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Freeagent – Accounting App Review

It is not only large companies and businesses who need detailed accounting records, even small ones are required to have at least a decent and reliable accounting system. Well for large companies, it is not that hard since they can allot a budget on that system alone. However, recording and bookkeeping are such pain in the neck on the part of small business owners and those who are just starting up. Most of the time, the entrepreneur or owner himself is the one who also do their books and records.


Daunting tasks such as reconciling spreadsheets of numbers, invoicing, recordings of expenses and bills, over-due accounts, and a lot more during accounting period are most dreaded by small business owners. It would normally take them days to come up with a detailed record only to be found inaccurate by their accountant. Such a waste of time isn’t it?

It’s a good thing that small businesses found refuge on FreeAgent, a software that offers accounting solutions specifically to small-business scales and freelancers. In this digital world, the software is based on Cloud Computing meaning there is no installation or upgrade required to be able to use it. Since all data are “in the cloud” meaning online, you would only need an Internet connection and you’re good to go.

If you own a small business and this is the first time you knew about FreeAgent, then stay on your seat and just keep on reading as we digest everything FreeAgent can do to lighten up your way to the accounting aspect of your business—even if some accounting words are new to you.

First, let’s talk about Freeagent’s Dashboard. Upon signing in, you will be greeted by an easy on the eye summary of headlines. Even at a glance you could clearly identify the following:

  • Invoice payment- you can see which are paid, due and overdue
  • Overdue bills and invoices
  • Your bank and/or card balances
  • Expenditures
  • Statement of Loss and Income for the year
  • Current retained profit and dividends

These items can be clicked and dragged according to your order preferences. It comes in handy of course.

FreeAgent is also known as a painless online accounting software. It gives small business owners the relief knowing that their cash flows are on the right track, tax deadlines are met, and penalties are omitted. Furthermore, they know which customers are due and need to be reminded about their payments.

All things come in handy with FreeAgent. Client details are easy to record on the software itself. Remember BaseCamp, even client records from this site can be imported to FreeAgent with no hassle at all.

Time suckers activities like emailing estimates to customers, record billings and expenses, keeping your record up to date all the time can be done in a matter of an hour.

Uploading electronic statement from your bank accounts, Paypal or cards is also as easy as one, two, and three. You can view these in graphed based on your chosen timeline—per month or per year.

Because FreeAgent makes it easier for small businessmen to understand their company’s accounting aspect, they can further benefit from the system once their Accountants agreed on the reduction of their Professional Fee. After all, their Accountant’s job are also made easier because of the software used. Interactively, they can share and view the same financial records even at the comfort of their own offices. No need for a monthly meeting just to discuss about the company’s records and bookkeeping.

FreeAgent can be purchased at a very reasonable price. They also offer 10% discount once you refer the system to a friend and they signed up too. Both parties can avail of the 10% discount so there is really nothing to lose. If still on doubt, FreeAgent offers FREE 30 day trial so go ahead and take out the burden of accounting from your chest. Sign up now!

1 How to Build and Manage a Website with Your iPhone

In today’s generation, it is important for companies or businesses to have its own websites or blogs because it is a perfect gateway to have a wide reach of potential customers and clients. I remember when I offered my service to create a website for a company where my husband works and I scoured for sites that offer free website creation since it will be my first attempt to do such task. Continue reading

7 Time Tracking Software For Virtual Assistant

It is normal for any person whose work is executed via online to monitor his working hours anytime, anywhere. Yes, this is also why most online contractors are deemed hard worker and dedicated to their jobs. Whenever they got the chance to work especially if their employees need immediate result to an assigned task, even though they are on vacation, as long as they have their computers or Internet capable devices, they will get the job done.

But nothing comes for free nowadays, so they need to be paid and to be able to bill their clients they need to show how much time they spent working. Therefore easy and reliable time tracking software is necessary particularly on freelancers who work on per hour basis.

In line with the said time tracking software, we recommend the following list for you to try and make use of in your current endeavor as online contractors.

• Toggl- this is a free time tracker that works live or as a time sheet approach. It has an easy interface and can be understood in a matter of minutes. You can use the web version or the downloadable one. It is compatible with Windows, Mac or Linux so you can easily start tracking by a simple click on your toolbar. And for online workers on the go, you can have this time tracking software right in your pocket, just download it on your iPhone or Android phone and you’re good to go.

• Freshbooks- online workers usually work for a team and collaboration while working on a project is made easy with Freshbooks. Now you can work anytime, anywhere and still be able to monitor your time. You can leave your desk and continue working with your mobile devices plus the assurance that all your data are back up—safe and secure.

