How to Find a Service that Will Create a Resume the Hiring Manager Will Love

Finding a job has become super tough. Not only is it a fulltime job all by itself, but the competition has become downright brutal, what with unemployment levels remaining high. A resume service can help give you the edge you need to give you that much-needed interview.

So, how do you find the right resume service?

Are they Up-to-Date?

If a resume service doesn’t have an online presence, can you trust them to have all the latest information? Though this is no guarantee, a service business without a web presence is stone age stuff. And a quick glance at their website should tell you about the quality of their service. If they have typos and grammatical errors, move on to the next one.

Always Shop Around

The idea of taking the first one without checking others is scary at best. How do you know what kind of quality you’re getting without comparing? How do you know if you’re getting half the benefit for twice the cost?

Sample Resumes

If you’re going to compare online stores, you check selection and brand names, right? If you want a resume service that rocks, you need one that isn’t afraid to show you samples of their work—especially before and after illustrations of their skill. More than likely, you already have a resume and you want help making it far better. Do their samples get you all excited? Or do they leave you clueless about what they did? How is a hiring manager supposed to become excited if even you can’t see an improvement? If the resume service can’t clearly explain what improvements they made, how are they going to make your resume any more convincing?

What Comes Out of Your Pocket?

Naturally, they’re in the business to make money; you’re going to have to pay. But don’t be afraid to pay handsomely for a resume that will leave hiring managers chomping at the bit to interview you. If you’ve chosen wisely, then this one-time expense will be well worth not living through several more months of hoping to land a job.

Add Color, Music and Animation!

Naturally, you want your resume to stand out from the crowd, but in a positive way. You want it to demonstrate that you are proactive, creative and innovative.

A video resume adds to your existing paper resume in ways I would only have dreamed about thirty years ago. This is exciting stuff! Now, you look like a multibillion dollar corporation. Don’t be surprised if they try to wine and dine you or throw expensive incentives at you. The idea is that you’re worth it and you’re merely letting them know that you are.

Mark Doyle is a freelance writer who writes about a variety of subjects, and was once a professional resume writer.

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