virtual assistant indonesia

“Have you ever felt like talking to machine like what the caricature shows?”

Some people worry that hiring a VA-(especially overseas ones) is like talking to a quiet machine, no response and must wait for hours (even days) just to get the answer of a simple question. How does it work? How to hire a virtual assistant?

Well, our promise is simple. Fast response and prompt delivery. You won’t have to scream out on your monitor’s screen and become tension. Just contact us by email, messenger, or create project task based on project management software/tool. You will get a quick answer to whatever you need.

We offer you a complete personal assistant service in business, where all services are tailored to your needs. It’s fast, easy set up and + AAA plus service. Web research, data entry, virtual secretary, online personal assistant, internet marketer, business planner, media consultant, online public relations. You name it, and we have it. We will do all ‘hassle things’ for you, so you can get more focus on the big thing and concentrate in developing your business. We understand that you, in your busy world – so many times tied up in a very tight schedule, and here we make everything easier for you. Check out our service tabs to see what we can offer. If you need some things that are not listed, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss in more details.