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VA- A Career With Your Daster – Online Seminar by Virtary

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Jakarta, 27 July 2011

Virtary will conduct a free online seminar on August 10, 2011 from 11am – 12pm WIB, Jakarta time to disclose all about virtual assistant business as a highly promising profession to all Indonesian stay-at-home moms and housewives. 

Virtual assistant (VA) is a years old profession that has been very popular in many countries and helped a lot of people by giving them an opportunity to enjoy working from the corner of their own home. This online seminar will help Indonesian women to understand what virtual assistant is and how to start working in the field by one hour discussion plus training and Q&A section presented as a complete guide for VA start-up. 

The event was tagged with VA- A Career With Your Daster to represent the life-changing job and flexibility achieved by being a virtual assistant, a career that can be done while wearing a daster (Indonesian nick name for women’s house dress). 


Event details:

*Seminar Title:  VA- A Career With Your Daster

*Hosted by:  Virtary team

*Speaker: Virtary founder, Rieni Santoso

*Date: Friday, 12 August 2011, 11am – 12pm WIB (Jakarta time)

*Topics :

-What is virtual assistant

-How to start working as a VA

-Where the clients come from




How to attend:

Participants should have:

-Internet access

The event will be held in Virtary conference room created by using instant messenger service, so a ready internet connection to access the conference room will be required. 

-Indonesian women ONLY – housewives and stay-at-home moms will be prioritized. 

-Active Facebook and Twitter account 

Interested participants who fulfill the above qualifications may contact below Virtary team immediately.


VA-A Career With Your Daster will become the first of another six online seminar series for Indonesian women hosted by Virtary in 2011, another seminar theme for college students will also be held at the the next online seminar schedule.




Work With Us – Virtary Vacancy

personal assistant indonesia

Virtary is currently looking energetic, high-skilled writer.


  1. English proficiency
  2. Genuine copy writing skill
  3. Blogging experience is preferable
  4. Strong passion and interest in technology
  5. Fast and able to meet deadline
  6. Advertising agency working experience is a plus

Although we prefer to give opportunity to Indonesian talented writer, yet we’ll consider every application and do our best to reply all job applications.

Interested to work with us? (not work for us as we will work together as a team!)

Send your details to :




NewtonApples 1.0 for iOS – Pop, Slice and Flick Your Way To Victory

Great news to educational iPhone game lovers. A more than just educational game for iPhone has just now entered iTunes App store.

The mission of the game:

-Go back in time and witness history in action when Newton first discovered the 3 laws of motion.

-Protect Newton from the Evil Apple Tree whose intentions are to disturb Newton from his thinking nap and prevent him from discovering the laws by dropping an army of apples on him



indonesia assistant


– 27 Fun levels (with more coming up in the next update)

– Different moving aesthetically pleasing backdrops in every single level (In Full Version only]

– Fun and quirky foes with their own unique sounds

– Comes with a hidden bonus level Hungry Worms game [In Full Version only]

– Includes original Zombie game as boss level [In Full Version only]

– Original artwork and graphics

– Learn the 3 laws of motion in a fun way OR NOT! [In Full Version Only]

– Includes Normal + Hard to test your skills and longer playing value

– Laugh along with Newton as you play and read his thoughts

– Pop, Slice & Flick enemies – its like playing 3 games in 1!

– Endless Mode – pop, slice and flick till you drop! [In Full Version only]


With price only $0.99, I personally think this is one game that teens and young adults (or parents) should consider to buy.

Especially if you love Fruit Ninja, Zit Popping and Flick Zombie, you can say that this game is a combination of the 3 games mentioned.

More about this app and how to download:


1 Solow Cards – New Card Game Where Low Man Wins

With our fast paced world we miss out on social opportunities where we can laugh, tease, and just plan have fun with our friends. We are so much into technology until we realize that we miss the times, like old times, where we have friends over for some chips and dip, sit at a table and play for fun.

Http:// introduces Solow Cards, the newest card game of the twenty first century.  A card game that will give you opportunity to laugh with family and friends and fill your energy rise.  It’s SoLow Card is taking over the country.  Groups are being formed due to the ease of the game, the laughter created and the competitive tilt that children to seniors are enjoying.

When life is tough laughter can bring new perspective. SoLow Cards is a great way to bring your family and friends together and refresh your own energy. Set up your first night of play and find out what you have been missing.  Whether it is just our family or you invite your friends you will find the energy changes and everyone becoming more relaxed.

What makes this game fun:

  • It is easy to learn no matter your age
  • Two people can play.
  • Its fast paced.
  • Low score wins.

This game is beneficial for everyone and can aid those who are struggling with math and strategy skills. (Don’t tell them it can help them, let them discover their math abilities rise).  With the fast passed world we live in it is nice to call a few friends and just play Solow Cards.

For more information about this game, visit