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Clients, where are you?

Whether you’re just starting out or you have an established business,
finding clients in any industry is no easy task.
There really is no set process for how to get their attention and convert
that in to business. This task can be even harder for virtual assistants.
By definition they do not operate face-to-face with their existing or
prospective clients, making it difficult to create connections and build
business relationships.
Here are some strategies that you could employ in order to get yourself
out there and attract that exciting new client; Continue reading


Can We Trust VA Confidential Data?


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Trust is imperative in every employer-Virtual Assistant relationship. There are certain precautions on the part of the employer that needs to be considered before hiring a Virtual Assistant. Just like in the corporate world where pre-employment requirements are demanded, VA’s should be obliged too to provide necessary documents to further verify their identities. The purpose is the same—to ensure that the employee is competent for the job and most of all can be trusted.

Nevertheless, employers should be very keen in choosing their Virtual Assistant. Sure, these workers cannot steal any office supplies or any tangible items from you but what at risks are your business’ confidential information and data. It is normal for VA’s to be given access to company’s website, passwords, Social Media accounts and others which are important because this is where his/her tasks would start. The following parameters would greatly help any employers in looking for VA’s that can be trusted:

1. Provide a non-disclosure agreement for your VA

Your company’s information need to be intact and should not be in the hands of unauthorized person. An agreement that he/she would not disclose any data to other people should be signed and sealed. Passwords, access to Social Media Accounts and other log in information should be on his/her tasks’ execution only and not be used for personal interest.

2. Verify his/her identity

You may be working remotely with your VA but it is just right to know who you are dealing with especially when your company or business is at stake. Ask for identification like ID cards, passport and other document that could verify his/her identity.

3. Ask for credentials and other proof of competency

Do not just settle for his/her CV. Whatever written in there should be backed up by certificates, recommendations and other proof that s/he is capable of doing the tasks of a VA.

4. Perform a background check

Employers can ask for people s/he had worked before. Find out if s/he had a good working relationship from previous employers. From here, you would know if you can fully trust your hired VA.

Find a VA that can make you sleep soundly at night knowing that your business is in safe hands.


Being a VA: Your Performance Depends on Your Internet Connection

speedtestWe’ve got quite a lot inquiries, job application letter or even just a short message asking how to start working as a Virtual Assistant submitted from our contact form. We really thank you for that. Although we don’t think that we’re the expert, but we love to share some of our experiences and hope that it can be useful references. 

First thing we need to remember. Working online means you depend 100% to your internet connection, so it is extremely important for us to prepare for good and reliable connection before we can move further into the business. There were some times when we did online interview by using instant messenger to some candidates that applied for the post of virtual assistant in Virtary, and internet connection seems to be the major problem.

You can ask for excuse for one-two days, but clients can’t wait (and they won’t) forever. They have the inquiries, and surely they won’t be willing to let our ‘connection schedule’ to control their activities. So, try it hard to make sure that ‘Sorry disconnected’ or “Sorry no service” will only be spoken in the times of emergency where there’s really nothing you can do to make the error up. 

Probably internet connection isn’t a problem in major Western countries, but IT IS still a problem in Indonesia. Based from our own experience, living in the capital city of Indonesia doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t have slow connection. You might have good enough speed to do social media chit chat, but when it comes to work, bump! The connection is as fast as a snail walks, LOL!

So, it is not true that building virtual assistant business won’t cost you anything. Well at least you need to be sure that you must invest for fast internet connection for the start. 



Instagram Tricks for Small Business

I couldn’t agree more how people literally sleep and wake up with their smart phones nowadays. With powerful built in cameras, capturing and sharing photos had never been better. Perhaps this is the reason why more and more applications related to photo sharing with photo enhancement are popping out in the market these days.

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Customer Sales Representative – One of the Top Jobs of the Year

customer-serviceFor customer sales representatives, having an enthusiastic personality will pay off in this career path as it is one of your stepping stones to let your customers become interested in the product or service you are selling. In order for companies to be successful, they heavily rely on the ability of their sales representatives to market their merchandise either in person, through phone calls or high speed Internet. Sales representatives often travel as they will be required to attend trade conferences and shows which will help develop interest on their products.

 A projected amount of 15.6 percent growth employment has been seen by the Bureau of Labor Statistics for sales representatives between 2010 and 2020. Within this time period, around 223,400 jobs are needed to be filled by people. The promising outlook for this profession has made it to the 20th spot on the list of best jobs this year.

 In 2010, the median annual salary for a sales representative professional was $52,440 according to the Labor Department. People who made around $108,750 were some of the best-paid 10 percent while the lowest-paid professionals acquired $26,970 a year. Most of these professionals can be found in the companies that focus on development and scientific research, securities, satellite telecommunications and commodity contracts.

 No formal training or education is needed in order to be a sales representative. A lot of employers however appreciate people that have post secondary education and positions wherein they received training in scientific and technical products. Although sales experience is advantageous for applicants, a lot of jobs can still be landed with just high school diplomas. One of the ways that a person can stand out amongst the many applicants is by taking courses in marketing and attending seminars that show and talk about sales techniques.

According to experts in the field, experience in the use of a product and its culture is a key factor within the industry. But its most important aspect is perhaps being able to relate to the customer. Orientation and empathy towards a customer are some of the critical traits that sales representatives should have. A professional in this field needs to understand the needs of the customer and interact with them on a regular basis in order to fix the problem they are having. A sales representative should also be resource to these customers by respecting them and developing friendships along the way. 

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