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Why Your Business Needs an Online File Sharing Service

Why Your Business Needs an Online File Sharing Service

Why Your Business Needs an Online File Sharing ServiceIf you own your own business, you’ve probably heard of cloud storage and file sharing services, but you may not know exactly how it will affect your business to obtain one of these storage services. If you find a company that provides what you need, you can improve your business and help yourself become more organized, professional, as well as create a better experience for your customers.


Keeping your files online can help your business stay more organized and keeps your files set up in such a way as to provide you with simple ways to avoid duplication of data. For example, if you have a document that multiple people need to access and work on, rather than emailing the document to others and creating multiple copies that will need to be reconciled, losing some important changes in the process, you can have a single document held online that each person you give access to can go and work on, which saves all the changes automatically.

Since many of these programs are created specifically for businesses, they have organizational systems set up to work for you, including filing systems for customer data. To see if the organization systems set up within the site work for you, use a 30-day trial and play with the programs available. Continue reading

Three Steps to Recovering From Bad PR

Staged for the cameras

Three Steps to Recovering From Bad PR

It’s not easy for public figures to recover from off-color comments and other scandals. Cameras are on them 24 hours a day, and the media delights in turning small things into big snafus. The unfortunate truth is that there are some things that can’t be recovered from; people may forget in time, but sometimes it’s not quick enough to change the outcome of an election or to save someone’s career. Such cases are rare, however; most people just want to see public figures apologize and correct their mistakes. Almost everyone understands that, but the way it’s done makes all the difference.

Step One: Come Clean

People respond negatively to whiners. If they think that someone is trying to pawn responsibility off on someone else, they will respond with wailing and gnashing of teeth that rivals biblical descriptions. Humility and responsibility are the two words that someone in the midst of a PR crisis needs to keep in mind. It’s not a time for grand declarations or over-the-top apologies that appear to be lacking sincerity; simply coming out and owning up to it is enough to mix some positive talk into the airwaves.

Step Two: Time Things Right and Stay on Message

The sooner someone apologizes, the better. Even a slight bit of hesitation is enough to kill someone’s chances of being accepted by the public in the aftermath of a scandal. Beyond that, the proper strategy will differ. Some people need to lay low for a while; others need to keep themselves in the news as long as possible. The public will forget most things before too long, and laying low is the best strategy in those cases, but people like Todd Akin and Michael Vick don’t have that luxury.

Michael Vick was able to get his career back because he did everything in his power to prove that he had reformed. Todd Akin acted when he needed to act, but his words only compounded the problem instead of solving it, and there’s a very good chance that he’ll lose the election because of it. The old maxim that “all PR is good PR” is patently false; it doesn’t help someone in the slightest to stay in the public eye while doing and saying the things that got him in trouble in the first place.

Step Three: Learn and Grow

Insincere apologies are the expected norm, and the public has become so cynical that it’s hard to convince them that even the sincerest words uttered by celebrities and politicians are actually genuine. The only thing that has any chance of breaking through pessimistic perceptions is a demonstration of actual change.

In Michael Vick’s case, that meant supporting organizations that work to stop dog fighting. People still argue over whether he actually changed and whether he should have been forgiven, but no one can say that he hasn’t done everything that people could ask him to do. To contrast, Todd Akin tried to say that his comments were just poorly worded, but there’s no way to argue that wording things differently would have substantially altered the core sentiment of his words. He didn’t destroy his chances of being elected with his initial comments, but he made his own victory much less likely by issuing a non-apology to those he offended.

Bad PR Doesn’t Have to be the End of the World

The biggest factor in resolving PR crises is whether or not someone appears human. Politicians and celebrities often seem like they live in a completely different world, and it’s easy for everyday people to feel as if they are utterly divorced from the realities of these peoples’ lives. When someone can humble himself before a national audience and talk to people on their level, they are much more likely to facilitate his future success. It’s the people who continue to act like they’re above the rest of humanity that suffer the most through PR crises, and more often than not, the public is glad to strike them down for good when that happens. When it comes to prominent and powerful people, a little bleeding goes a long way.

Katy Leigh writes for several higher ed blogs. Interested in business? Several universities offer MBA degrees including and

mylene dc

SAHM Story – Success in Odesk


mylene dcGetting laid off from a company where I worked for six years is one of the lowest points in my life. I got so comfortable working from 8am to 6pm together with my boss and co-workers. Although there are rumors that the company is not doing well, I kept my faith that we will not cease to operate. And then bam! We were given a written notice that we could look for a new job starting that day.

I am a mom of three and in my age of 30, I knew it wouldn’t be easy to look for another job that would allow me to take leave of absences when my children need me.

