FingerKicks, the Fun-tastic iOS Football Game Has Just Arrived On the App Store, the Game Comes as Universal App !

personal assistant indonesiaGAMEized has successfully landed their most recent game on the App Store worldwide. The iOS football game, FingerKicks has stolen everyone’s attention with its eye-catching title,high quality HD graphics, retina display support and universal app features.

FingerKicks is a fun and action-packed football game dedicated to all iOS gamers and football, created by GAMEized, a business unit of the X-Team, a global league of industry experts who together work on the world’s best projects.

The game was designed for iOS gamers to have fun doing simple goal-kicking action by using their fingers with an objective to hit as many as possible’s goal score. Brilliantly packed as universal app that works with all iOS devices; iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, FingerKicks is now ready to challenge all iOS gamers to become finger kickers and mastering the game leaderboard.

“FingerKicks is a fun-tastic football theme game that everybody would love. It’s suitable for all ages, non-violent action game that’s safe for kids, extremely fun for adults, and surely a BIG challenge for your fingers! FingerKicks is about how to learn to accurately hit a goal and let your fingers feel the glory of becoming a champion !” said Luís Fonseca, the Lead Developer for X-Team excitedly following FingerKicks official launching.

FingerKicks Features:

  • Beautiful HD graphics
  • Retina display support
  • Advanced particle effects
  • Super detailed graphics
  • Great performance
  • Universal app – Runs on iPhone 3Gs/ iPhone 4, iPod1, iPad 2 and iPod Touch !

Awesome Features:

  • Original soundtrack
  • Special balls
  • Smart goalkeeper
  • Bonus time
  • Wind challenge
  • Leaderboard and achievements

FingerKicks can be found and downloaded on App Store worldwide with only $0.99 for a limited time!

FingerKicks Trailer

About GAMEized

GAMEized is a business unit of the X-Team, a global league of industry experts who together work on the world’s best projects; Fox, Twitter and Threadless website are some of them. The team consists of highly creative people with endless passion in technology, web and mobile app development. GAMEized and X-Team are part of X- Company Pty Ltd founded in Melbourne, Australia.

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