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Be Inspired but Do Not Copy


Be Inspired but Do Not Copy

Going out in an outfit which you personally mixed and matched for your self is something any of us would love to flaunt. But when you bumped into a friend or an acquaintance who is wearing exactly the same fashion as yours— how would you react? Furious, betrayed or in some extent you would feel robbed.

This is just a simple and clear manifestation on how plagiarism affects the person being copied. In the blogosphere, coming up with your own writing ideas is a must. While it is pretty obvious that the Internet is a black hole, there are certain limitations on the extent of your curiosity. If you find any kind of writings that inspires you, then remain inspired. You could, however, talk about the same topic but rely on your own thoughts and feelings.

Always put yourself into someone else’s shoes.

You worked hard in writing a review or a post, you probably even wrote it during wee hours when you felt you were more inspired and creative and then someone out there would only copy and paste your article and let others think that it is their work. In less than five minutes your ideas were robbed.

Now that’s when you could say “it sucks!”

Hypocrisy aside, there are certain topics that a writer would find uninteresting but need to come up with something to write hence they go over Google or other query sites to find inspiration and ideas. At that point there is nothing to feel guilty about. If you are keen in writing, a phrase or two could be enough for you to make the same topic more flowery, interesting and make it sound as YOU.

Be spared from the temptation of plagiarism, here’s how:

1. Be proud of your works

Make yourself your number one fan. If you believed you are good with what you do, then there’s no need to steal idea from the others. You are the best, remember?

2. Go out in the real world and refresh your mind

There could really be a time when you might experience a “writer’s block” for some, this is when they plagiarized, but you don’t have to. Go out and unwind—after that you would be surprised at how ideas would flow in naturally as you write.

3. Take your time

There’s nothing more humiliating in submitting works you just copied than delayed projects which you patiently wrote on your own. Being labeled as plagiarist once is more than enough to ruin your reputation in writing especially in the blogosphere and in pursuing a career online.

Remember, there is nothing wrong in being inspired, just make sure that you could come up with a much inspiring post—yes, way better than your source.