During that time, I am already into blogging and had met few bloggers who earn from their blogs. Then I heard about Odesk. I was inspired by fellow moms who actually resigned from their eight hour job and chose to be work at home moms with only Odesk as their source of income. And here I am, nothing to lose and with skills that I can cater to Odesk customers. So on the first day of being jobless, I created my Odesk profile, came up with a cover letter and apply at almost all writing jobs I saw until I reach my maximum quota of job applications. I waited the whole day for responses but no one contacted me. I was devastated.

But I did not lose my hope. I kept on searching for tips on how I could land a job in Odesk to keep me in high spirit. And then one day, I saw a red notification— I have one interview invite! With that, let me say that the rest is history. I have been a work at home mom for almost two years now and Odesk sustain me and my family in terms of financial. Now, I don’t want to just blab about me being an Odesk-er so allow me to share what I learned on how you could land your very first job in Odesk exactly the way I did:

  • Your profile should be exceptional- Do not just tell you are a writer. Give your clients some links leading to your previous write ups or even your personal blog. From here he/she can have an overview of the kind of writing you could provide.
  • Do not use generic cover letter- You should make each one unique and in accordance to your client’s requirement. It would show that you understand their needs and specifications and it could lead to a possibility of getting interview invites. 
  • Comply with interview invitations- Odesk will give you the option to accept or decline interview invites. Choose decline of you have a handful of projects instead of just ignoring it. That’s the most polite thing to do.
  • Be on time and provide necessary information about your services during interview.
  • Give all your best- for your first Odesk job, do not aim on the payment you will get but rather focus on the feedback that your client will give to you. It would matter most especially if you would want to have an on-going career and continuous list of satisfied clients.

When people ask me what I do for a living, I proudly say that I work with the best company in the world that allows me to work on my pajamas.

About the author:

Mai is a 31-year old mom based in Philippines that believes she got herself in colorful pages. Taking care of her three (yes, three!) children in between work is the toughest job. She found out two years ago that she still have extra hands to manage her attempts in writing on-line and earn few bucks from it. Visit Mai’s blog and like her fan page to get to know her more. 








2 insurance agent online

Take Classes Online to be an Insurance Agent

Students working on class assignment in computer lab

An insurance agent, also known as an insurance broker, is someone who is involved with the selling of insurances or is someone who operates in and with the retail aspects of insurance. This could be a variety of positions, but agents are usually required to understand how insurances work and know how to best aid their clients. The main concepts that are focused on while helping clients find the best insurance plan for them is risk management.

Qualifications For Being An Insurance Agent

Individuals who are insurance agents need to have at least a high school education. Although a college degree is always beneficial, it is not required. However, certain college courses that are specific to the area in which you are interested in will only boost your ability to increase sales.

What To Expect From An Online Course

Most of these courses for attaining online insurance agent certification are similar in style to how other classes are set up. There are video lectures that are viewed online, reading material that is assigned, quizzes that reflect what is covered in the lectures along with reading materials, and a final exam at the end of the course. Completion of the final exam, however, does not credit the participant with their license for selling insurances in their state.

The entire point of the online course is to prepare you for the state exam and each state that you choose to practice in will require you to be licensed. Obtaining a passing grade on the state exam is the only way to qualify for selling insurance in that state. Therefore, it’s important to be dedicated to the course otherwise you may be wasting your time and money.

Common Course Design

The preparatory online classes incorporate thorough training for the fieldwork that you will be conducting as an insurance agent. Another aspect of taking these online classes is that there are different areas for becoming an insurance agent. This separates the life insurance and auto insurance learning objectives because they are two different topics. You should take time when considering which avenue you would rather pursue, since certification will vary.

Other Forms Of Online Certification Programs

Some insurance company’s offer their own agent training courses. However, this training may only apply for the state in which that insurance company resides and most insurance programs only qualify the agent for the state in which they choose. Look for companies that have online programs which guarantee to meet all of the state qualifications for training insurance agents in their respective fields. This ensures that they will be able to pass their state exams when the time comes to take it.

Online learning is convenient and usually can be done on a more rapid pace compared to traditional classrooms. Being able to accomplish your goal will boost you confidence and prepare you for future online learning. Whether you are thinking about becoming an insurance agent for extra income or as a full time position, consider online classes.

Andrew Greene is a freelance writer and blogs for a site he recommends to anyone who wants to learn more about ppi claims.

5 Ways for Small Business’ to Succeed

With so many small businesses trying to succeed in today’s troubled economy, you want to be sure that your small business has what it takes to succeed! You can improve your chances at success by following these five tips that I am going to offer you. Learning to effectively lead your team, paying careful attention to your finances and putting the integrity of your business first are all going to go a long way towards helping your small business grow to be prosperous in the future. As

The Importance of Happy Employees

A happy and productive staff will go a long way towards your business’s success. In order to keep your staff happy and loyal you want to always be sure to treat them with respect and be aware of how your actions affect their reactions. You want to form interpersonal relationships with your staff so that they feel as if they can trust you. Although you always need to maintain authority, you also want to be someone who they consider a friend. As Alfred A. Montapert once said; – All lasting business is built on friendship.  This is an important thing to keep in mind when dealing with clients as well as employees.

