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Working in Virtary


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When I started blogging and got online gigs through writing articles from a regular client and in Odesk, I told myself that I would make it as a career. Well, it’s not that I am a professional writer but I have a strong passion in writing even during my studying years. Answering questions in essay format had always been exciting for me. I love putting my imaginations into writing and it had become easier when I discovered blogging on the worldwide web.

To make my clients satisfied with my craft is my number one goal. I’ve done several ghost-writing and as much as I want to see my own byline in most articles I wrote, it’s not just possible. Thankfully, I became a member of some article directories and my craft was recognized as written by me. Deep in my heart, I feel proud just to see my own byline in my articles that’s why I was thrilled when Rieni, founder of Virtary, a Virtual Assistant company in Indonesia, offered me to be part of their team.


I was hired by Johnny M., husband of Rieni to be a blog writer for their website. At first I thought he’s just another Odesk client that I need to serve and give my full effort to provide quality content especially when he said the line “I am very interested with your service”. Yes, I can be easily motivated and touched by kind words especially if it shows trust and belief to what I can do with my writing. The project went well and later on I am discussing tasks with Rieni and not with her husband anymore. It made my stint working for Virtary much pleasant since she is also a work at home mom who keeps their children as their top priority. She understands my situation when I can’t deliver on time because of my motherly duties.

Writing articles about tips and tricks of becoming an effective VA, an online contractor and a lot more about working from home had never been hard for me since I am personally interested on those topics. For almost three months, I have written several articles for Virtary’s blog and so one day, I got the guts to ask Rieni if I could add my experience writing for Virtary to my Odesk profile as their ghost writer. To my surprise and delight, she didn’t just said okay but offered me to be a part of their team. She asked me to provide a short bio, an email account with gravatar and gave me access to the WordPress blog.

I was elated to see my own byline in the succeeding articles I wrote for Virtary. Just recently, Rieni introduced me to the rest of the team members via Twitter and I really felt that I belong. As of this writing, I take pride in writing for Virtary especially with articles about working on line at home in which I earn additional income to help my husband in financial matters the same time as I take care of my family.

Why I love working in Virtary?:

  • The fact that I am working with a fellow WAHM is number one.
  • Topics assigned to me are interesting and mostly are based on my own personal experience (working from home tips, reviews, etc.)
  • Supportive superior who never fails to commend me in my work.
  • Team mates who accepted me as part of the group.
  • I learn new things about Indonesia (language, culture, family etc.)

I could say that working in Virtary is one of the highlights of my online career and I intend to be part of the company as long as they want me to.