• Harvest- if you hate installations, then this is one is for you. Setting up Harvest could only take few seconds with no installation at all. It is easy to use and can be accessed both in desktop and mobile devices. It does not just track time but also provides reports and online invoicing. It is not free but offer competitive pricing plan.

• Tick- your work online could be complicated therefore a difficult time tracking software is the least on your list. With Tick, you can enjoy a simple and user friendly interface for your time tracking activities. Selecting your client, project and task can be done in few clicks. It has a pricing plan where you could choose one based on your needs and budget.

• Cashboard- you would love its time tracking widget on your mobile devices that’s for sure. You wouldn’t have to write down your time spent working as you could easily monitor your hours with Cashboard. As an honest contractor, you wouldn’t want to bill everything and you would want your employer to approve it first before you create invoice—this software has that feature. Apart from that, it offers add-ons giving more worth of your money since this are not free.

• yaTimer- it breaks the monotony of time tracking with its color-coding scheme. This is, by far, the easiest tool to use in monitoring your time as you work. If you are still on for a basic set up, like printing your time sheet, then this one is for you.

Time is essential for most online contractors therefore any one of the above time tracking software would be beneficial to them.


The Best Instant Messengers for VA

Communication is the basic key on how working as a Virtual Assistant becomes a success. Needless to say, it is also essential on the part of the person working with a VA. Technology made a big leap in making the exchange of ideas fast, reliable and in real time no matter what the distance is through the power of the Internet. Gone are the days when you would need to send letters and documents to the person who works with you but lives from afar. With the use of Internet, these tasks can be done in just a matter of seconds.

Virtual Assistants rely to different means of communication to get in contact with their employers and vice-versa. Aside from emails, fax and telephone calls, Instant Messengers play an important role in bridging the gap between a VA and his/her employers. Listed below are our top three best Instant Messengers that we have tried and are continuously using as of this writing.

Skype  Skype

This is the most popular means of communication among VA’s and other online contractors. You can download it from their website and it is FREE. Aside from the clear and crisp video chat, VA’s and their employers enjoyed its conference feature. They could talk in real time with all of their team members and discuss everything related to their business. Sending files, photos and other pertinent documents can be easily sent as the discussion continues. A person’s Skype account can also be set up as seen by public or only through invitation. Skype is also ideal for employers on the go. While most VA’s are probably at home while they work— employers’ who might be in conventions, seminars or doing their personal agenda can still be in contact with their VA’s through their mobile phones. Yes, Skype can be use to call any landline or cellular phones but with a minimal fee though calling with fellow Skype users who are online is FREE.

Gtalk Gtalk

We all know how Google keeps on developing their craft. Gtalk keeps most VA up to their toes when it comes to clear and precise communication with their employers. Just like Skype, Gtalk has also the ability to send and receive files which is also a core factor in making VA-employer relationship strong and working. Setting up Gtalk is a piece of cake and most people enjoy its user friendly interface. Working as a VA can also be sometimes draining and a quick chat with a friend can be a perfect breather. If you want to take a minute off from work, you can customize your settings and set up your Voice Mail. Your client can leave important messages and you can get back on them once you listen to your Voice Mail. Gtalk is also available on mobile phones which make it more important for VA’s on the go.

Windows Live- 

The kind of Instant Messenger where Virtual Assistants can do more than just chat and video calls. With its integrated Microsoft features such as Windows Live Essentials and Microsoft Outlook, executing tasks are made a lot easier and faster. There’s no need to switch from checking your email address then on to a chat session as it already comes in one. Like Skype and Gtalk, VA’s can also send and receive files while on a chat or video call.

Remember, distance is just a matter of space for any Virtual Assistant- Employer relationship. As long as they both know how to communicate well and on a regular basis, reaching their goal to success is not impossible.


3 Great Apps for your Social Media Engagement

Businesses, organizations, personal blogs and websites have the same goal why they linked their sites to different kinds of Social Media. To widen their reach when it comes to their target market and be known in all parts of the world, that is. Getting known in a small span of time is not impossible with the use of Social Media especially with their millions of users who log in and spend time browsing every day.

But when the competition gets tough, you cannot just sit down and relax and let alone your businesses or organizations in the hands of your chosen Social Media. You need to work things out to keep people from coming into your site.

