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VA – Secretary


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But since people are getting more interactive these days, these problems can now be addressed by hiring a VA-Secretary instead. The tremendous development in our technology helps in making this possible. What used to be a face to face dealing with a secretary to assign tasks can now be effectively handled through telephone calls, fax, and online communications such as e-mails, chat and video calls.

Most Virtual Assistants are flexible but hiring a VA who are more skilled in doing administrative duties is best advised. These kinds of VA’s are usually experienced administrative staff or secretary that shifted from working in a corporate office into a virtual secretary. What they did in corporate offices are basically the same as what their online employers would assign them to do like the following:

• Answer phone calls and relay messages to the person involve
• Arrange meetings
• Book tickets for traveling whether for personal or business purposes
• Take note of the minutes of meeting (during an online meeting set-up)

The cost effectiveness of hiring a VA-Secretary could be enumerated as follows:

• Provides his/her own office space, equipment and communication tools
• You can pay for just the tasks done (for hourly rate salary)
• No taxes to be paid on the part of the employer
• Available anytime you need them (leave of absence are very seldom)

Another edge of hiring a VA-Secretary is that the initiative to learn new skills when it comes to executing their job normally comes from the VA himself/herself. Mostly, they join forums and groups that are dedicated to Virtual Assistants and from there they interact, learn and apply new skills not just for their own benefits but more for the success of your partnership.

marketing practice

VA- Marketing Assistant

marketing practice

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There is no doubt that Social Media plays a major role in every individual’s life whether it is for personal or business purposes. As for the latter, they use Social Media as one of their marketing tools and had proven to be efficient and effective at the same time. However, most business owners are too occupied in handling their businesses in real time hence they look for a person who can do this daunting tasks for them.

This is where a Virtual Assistant comes in. Small businesses or those who are just starting up usually hire a VA as their Marketing Assistant. As the term implies, this kind of VA focuses on developing the business’ online presence to increase its market reach. To create an established recognition in the worldwide web, a VA-Marketing Assistant should be knowledgeable or an expert in SEO off page. To do this, s/he should be keen in forum posting, blog walking, and social media management, guest post hunting and link exchange management.

A VA-Marketing Assistant uses these kinds of online marketing strategies to make your business’ name appear first in most online search. Looking back at a traditional Marketing Assistant who uses print, audio and visual media, the purpose of letting consumers know that your business exist is exactly the same as what a VA-Marketing Assistant does—only in a very interactive way.

Hiring a VA-Marketing Assistant is proven to be cost effective. While you take time in expanding other areas of your business, your VA could try every possible online marketing strategy for your venture. S/he could even create an online contest or raffle in order for your business’ name be known to lots of consumers who uses the Internet worldwide. No matter how clueless you are about these kinds of promotion let your VA handle the task. They are trained and are experts in this field and all you have to do is to provide the prizes and give away.

To have a single VA-Marketing Assistant is like hiring several people to do several tasks and this is a very logical step you should take. In a matter of time, you could reach a wide market— actually more than you can ever think of, making your business a success.


VA Tips: Taking Days Off? How?


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All work and no play could also make any Virtual Assistant tired and unproductive. Of course when we say play, it means taking at least a few days vacation just like any ordinary employee would do especially when the going gets tough at work. Being a VA is also stressful like any 8-hour job, perhaps even more stressful because of the complexity of the job per se. But the question is, “Is it possible to take days off especially when you work with clients overseas and most probably than not have different holiday schedules like yours?”

Of course it is possible! All a VA has to do is to abide to these following rules in order for him/her not to sabotage his/her client’s business once the vacation materialized:

1. Advance notification- if you have worked before in a corporate world, you are probably aware of this. Telling your client in advance that you will be off from work for a couple of days would give him time to prepare. He/she can even hire a temporary substitute for you if your position cannot be vacant. For Virtual Assistants, a week notification would do and if you have been an effective employee, your boss would probably approve your request for a vacation.


2. Do all tasks in advance- once your client gave you the go signal to go on a vacation, be responsible and finish all your pending tasks. While you are away, your client may or may not hire a substitute for you to do your job therefore it is better to do it in advance. You can do task that is due for next or couple of weeks in order to ease your client from the burden of not having his/her VA around.

3. Keep your mobile with you all the time- mobile phones are a necessity to every VA and even when you are on a vacation, make sure you have it with you. It’s either your client might give you an emergency call or send an urgent email. Since mobile phones have Internet access nowadays, you can easily make a quick peek on your inbox for important and urgent messages. Your mobile phones would also serve as a medium for you and your client even when you are away as it makes communication still intact.

4. Keep your promise- when you name the date of your return to your client, make sure that you keep it. Remember, your client is waiting for you as well as his business. As said earlier, be responsible and be true to your word.

After your vacation, you surely are more energized and more psyched to work so make up with your client for the days that you are away. Be more productive once you resume working so you could be granted for another vacation when you feel the need to or as deem necessary.

