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6 Elance Country Representative

Elance is the biggest outsourcing website nowadays, and although I joined also other sites but I always feel more comfortable working in Elance and they human cloud vision.

Last month, I have just been selected as Elance Country Representative for Indonesia.
This is actually a big responsibility for me, but I found it’s very challenging !

My daily schedule is actually very tight.
I work nearly 19 hours a day, sleep only a couple of hours and got very tied with so many deadlines.
But, I will do my best and spend sometimes to work out Elance’s program.

There will be some presentations and trainings coming up, I’ll post an update for the schedule on this blog.

If you’d like to join me and do some ‘finger to the bone’ hard work to get success in Elance, email me.
I’ll be happy to give you short training and tips.

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