammed because of this. Remember, nothing comes for free nowadays so why some companies would offer you a hundred dollar just by reading e-mails or lousy surveys? Your instinct should be working by then. It is either they would use your account for illegal purposes or it could be a real business but the amount is way behind the agreed payment, yes, not the resounding $100.

3. If there is only a single mode of payment. Credit cards and other money transferring companies are sprawled around the Internet nowadays. Why would they give you a single mode of payment if they really are legal companies? When in fact, it would be both for your own good when flexible payment schemes are available. From here you could sense if the company cares for your service fee or would leave you hanging if payment is delayed.

4. If testimonials or feedbacks are not available. Companies offering jobs online usually take pride on giving work to people through the Internet therefore testimonials and feedbacks from their present and previous workers should be visible on their sites. If there are none, then try doing your own research and seek feedbacks on the Internet. Just by simply typing the company’s name would lead into thousands of results, read them carefully and find out if it is legal or not.

There are lot of scammers in the real world, what more in the virtual world where almost anything is possible. Be assertive and wise before you jump on a tempting offer to avoid being scammed.