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We Moved!!

Wow, it’s been quite a long since our last update.

We’re extremely busy working by now, working on the projects, old clients, new clients, returning clients and so on.

Also, early this year – we finally MOVED!

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What You Should Do When You Can’t Finish A Task?

As you work from home there are some inevitable scenarios that you would surely encounter one way or another. The question now is, how can you get through that scene without making any negative impact on your work-at-home career?

Before we talk about the solutions, perhaps it would be better if we tackle first the reason why we can’t finish a task in the first place. Whether we admit or not, there are some tasks that we find unpleasant simply because we are not truly interested to do it or it is not really in the line of our expertise. The end result—we procrastinate! And that is why we become unproductive.
Now that we identified the culprit why we can’t get an assigned task done, let us move over to the solutions.Set up a time schedule to work on the task you don’t like- the reason why you decided to work from home is to earn while you stay at home, right? Ever heard the saying “Beggars can’t be choosers? So, your boss assigned task that you honestly don’t like. You can’t blatantly say no unless you have a fall back job. What can you do? Set up a time schedule to work on it. This is actually an all in the mind trick. If you know that doing the task will only take you ten minutes or so, you will surely do your best to beat the clock. See,instead of procrastinating, you actually got over it and finished the task after all. Just make sure that you polish your work before you submit it to your boss—that would be easier after all.

Determine the time when you feel you are most productive- if you know your strong points, you surely know the time when it comes out as well. Being productive also has its own set of time. Let’s say, your mind works better in the middle of the night when your surrounding is silent. Or perhaps when the kids are already in bed and you have the time all for yourself. Take advantage of this time and work your way and be productive.

Give your boss an advance notification- if all else fails and if you know that the reason why you can’t finish a task is beyond procrastination, notify your boss immediately. There is nothing wrong with being honest. Do not give your boss false hope. If you really can’t do the task, at least be honest and be professional. Sending an SMS message on the last minute is very unprofessional. A phone call or at least an e-mail message would do.Just make sure that you do it in advance and when your boss has still time to look for an alternative.
Working from home is not all sunshine and daisies. Distractions and other hindrances will surely come your way. The best way to get through with it is to face it with an honest heart and an organized mind. By doing so, you can keep your work-at-home career for the longest possible time.

1 Client Visit 2013

February is a very busy month for us. We got two client’s visits this month. 

Client visit here means client visit us in Jakarta, not the other way round 😀

So, our two of clients came to Jakarta last week, even one of them had a chance to visit our small office for training.  The first client came from Australia, the other one is Washington based client. They are from different project and came to Jakarta at different time, only about two days from one to another. 

Client’s visit is always fun as we can meet the clients that we have been working with, meeting face to face. It’s always wonderful to see someone you have only been able to see via Skype virtually. 

Most of our clients are overseas, so we can’t describe how we feel honored when they are willing to spend some times to have lunch or dinner with us while they’re in town. 


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1 6 Ways to Stay Productive in a Power Outage

Can you imagine working or running a business without power? I bet you can’t and neither do I. With the way people use electronic devices in their everyday lives, the worst that could happen is to run out of electricity. Looking at a more realistic view, there are instances when power outage normally happens especially during times of storms, calamities and other natural disasters just like when Hurricane Sandy devastated East Coast. This is inevitable but there are ways to stay productive during a power outage especially if you work virtually. Continue reading