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What You Should Do When You Can’t Finish A Task?

As you work from home there are some inevitable scenarios that you would surely encounter one way or another. The question now is, how can you get through that scene without making any negative impact on your work-at-home career?

Before we talk about the solutions, perhaps it would be better if we tackle first the reason why we can’t finish a task in the first place. Whether we admit or not, there are some tasks that we find unpleasant simply because we are not truly interested to do it or it is not really in the line of our expertise. The end result—we procrastinate! And that is why we become unproductive.
Now that we identified the culprit why we can’t get an assigned task done, let us move over to the solutions.Set up a time schedule to work on the task you don’t like- the reason why you decided to work from home is to earn while you stay at home, right? Ever heard the saying “Beggars can’t be choosers? So, your boss assigned task that you honestly don’t like. You can’t blatantly say no unless you have a fall back job. What can you do? Set up a time schedule to work on it. This is actually an all in the mind trick. If you know that doing the task will only take you ten minutes or so, you will surely do your best to beat the clock. See,instead of procrastinating, you actually got over it and finished the task after all. Just make sure that you polish your work before you submit it to your boss—that would be easier after all.

Determine the time when you feel you are most productive- if you know your strong points, you surely know the time when it comes out as well. Being productive also has its own set of time. Let’s say, your mind works better in the middle of the night when your surrounding is silent. Or perhaps when the kids are already in bed and you have the time all for yourself. Take advantage of this time and work your way and be productive.

Give your boss an advance notification- if all else fails and if you know that the reason why you can’t finish a task is beyond procrastination, notify your boss immediately. There is nothing wrong with being honest. Do not give your boss false hope. If you really can’t do the task, at least be honest and be professional. Sending an SMS message on the last minute is very unprofessional. A phone call or at least an e-mail message would do.Just make sure that you do it in advance and when your boss has still time to look for an alternative.
Working from home is not all sunshine and daisies. Distractions and other hindrances will surely come your way. The best way to get through with it is to face it with an honest heart and an organized mind. By doing so, you can keep your work-at-home career for the longest possible time.


VA Tips: Taking Days Off? How?


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All work and no play could also make any Virtual Assistant tired and unproductive. Of course when we say play, it means taking at least a few days vacation just like any ordinary employee would do especially when the going gets tough at work. Being a VA is also stressful like any 8-hour job, perhaps even more stressful because of the complexity of the job per se. But the question is, “Is it possible to take days off especially when you work with clients overseas and most probably than not have different holiday schedules like yours?”

Of course it is possible! All a VA has to do is to abide to these following rules in order for him/her not to sabotage his/her client’s business once the vacation materialized:

1. Advance notification- if you have worked before in a corporate world, you are probably aware of this. Telling your client in advance that you will be off from work for a couple of days would give him time to prepare. He/she can even hire a temporary substitute for you if your position cannot be vacant. For Virtual Assistants, a week notification would do and if you have been an effective employee, your boss would probably approve your request for a vacation.

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

2. Do all tasks in advance- once your client gave you the go signal to go on a vacation, be responsible and finish all your pending tasks. While you are away, your client may or may not hire a substitute for you to do your job therefore it is better to do it in advance. You can do task that is due for next or couple of weeks in order to ease your client from the burden of not having his/her VA around.

3. Keep your mobile with you all the time- mobile phones are a necessity to every VA and even when you are on a vacation, make sure you have it with you. It’s either your client might give you an emergency call or send an urgent email. Since mobile phones have Internet access nowadays, you can easily make a quick peek on your inbox for important and urgent messages. Your mobile phones would also serve as a medium for you and your client even when you are away as it makes communication still intact.

4. Keep your promise- when you name the date of your return to your client, make sure that you keep it. Remember, your client is waiting for you as well as his business. As said earlier, be responsible and be true to your word.

After your vacation, you surely are more energized and more psyched to work so make up with your client for the days that you are away. Be more productive once you resume working so you could be granted for another vacation when you feel the need to or as deem necessary.


Being a VA: Your Performance Depends on Your Internet Connection

speedtestWe’ve got quite a lot inquiries, job application letter or even just a short message asking how to start working as a Virtual Assistant submitted from our contact form. We really thank you for that. Although we don’t think that we’re the expert, but we love to share some of our experiences and hope that it can be useful references. 

