The Best Instant Messengers for VA

Communication is the basic key on how working as a Virtual Assistant becomes a success. Needless to say, it is also essential on the part of the person working with a VA. Technology made a big leap in making the exchange of ideas fast, reliable and in real time no matter what the distance is through the power of the Internet. Gone are the days when you would need to send letters and documents to the person who works with you but lives from afar. With the use of Internet, these tasks can be done in just a matter of seconds.

Virtual Assistants rely to different means of communication to get in contact with their employers and vice-versa. Aside from emails, fax and telephone calls, Instant Messengers play an important role in bridging the gap between a VA and his/her employers. Listed below are our top three best Instant Messengers that we have tried and are continuously using as of this writing.

Skype  Skype

This is the most popular means of communication among VA’s and other online contractors. You can download it from their website and it is FREE. Aside from the clear and crisp video chat, VA’s and their employers enjoyed its conference feature. They could talk in real time with all of their team members and discuss everything related to their business. Sending files, photos and other pertinent documents can be easily sent as the discussion continues. A person’s Skype account can also be set up as seen by public or only through invitation. Skype is also ideal for employers on the go. While most VA’s are probably at home while they work— employers’ who might be in conventions, seminars or doing their personal agenda can still be in contact with their VA’s through their mobile phones. Yes, Skype can be use to call any landline or cellular phones but with a minimal fee though calling with fellow Skype users who are online is FREE.

Gtalk Gtalk

We all know how Google keeps on developing their craft. Gtalk keeps most VA up to their toes when it comes to clear and precise communication with their employers. Just like Skype, Gtalk has also the ability to send and receive files which is also a core factor in making VA-employer relationship strong and working. Setting up Gtalk is a piece of cake and most people enjoy its user friendly interface. Working as a VA can also be sometimes draining and a quick chat with a friend can be a perfect breather. If you want to take a minute off from work, you can customize your settings and set up your Voice Mail. Your client can leave important messages and you can get back on them once you listen to your Voice Mail. Gtalk is also available on mobile phones which make it more important for VA’s on the go.

Windows Live- 

The kind of Instant Messenger where Virtual Assistants can do more than just chat and video calls. With its integrated Microsoft features such as Windows Live Essentials and Microsoft Outlook, executing tasks are made a lot easier and faster. There’s no need to switch from checking your email address then on to a chat session as it already comes in one. Like Skype and Gtalk, VA’s can also send and receive files while on a chat or video call.

Remember, distance is just a matter of space for any Virtual Assistant- Employer relationship. As long as they both know how to communicate well and on a regular basis, reaching their goal to success is not impossible.

VA – Programmer

VA – Programmer

VA – Programmer

Do you have plans of taking your business or personal diary into the virtual world? This could be a step up on your ventures but just like any other people who now take full advantage of the worldwide web you are probably as clueless as they are when they made their first attempt. Perhaps you are confident enough to write posts on your blogs or to be able to manage your online store just like the way you do in real life but the question is—can you start creating your own site from scratch?

You don’t have to force yourself to answer yes and waste your precious time in figuring out how to do it. The clock is ticking and nothing can be more precious than days wasted in doing the daunting task of creating your website. For all you know, there are professional VA-Programmers out there all ready to give a helping hand and share their knowledge and skills—for a fee of course.

VA-Programmers are people who work online providing technical assistance in making your website at the same time implement optimization tricks to give it a concrete presence online. VA-Programmers do not just create and design web sites but more on keeping your site running all the time. They create and maintain your site’s database, incorporate Web Application Development, Software Evaluation and a lot more technical applications to give your site the right boost.

Bringing your business into the virtual world may seem easy but competition is tougher in here. Without proper coding and optimization on your site, your business can be left behind by others who take prior time and budget in doing so. At first, you may try to save up on professional fees and just ask anyone you know who have little knowledge about programming a website. But in the end, you would surely end up into nothing.

Hiring a VA-Programmer is more economical than taking someone from a company who does programming. As VA’s, you could hire and pay them only for the time that they’ve worked for your site. Communication is also easier especially when you are both online as s/he incorporate technical works for your hub online. In the long run, you would see that the return of investment in making a website for your business is worth the fees you pay for you VA-Programmer.

Be competitive among your business rivals through your top notch website, armed with rich optimization and coding techniques done by your VA-Programmer.

SEO or Traffic? Which One Should We Focus At?

SEO or Traffic? Which One Should We Focus At?

SEO or Traffic? Which One Should We Focus At?

The purpose of building a website may be for personal use or as an extension of a business. Nevertheless, they both aim for the same goal and that is to have an established online presence. As a blogger myself, I used to disregard the terms SEO and traffic. I just write what comes to my mind and some topics that I know fellow parents would find interesting. Indeed, for few years now, I had established a number of followers and readers.

But I know I couldn’t just ignore those two terms especially when I decided to bring my blog to a higher level. I aim for direct advertisers to notice my site and to achieve this I need to have a lot more readers. It was then that I focused on improving my SEO and increasing traffic to my site. I was once questioned by a fellow blogger on which one should I focus more; SEO or traffic?