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Benefits of Sharing Free E-book On Your VA Website


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Websites are created both for personal or business purposes and most often than not, each websites want to be on top of the list when it comes to Page Ranking and over all performances. There are lots of ways where you can make your VA website reach the highest level when it comes to search engines but the most effective and proven is when you create free e-book/s on your website.

Benefits of sharing free e-book on your VA website:

1. Becoming more expert

If you spend time creating and sharing e-book/s for your website, your readers and new visitors would think and know that you are an authority when you talk about your website’s niche or subject. When creating an e-book, you get to expand your knowledge about the topic hence giving an in depth information about Virtual Assistant and other related topics. It gives more value to the services you are offering to your VA website as well.

2. Attract Visitors

Sharing a free e-book will also open the gates for new visitors and will make your regular readers stay longer on your VA website and even share it to their friends through different social media. Good thing is, during the e-book download process, you can gather email newsletter subscribers and add them to your potential readers.

3. More visitors and readers to your VA website can lead you to more business opportunities. You can monetize your blog by accepting link and display ads or even sell products to your website. There are also affiliate programs that you could join once you have an established and known website. If you gain an enormous amount of generated traffic, you can also attract Direct Advertisers that is willing to pay you in exchange of their banners or logo placed anywhere on your site.

Just like blogs on VA websites, e-book/s are also important and a must have. Sharing knowledge and information about your site’s niche is one thing that your readers would surely appreciate—especially when they are free and are easy to share.



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Virtual Receptionist – Are You Ready for the Trend?

virtual receptionistAnswering calls while you manage your business can be time consuming and could drain your energy. Traditionally, hiring a receptionist to answer all your customers’ inquiries on the phone and taking some personal calls for you could be the best thing to do. And as we become more accustomed to digital and virtual technologies, Virtual Receptionists were introduced to the market and is now on the test run whether it could be the latest trend.

Why not? People had accepted and embraced Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry today so why not Virtual Receptionists? Nevertheless, there is a difference between a Virtual Receptionist and a call center agent (as what we usually call people who works in BPO industries). A call center agent merely takes calls and answer queries while Virtual Receptionists, acts in the name of your company’s name and do more than taking calls and they are as follows:

* Most Virtual Receptionist works 24/7 for a company.

* They answer customers’ inquiries.

* They take messages and relay them to the person involve either through emails, SMS and other forms of communications.

* Virtual Receptionist can route calls for the other members of the company.

* They can make bookings and ticket scheduling.

These are just few tasks that a Virtual Receptionist can do for you. Small businesses and some professionals hire Virtual Assistants to take charge of their ringing phones while they perform their professional and personal duties such as:

1. Doctors and small clinics- patients call in, ask for appointments or ask to speak personally with the doctor. The Virtual Assistant can hold the call, seek permission if s/he can transfer the call, get back to the caller and route the call.

2. Lawyers- clients can call anytime. Virtual Assistants can be instructed to take names, reason for calling and information on how the lawyer can contact him/her. If the person wishes to talk directly to the lawyer, a warm transfer can be done as per the lawyer’s permission.

3. Architects and Engineers- normally these professionals work by projects. They can have their free time bonding with their family or friends while their Virtual Receptionist take calls from their clients and route them to their mobile phones or relay messages via e-mails or SMS.

Have you encountered a Virtual Receptionist before? How would you compare your experience of dealing with them over a face to face conversation with a real receptionist?


Can We Trust VA Confidential Data?


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Trust is imperative in every employer-Virtual Assistant relationship. There are certain precautions on the part of the employer that needs to be considered before hiring a Virtual Assistant. Just like in the corporate world where pre-employment requirements are demanded, VA’s should be obliged too to provide necessary documents to further verify their identities. The purpose is the same—to ensure that the employee is competent for the job and most of all can be trusted.

Nevertheless, employers should be very keen in choosing their Virtual Assistant. Sure, these workers cannot steal any office supplies or any tangible items from you but what at risks are your business’ confidential information and data. It is normal for VA’s to be given access to company’s website, passwords, Social Media accounts and others which are important because this is where his/her tasks would start. The following parameters would greatly help any employers in looking for VA’s that can be trusted:

1. Provide a non-disclosure agreement for your VA

Your company’s information need to be intact and should not be in the hands of unauthorized person. An agreement that he/she would not disclose any data to other people should be signed and sealed. Passwords, access to Social Media Accounts and other log in information should be on his/her tasks’ execution only and not be used for personal interest.

2. Verify his/her identity

You may be working remotely with your VA but it is just right to know who you are dealing with especially when your company or business is at stake. Ask for identification like ID cards, passport and other document that could verify his/her identity.

3. Ask for credentials and other proof of competency

Do not just settle for his/her CV. Whatever written in there should be backed up by certificates, recommendations and other proof that s/he is capable of doing the tasks of a VA.

4. Perform a background check

Employers can ask for people s/he had worked before. Find out if s/he had a good working relationship from previous employers. From here, you would know if you can fully trust your hired VA.

Find a VA that can make you sleep soundly at night knowing that your business is in safe hands.