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1 VA – Designer

There are a lot of things that can be brought online these days. You can make your own personal diary into a personal blog, make your store a virtual shop and yes, even companies can exists online through corporate websites. No matter which category you fell into, you would surely want to have an established presence online. To achieve this goal, you would have to attract viewers into your site starting off with how your blog or website looks like.

While there are many Virtual Assistants who can design your site the same time as they do marketing or administrative tasks, there are specific VA’s that are expert on this. You have to keep in mind that in hiring a VA, you have to find which one fits your requirement. If you would want to have a website or new design, then look for a VA-Designer– they  specialized in website design.

You probably have a concept in mind of how your online store would appear but still clueless on where and how to start a site. Well, leave it all to your VA. S/he can easily transform your ideas into reality. No need to be skeptical at how much it would cost you to have him/her build your site because it could be arranged. You can hire a VA-Designer for project basis or per hour though working on hourly basis is best recommended especially if your site would start from scratch. Per project basis however are advised if there is only a particular area on your site that you would want to add or alter.

A VA-Designer would not just design your website but would also make it search engine friendly. Those HTML or CSS might be alien words to you but these are clearly understood by a VA-Designer and they would use it to make your website or blog attract viewers, readers and customers through eye-catching headers and/or related logo.

There are swarm of different websites, online stores and blogs in the Internet and the first thing that would make you different from them is to have an attractive and properly designed site. It is true that first impression lasts when it comes to the virtual world. You don’t have to be an expert in designing because there are also swarms of VA-Designer out there. Just make sure that you would hire skilled, committed, and trustworthy Virtual Assistant whom you would entrust your company’s website and/or personal blog.