Below are: 

Three great apps you could use for your Social Media Engagement 


rafflecopter-logoLet’s start off with Rafflecopter which is by the way a free app (yeah, I can hear you saying “best things in life are FREE”). One thing to attract website visitors and followers is by making contests, sweepstakes or giveaways. Unlike the traditional mailing of entries into a drop box, we now have interactive contests just as we have interactive people joining in. There’s nothing more a visitor could ever love than having something in return for liking a Facebook Page or following someone on Twitter. Visitors will surely keep coming back to your site and even invite others to drop by your site as well.

Are you worried of having so much time just to come up with a contest? No need. Rafflecopter is so easy to use you can even have your eyes closed while doing it! (But it’s better if you keep them open! lol!). If you are accustomed with HTML, then you could go along just fine. Rafflecopter would provide you with a widget after you finished your contest’s criteria: Liking Facebook Page, Following on Twitter, comments and linking back just to name a few. It will hold the starting date for your contest as well as when it would end. The contest will automatically stop if it reached that date. Selection of winner is done randomly in a single click. Running contests and other fun stuff on your site don’t need to be a pain in the neck with Rafflecopter.

Free apps can be awesome so how much more if you pay for it? Wildfire App is another app you could use in creating campaigns and promotions but for a fee. Thankfully, they offer flexible pricing scheme and you could choose from their four packages. Basically Wildfire charges their clients per campaign which are much more favorable among bloggers and website owners. You could start by signing up which is very easy, no need for email verification (hassle free!). There’s no way to be confused because help and other resources on how you should start and finish creating a campaign are offered right on your plate. If you are not an internet savvy kind of person, its user friendly interface would spare you from doing the daunting tasks. And so, I guess the price you pay for using Wildfire is more than enough from making campaigns easy for you.

North-SocialAs popular as these two, North Social is also one of bloggers, website owners, businesses and organizations all in one tool in engaging with their Social Media particularly Facebook. It is another paid app though it offers a 14-day trial. It has five pricing packages you could choose from which will surely fits your needs. North Social will never make you feel intimidated because it proves the term WYSIWYG. Do it yourself is what they initially offer to their clients especially with those non-technical individuals. Uploading images, texts or links is so easy and without a single code needed. With its simple kind of promotions like what Wildfire and Rafflecopter offers, you could expect an increase in your company’s marketing performances and a brand built in minutes. Make use of the 14-day trial and see for yourself how North Social could make your campaign a success.

2 bamboo-invoice

3 Free Invoicing Tools

To engage in any kind of business whether it is big or small would surely need a reliable and effective invoicing process. For starters, you might want to try several tools to create invoices especially now that the Internet has tons of recommended sites where you could create invoices for your business either for free or with a minimal fee.

You are in for a good treat because in this article, we would feature three (3) FREE tools to create invoice that would spare you from spending additional expense for your business but would give you ease when doing this daunting task- invoicing.



This comes with the most friendly user interface that even a child aged 10 and above would surely understand. Yes, we are not kidding! From the ready-made invoice, you can easily edit the entire field that needs change like company information, name and address of the client and other invoice rudiments. It has a table where you could place all your invoice items and can be adjusted depending on the items to be included with no conflict at all. is widely used compared to others because one, there’s no registration required. You can create invoice right then and there. Two, easy to follow instructions on how to come up with an effective invoice. Three, you could write special notes on the invoice itself and four, it can be converted into a PDF format for printing or emailing invoices to clients.


bamboo-invoiceIt is another free online invoicing tools that most small businesses would also love. It provides a neat and spontaneous look that would give you the idea on what items to include to create professional invoices. Its custom ability is superb and you can enjoy its multi-language and PDF features when it’s time to send invoices to client. On the other hand, it would give you an intimidating impression once you knew that it would require you to have a web-hosting account before you can download this free invoicing tool. Also, do not expect to see recurring invoices and online payments capability in here which most users find as a major shortcoming in making this tool standout from the others.


simple-invoicesAlbeit the word simple is on this free tool’s name, you might slightly your head when you read that a LAMP set up would be needed in order for you to successfully install it. But no worries because once you got the hang of it, the process would be smoother. It’s versatility feature which allows several user accounts and different billing formats normally get the most thumbs up among its users. From the settings panel several tabs can be seen and you will be easily directed on what data you should place to complete your invoice. It rises above all other free invoicing tools because it supports more kinds of formats aside from PDF. You could choose whether you would want your invoice in MS Word, plain text, Open Document format and even in Excel format, whatever your client is most comfortable with. If you would want to know more about—then go ahead and try its free live demo.


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