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1 Android Apps for Blogger: Blogging Has Never Been So Easier

The count of people who relies on smart phones and tablets for blogging is on a steady increase today. Well, blogging doesn’t necessarily want you to sit in front of a desktop with a full size keyboard and mouse. Thanks to many advanced blogger apps for Android, blogging is now an amazingly easier and user-friendly task. Smart phones and tablets of the day either come with QWERTY physical keypads or virtual alternatives. Thus, in help of key Android blogging apps, everyone can write, edit, post and manage blogs on the go. Here are five major Android apps for a blogger. 


WordPress’ official Android app is a nice tool for smartphone blogging. It has been designed for simple and convenient smartphone and tablet blogging. However, WordPress is more compatible on tablets other than smartphones that have small screens. Similar to its desktop client, WordPress Android app lets users easily write new posts, edit the existing ones and manage comments. The app supports both WordPress.com blogs and the WordPress-supported self-hosted blogs alike.


Blogger is Google’s official blogging service. And so, the Blogger’s official Android client has an easier sign-up process. You can just access the app and immediately start blogging using your Google log-in credentials. The Blogger is more compatible with Android than any other apps. Users can easily publish new posts, add pictures to the entries and label the posts under various categories. The app also has the option to switch between your multiple Blogger accounts as well. 


Tumblr is a famous micro-blogging and social media networking platform. Tumblr’s official Android app comes with lots of user-friendly features. The app has a wonderful dashboard, which rocks many enhanced facilities to add new posts, edit the old ones and manage the entire blog. There are also options to save drafts, queue posts, customize tweets and much more on Tumblr.


LiveJournal is yet another brilliant Android app for bloggers. The official client of LiveJournal lets users manage their web journals superbly. There are rich options to create, edit and manage new entries with less effort on LiveJournal. LiveJournal is the best option for you to chronicle progress of a trip you make with your friends.


Pixelpipe is not a particular app for blogging like the ones mentioned above. It is an Android app, which will help users bring together around 75 blogging services on a single platform. You can update Blogger, WordPress, LiveJournal, Tumblr and much more. The app also unites social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and others. 

Blogging is always a thrilling diversion. Once it is possible on your handsets, it becomes far more interesting, indeed. The above tools are only the most popular ones for the purpose. There are many more Android apps for bloggers. These apps further extend the blogging habits of bloggers to their smartphones and tablets.