I answered, both. Why? Because I believe that it takes two to Tango. Focusing on either SEO or Traffic would just be a waste of time because the trick is to balance the two. It is easy to incorporate SEO for your site as long as you know how to do it properly. Make your keywords that are unique yet relevant to your site blend naturally with your posts. Keyword density is crucial but discreetly inserting keywords to your title or posts would be an effective trick.

Driving traffic to any website is way easier today than before. With the popularity of different Social Media, making your site viral could happen in a short period of time. Interacting through forums, different groups and blog hopping and commenting are just normal ways on how you could drive traffic to your site.

Building a concrete presence online requires patience and hard work. There are swarms of other website just like yours in the worldwide web and to be able to compete with them and make your own identity, focus on SEO and Traffic at the same time to achieve your goal.

1 VA – Designer

There are a lot of things that can be brought online these days. You can make your own personal diary into a personal blog, make your store a virtual shop and yes, even companies can exists online through corporate websites. No matter which category you fell into, you would surely want to have an established presence online. To achieve this goal, you would have to attract viewers into your site starting off with how your blog or website looks like.

While there are many Virtual Assistants who can design your site the same time as they do marketing or administrative tasks, there are specific VA’s that are expert on this. You have to keep in mind that in hiring a VA, you have to find which one fits your requirement. If you would want to have a website or new design, then look for a VA-Designer– they  specialized in website design.

You probably have a concept in mind of how your online store would appear but still clueless on where and how to start a site. Well, leave it all to your VA. S/he can easily transform your ideas into reality. No need to be skeptical at how much it would cost you to have him/her build your site because it could be arranged. You can hire a VA-Designer for project basis or per hour though working on hourly basis is best recommended especially if your site would start from scratch. Per project basis however are advised if there is only a particular area on your site that you would want to add or alter.

A VA-Designer would not just design your website but would also make it search engine friendly. Those HTML or CSS might be alien words to you but these are clearly understood by a VA-Designer and they would use it to make your website or blog attract viewers, readers and customers through eye-catching headers and/or related logo.

There are swarm of different websites, online stores and blogs in the Internet and the first thing that would make you different from them is to have an attractive and properly designed site. It is true that first impression lasts when it comes to the virtual world. You don’t have to be an expert in designing because there are also swarms of VA-Designer out there. Just make sure that you would hire skilled, committed, and trustworthy Virtual Assistant whom you would entrust your company’s website and/or personal blog.


VA – Secretary


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But since people are getting more interactive these days, these problems can now be addressed by hiring a VA-Secretary instead. The tremendous development in our technology helps in making this possible. What used to be a face to face dealing with a secretary to assign tasks can now be effectively handled through telephone calls, fax, and online communications such as e-mails, chat and video calls.

Most Virtual Assistants are flexible but hiring a VA who are more skilled in doing administrative duties is best advised. These kinds of VA’s are usually experienced administrative staff or secretary that shifted from working in a corporate office into a virtual secretary. What they did in corporate offices are basically the same as what their online employers would assign them to do like the following:

• Answer phone calls and relay messages to the person involve
• Arrange meetings
• Book tickets for traveling whether for personal or business purposes
• Take note of the minutes of meeting (during an online meeting set-up)

The cost effectiveness of hiring a VA-Secretary could be enumerated as follows:

• Provides his/her own office space, equipment and communication tools
• You can pay for just the tasks done (for hourly rate salary)
• No taxes to be paid on the part of the employer
• Available anytime you need them (leave of absence are very seldom)

Another edge of hiring a VA-Secretary is that the initiative to learn new skills when it comes to executing their job normally comes from the VA himself/herself. Mostly, they join forums and groups that are dedicated to Virtual Assistants and from there they interact, learn and apply new skills not just for their own benefits but more for the success of your partnership.

marketing practice

VA- Marketing Assistant

marketing practice

Image source: Google

There is no doubt that Social Media plays a major role in every individual’s life whether it is for personal or business purposes. As for the latter, they use Social Media as one of their marketing tools and had proven to be efficient and effective at the same time. However, most business owners are too occupied in handling their businesses in real time hence they look for a person who can do this daunting tasks for them.

This is where a Virtual Assistant comes in. Small businesses or those who are just starting up usually hire a VA as their Marketing Assistant. As the term implies, this kind of VA focuses on developing the business’ online presence to increase its market reach. To create an established recognition in the worldwide web, a VA-Marketing Assistant should be knowledgeable or an expert in SEO off page. To do this, s/he should be keen in forum posting, blog walking, and social media management, guest post hunting and link exchange management.

A VA-Marketing Assistant uses these kinds of online marketing strategies to make your business’ name appear first in most online search. Looking back at a traditional Marketing Assistant who uses print, audio and visual media, the purpose of letting consumers know that your business exist is exactly the same as what a VA-Marketing Assistant does—only in a very interactive way.

Hiring a VA-Marketing Assistant is proven to be cost effective. While you take time in expanding other areas of your business, your VA could try every possible online marketing strategy for your venture. S/he could even create an online contest or raffle in order for your business’ name be known to lots of consumers who uses the Internet worldwide. No matter how clueless you are about these kinds of promotion let your VA handle the task. They are trained and are experts in this field and all you have to do is to provide the prizes and give away.

To have a single VA-Marketing Assistant is like hiring several people to do several tasks and this is a very logical step you should take. In a matter of time, you could reach a wide market— actually more than you can ever think of, making your business a success.

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