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It is not only large companies and businesses who need detailed accounting records, even small ones are required to have at least a decent and reliable accounting system. Well for large companies, it is not that hard since they can allot a budget on that system alone. However, recording and bookkeeping are such pain in the neck on the part of small business owners and those who are just starting up. Most of the time, the entrepreneur or owner himself is the one who also do their books and records.


Daunting tasks such as reconciling spreadsheets of numbers, invoicing, recordings of expenses and bills, over-due accounts, and a lot more during accounting period are most dreaded by small business owners. It would normally take them days to come up with a detailed record only to be found inaccurate by their accountant. Such a waste of time isn’t it?

It’s a good thing that small businesses found refuge on FreeAgent, a software that offers accounting solutions specifically to small-business scales and freelancers. In this digital world, the software is based on Cloud Computing meaning there is no installation or upgrade required to be able to use it. Since all data are “in the cloud” meaning online, you would only need an Internet connection and you’re good to go.

If you own a small business and this is the first time you knew about FreeAgent, then stay on your seat and just keep on reading as we digest everything FreeAgent can do to lighten up your way to the accounting aspect of your business—even if some accounting words are new to you.

First, let’s talk about Freeagent’s Dashboard. Upon signing in, you will be greeted by an easy on the eye summary of headlines. Even at a glance you could clearly identify the following:

  • Invoice payment- you can see which are paid, due and overdue
  • Overdue bills and invoices
  • Your bank and/or card balances
  • Expenditures
  • Statement of Loss and Income for the year
  • Current retained profit and dividends

These items can be clicked and dragged according to your order preferences. It comes in handy of course.

FreeAgent is also known as a painless online accounting software. It gives small business owners the relief knowing that their cash flows are on the right track, tax deadlines are met, and penalties are omitted. Furthermore, they know which customers are due and need to be reminded about their payments.

All things come in handy with FreeAgent. Client details are easy to record on the software itself. Remember BaseCamp, even client records from this site can be imported to FreeAgent with no hassle at all.

Time suckers activities like emailing estimates to customers, record billings and expenses, keeping your record up to date all the time can be done in a matter of an hour.

Uploading electronic statement from your bank accounts, Paypal or cards is also as easy as one, two, and three. You can view these in graphed based on your chosen timeline—per month or per year.

Because FreeAgent makes it easier for small businessmen to understand their company’s accounting aspect, they can further benefit from the system once their Accountants agreed on the reduction of their Professional Fee. After all, their Accountant’s job are also made easier because of the software used. Interactively, they can share and view the same financial records even at the comfort of their own offices. No need for a monthly meeting just to discuss about the company’s records and bookkeeping.

FreeAgent can be purchased at a very reasonable price. They also offer 10% discount once you refer the system to a friend and they signed up too. Both parties can avail of the 10% discount so there is really nothing to lose. If still on doubt, FreeAgent offers FREE 30 day trial so go ahead and take out the burden of accounting from your chest. Sign up now!

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