First thing we need to remember. Working online means you depend 100% to your internet connection, so it is extremely important for us to prepare for good and reliable connection before we can move further into the business. There were some times when we did online interview by using instant messenger to some candidates that applied for the post of virtual assistant in Virtary, and internet connection seems to be the major problem.

You can ask for excuse for one-two days, but clients can’t wait (and they won’t) forever. They have the inquiries, and surely they won’t be willing to let our ‘connection schedule’ to control their activities. So, try it hard to make sure that ‘Sorry disconnected’ or “Sorry no service” will only be spoken in the times of emergency where there’s really nothing you can do to make the error up. 

Probably internet connection isn’t a problem in major Western countries, but IT IS still a problem in Indonesia. Based from our own experience, living in the capital city of Indonesia doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t have slow connection. You might have good enough speed to do social media chit chat, but when it comes to work, bump! The connection is as fast as a snail walks, LOL!

So, it is not true that building virtual assistant business won’t cost you anything. Well at least you need to be sure that you must invest for fast internet connection for the start. 




4 Ways to Make Your Business Referable


1. Build a strong relationship

In order to work professionally has always been the number one rule in dealing with clients. Professionally means strong commitments to deadlines, open-mindedness when it comes to business strategies and a lot more. Those are actually imperative to make your clients trust you. However, as much as becoming business oriented is concern, it is also advisable to become a little personal with your clients. This would add up to your clients faith and belief in what you do hence referring you to his colleagues would come smoothly and in his own will.

In order to work professionally has always been the number one rule in dealing with clients. Professionally means strong commitments to deadlines, open-mindedness when it comes to business strategies and a lot more. Those are actually imperative to make your clients trust you. However, as much as becoming business oriented is concern, it is also advisable to become a little personal with your clients. This would add up to your clients faith and belief in what you do hence referring you to his colleagues would come smoothly and in his own will.

2. Make it obvious that referrals are good for your business

There is no harm in letting your clients knows that you are open for referrals. Social Media is obviously the interactive counterpart of “word of mouth” hence asking your clients to share your company’s page would not be bad at all. You can give them special discounts or freebies in exchange of recommending you to their friends via online or in real time.

3. Give high quality outputs or services all the time

No matter how big or small your business is or the task you do for your clients, always put your heart and mind to it. Make sure that your clients will be 100% satisfied when you deliver your craft. New and potential customers would surely be asking your clients where they got/availed such services or products and before you knew it, existing clients will be pointing fingers towards you.

4. Let new referrals find you

Well, your existing client might have done the initial introductions and enough information about you, so it’s your duty to make yourself reachable. Always have handy-dandy business cards with you or update your contact information on your company website. Keep track of your Social Media as well as this is the easiest ways nowadays to share your business or craft to others through worldwide web.

You don’t need to have extra finances to promote your business or career online, just follow the above tips and for sure, new clients and customers will be knocking at your doorsteps. Just keep on leveling your craft and continue making lists of satisfied customers.
make yourself standout

Freelancer Tips- How to Stand out in Outsourcing Websites

make yourself standoutIt’s not easy to jump in the caravan of working on line just because you heard it is the latest trend. While there are lots of outsourcing websites popping out in the Internet today, there are also lots of interested people who would want to build a career in freelancing.
Now, if you are one of those aspiring online workers, then you should know how to market yourself first. Your competitors would probably range from newbie like you or pros who know very well the ins and outs of freelancing. Get ready to be in action by creating a catchy profile. Remember the saying, first impression lasts? This is perfectly suited to our initial step.
It’s not enough to include your personal information then blandly say you are a writer, web designer or data entry specialist. Remember, those lines were used several times by lots of online workers seeking the same job as you are. Make your client interested in reading your profile. Include past and present work history. If you have blogs, projects or writings submitted around the web, include their links. If your client finds time in exploring your other works, then he might be convinced that you are the one suited for the job.
The main reason why you want to try freelancing is to earn money. Perhaps you heard how your friend earned an enormous amount by doing the same task. Think first before you bid for the same price. You’re a newbie, he’s a pro. You got the idea? Set your price based on what you can do for your client. You would never get a client if you seek payment more than the task you can handle. The same goes in seeking imbursement below your true capabilities. It would only make you look as if you’re at the end of your tether.
Be unique. In the world of freelancing, plagiarism is a crime. Of course you could get lots of ideas in the worldwide web but always come up with your own. Keep in mind that clients have their way to know whether you copy a certain article somewhere. Do not let your credibility be ruined by stealing the works of others.