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Tips to Work in Different Time Zone

FreeVector-Work-Day-SilhouettesOne major thing that an online worker would surely love is to work with people of different nationalities and countries. This is not impossible because your workplace is the worldwide web. Personally speaking I find it both enjoyable and challenging. I said it’s enjoyable because as I work and communicate with my employers, I feel like I have been in their countries too. It’s challenging because there are lots of factors to consider in making the long-distance employers-employee works particularly in dealing with different time zones.

However, we offer few tips you could follow when you are compromised to work with employers in different time zone

1. Work when your boss is asleep

If you have a huge time difference with your boss, let’s say when it is day on your time and it is night on his—you could work all your way while he is asleep. This could be an advantage on your part because you could do your work without your boss bugging you around over Skype or e-mails.

2. Output is delivered first thing in the morning

As you worked all day, your boss would surely be delighted if he sees your report on his inbox the minute he wakes up just when you are about to hit the sack.

3. Keep the communication alive

Perhaps you are about to sleep when your boss decided to catch up with your work via Skype. It is understandable that you may sound gibberish when you talk about work the moment you picked up his call. Therefore, create a light conversation at first like ask about how his day was just to break the ice. He may be sensitive enough to know that the time is not comfortable for you to talk seriously about your job with him and so save your mouth from discussing about it further.

4. Prior to your scheduled conference call, list down all your concerns

Your time may be a hindrance but if you both know how to make both ends meet, it would work just fine. Jot down all your questions, suggestions and other concerns before you both go live on the web. You will save both your time if you know beforehand what you would want to discuss with your boss.

5. Be resourceful

Since your boss would probably be not around to answer your queries while you are working, take the initiative to know stuff on your own. The Internet could give you answers if you know how to do your own research.

To be at his beck and call may not be that important if your boss in the other part of the world. Remember, you will be judged based on your output. Work at your own will and give all your best so you could prove your worth even without your boss’s meticulous eyes.