Think Outside the Box

I believe that one thing that many small business owners do not consider is that you want to think outside the box in order to determine the target market which you are going to market your product or services to. Marketing is a huge part of any small business and it is essential that you take the time to narrow down your target niche in order to determine which marketing methods are going to best appeal to them. If you take the time to understand what the target niche responds to it will allow you to target your products and services around their needs. This personalization can do a lot for the growth of a small business.

Be Aware of Your Business Finances

You need to always be aware of all of the incoming and outgoing finances of your small business. In business you need to take account of every financial transaction both big and small. Unless you have taken previous classes in business management or finance; this may be a new process for you which will take some time to master. Although there is no need to worry; once you get a system down that you are comfortable with you will quickly be able to budget your books in order to help your business be financially stable.

Practice Makes Perfect

A good way to look at it is this; while it may at first seem easy to learn piano music you will find as you sit down to play that you may need to take classes in order to learn piano chords correctly. You will find this same sentiment hold true in the world of small business. In order for you to properly understand how to effectively run a small business you will need to take the time to learn all of the elements of running a small business such as how to be an effective leader. The more time that you invest into your leadership skills; the better you will become at properly leading your business to success!
Hire Quality Employees

A final tip which is essential to the success of any small business is to be sure to take the time to hire the best employees to assist you. The salary of these employees is going to play a huge role in the finances of your business; so you want to be sure that this expense is justified. Make sure that the employees that you hire are productive and efficient. It may be more cost efficient to hire one employee at a higher rate that is talented enough to produce a high volume of work then it may be to hire two employees who produce mediocre work. Keep the bottom dollar of your business in mind when hiring employees to assist you with the needs of your business! As Arnold H. Glasow once said – One of the tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency. There is a lot of truth in this statement.

To wrap things up, let us recap on the five things that are essential to the success of any small business:

    • Keep Your Employees Happy
    • Think Outside the Box
    • Keep Track of Your Finances
    • Practice in Order to Improve Areas of Your Business Which are in Need of Improvement
    • Hire quality, Efficient, Productive Employees


Social Media Sites Are Empowering Consumers And Businesses

There are now more than 700 million people on Facebook which makes it the most important social networking site. However, using social media sites is no longer just a great way to socialize with friends and family. Social media has become a valuable tool for businesses seeking to use social media to reach and interact with their target customers and consumers have the ability to find a product or service and learn all about it before they make a purchase. When a company leverages the power of social media, it enables consumers to effectively find, learn about, and purchase their products or services.

According to a study performed by OTX Research, about 2/3 of customers use the information they find through social media to influence their buying decisions,  67% of customers are likely to pass this information on to others, and over 60% trust information they find through social media more than traditional advertisements. These statistics show that social media is now an important tool empowering consumers shopping for products and services, and consumers are not just making purchases, but they are spreading the word about products and services they like.

Understanding the Power of Social Media

One important household device every homeowner needs is a water heater. Manufacturing and suppliers of water heaters can greatly benefit from using social media and social media users benefit using social media to find water heaters. When a manufacturing and supplier of water heaters effectively use social media, they can get their water heaters in front of their target audience. However, to effectively leverage the power of social media it is important to understand how to use social media to connect to a target audience.

Reach a Target Audience

Social networking involves sharing information rather than engaging in marketing tactics. To reach a water heater target audience, manufacturing and suppliers use LinkedIn to do a search on groups to find interest groups that might be interested in water heaters. They then add insightful comments to discussion threads and include a link to their website at the end of a comment. When using Facebook, they search for relevant groups or Pages where they post insightful comments and include a link to their website. One of the newer social media sites, Pinterest, is ideal for businesses that have a lot of engaging photos. A company can “pin” individual photos of water heaters onto Pinterest to attract potential customers. Blogging is another effective way to create informative content to share. This is a great way for a company to target audiences interested in subjects relevant to water heaters. A supplier of water heaters can blog about such subjects as water heater issues, furnace issues, plumbing issues, etc.

The Main Goal of Social Media Networking

Due to the growth of social media sites, consumers no longer just search for a product and buy it, they use social media sites to learn all about a product and they are heavily influenced by others’ experiences with the product. Tagging, sharing, pinning, and liking, are all tools consumers use to pass on information. Referring back to the water heater example, using social media to find a water heater is easy when a manufacturing and supplier of water heaters utilize all available social networking tools to proactively engage and inform targeted social media users. Today, social media is empowering both consumers and businesses.


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