Improve Customer Services with Viral Social CRM

Social networking programs make use of viral advertising or viral marketing. Viral processes make use of customer messages to expose products and services through social networks, thereby increasing sales. This was pioneered by Hotmail, which is a web-based e-mail service. Companies placed tags at the bottom of each email message, which effectively served to advertise or make their products known to readers.


Innovative Tools for Marketing


The resources used for viral marketing are generally free. This helps companies to attract more attention and simultaneously allows for a seamless passage for the message. Viral marketing provides an innovative concept by placing the initiative of sales into the hands of the readers. The tags are transmitted without outright rejection because the e-mails come from friends, colleagues, or acquaintances. It also makes them more appealing to consumers.


Advantages of Viral Marketing for Improving Customer Services


Several advantages can be associated with viral marketing campaigns. On one hand, the campaign may be replicated without any outside help, such as from sales teams. This makes it unique, self-driven, and drastically reduces advertisement expenses. On the other hand, viral marketing makes use of modern techniques, such as the Internet, social media, and networking.


An increasing number of people are turning to social media to research and discuss companies, offer suggestions, lodge complaints, and provide helpful comments. By making effective use of viral marketing techniques, businesses can effectively stimulate positive reputations. Because customers make full use of the resources available on the Internet, businesses would be wise to exploit the same resources for promoting viral marketing to improve customer services.


Why are Viral Marketing Techniques so Effective?


Viral marketing has the ability to captivate the attention of customers. Attracting the attention of a customer is the prime requisite for all businesses, which search for new ways to attract the attention of customers. Adding a touch of humor, requesting opinions, and asking questions are some of the ways in which viral advertising captures the attention of customers. A number of brands present themselves as easily recognized logos, thereby encouraging customers to remember their brands. Viral marketing uses the word-of-mouth techniques to understand the interests and needs of the consumer.


Viral marketing with memetics


Viral marketing techniques appeal to the emotions of customers. This is explained by the use of memetics, which are integrated with the advertisements. Memes are pieces of cultural information that are assumed to exist within the minds of individuals. The cultural makeup of an individual is masterminded by these memes, just as the physical makeup is masterminded by the genes of the individual.


It was found that individuals respond to these memes or pieces of information, and that their behavior is manifested accordingly. Marketers stimulate different types of behavior in their customers by the use of information embedded in plain text, graphics, or pictures. The use of such scientific methods makes viral marketing an innovative and effective technique for customer services by predicting the reactions of customers to certain products.


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