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1 6 Ways to Stay Productive in a Power Outage

Can you imagine working or running a business without power? I bet you can’t and neither do I. With the way people use electronic devices in their everyday lives, the worst that could happen is to run out of electricity. Looking at a more realistic view, there are instances when power outage normally happens especially during times of storms, calamities and other natural disasters just like when Hurricane Sandy devastated East Coast. This is inevitable but there are ways to stay productive during a power outage especially if you work virtually. Continue reading

3 Ways to Think Outside the Box

Coming up with creative ideas are important to break a monotonous everyday living whether at work or at home. In most businesses, new innovations, plans and techniques are imperative to be able to compete among others. These tasks are obviously mind boggling and time consuming no wonder the first suggested step is to think outside the box. Continue reading

Fully Customize Your Reports with User Defined Fields

It is normal for most of us to aim for detailed, organized and accurate reports especially if it is about business. Elance had made the task of getting things tidy and up to date reports for their clients through the use of User Defined Fields. The thought of working with more than one contractor could be mind boggling on the part of their client particularly in the monitoring field. Of course, starting up a project does not only start with job posting and hiring that eventually ends with payments. It is a continuous process that needs to be supervised from time to time so big thanks to UDF. Continue reading

The Difference between Average Copywriters and Spectacular Copywriters

I have been into blogging and article writing for a few years now and yet I still consider myself as a newbie when it comes to writing. I read swarm of articles on the web most of the time and I often find myself amazed at all those written masterpiece. Indeed, I get inspirations from well-known writers and bloggers but for all we know, the success of an outstanding article often depends on how it was edited by copywriters. Continue reading

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