Over A Cup Of Coffee With Simon Collier

virtual secretary indonesiaJune 30/2011,

Being able to meet my clients personally would definitely be one of the most valued moments in my life,  since working as a virtual assistant made it nearly impossible for me to meet them as most of them are based abroad. It would really be nice to see face to face the person whom I am working with, the one I’m spending time chatting, brainstorming and sharing great stories and ideas. Most of all, I am thankful to finally meet the person who have taught me to never give up on work and motivates me to achieve my goal.

The last day of June 2011 at the lobby of Kempinsky Hotel, Jakarta was surely a moment worth remembering and worth sharing since that was the time I met Simon Collier, he’s one of my clients in the online business. I am so grateful that he spent some time to see me. We had a nice time chatting and he discussed the project that he’s about to assign me for the next two months. He was great, smiling face and he has a very nice personality.

Simon is currently working as Managing Director for Sondent Group (HK) Ltd. The company specializes in providing consulting services that are focused on operations and product development in the securities, custody, fund and wealth platform industries. Their expertise includes work with global custodians, sub-custodians, fund administrators, broker-dealers, mutual funds, investment advisors and technology firms. He’s a US citizen born in UK. He travels a lot from time to time to US, Europe and Asia including Indonesia. His business visit to Indonesia has always been arranged by one of the biggest banks in the country.

“One thing I will never forget about Simon, he has NEVER assigned an EASY project, LOL! It’s always difficult! I nearly gave up when doing his first project, but he never let me quit.” Let’s just put it this way, I learn new things the HARD way! LOL! But, I am forever thankful for all the knowledge I have gained on the tasks that he’s assigning me.

During our conversation, he also mentioned he’s surprised to find someone from Indonesia to work as a virtual assistant. He’s been to Indonesia for a couple of times, but never found anyone that seems familiar with the virtual assistant job or something like that.

“Virtual assistant as a profession is quite common in United States. Many people decide to work at home and become freelancers. Either it is small or big companies, we got used to hire freelancer service as in some way it’s proven to be an effective solution for the business.” said Simon.

“I really think it’s a smart move to have your own business at home. You can work anytime you want, choose who you prefer to work with and select what kinds of projects you would like to get involved in. This is the best solution for a stay at home mom who previously worked but wishes to continue her career while giving quality time taking care of her kids.

I do agree! I am a proud mom and a career woman in my own way, and being a virtual assistant is one of the best decisions that I have ever made!




virtual secretary indonesia

Simon Collier short biography:

25 years experience in the securities industry and is the founder of Sondent Group, a consulting company specializing in the investment administration and custody space, including: product management; technology & operations; and, complex outsourcing arrangements. He has undertaken numerous projects in the US and Asia, and has extensive experience in China. Before starting Sondent, he served as President of Fore side Financial Group – a US fund services company. He also served as Treasurer or President of a number of US Mutual Fund companies. Prior to this, he was a Managing Director and COO of Citigroup’s Securities and Fund Services business and has also held various management positions within the securities services businesses of Chase Manhattan Bank and HSBC.




3 FingerKicks, the Fun-tastic iOS Football Game Has Just Arrived On the App Store, the Game Comes as Universal App !

personal assistant indonesiaGAMEized has successfully landed their most recent game on the App Store worldwide. The iOS football game, FingerKicks has stolen everyone’s attention with its eye-catching title,high quality HD graphics, retina display support and universal app features.

FingerKicks is a fun and action-packed football game dedicated to all iOS gamers and football, created by GAMEized, a business unit of the X-Team, a global league of industry experts who together work on the world’s best projects.

The game was designed for iOS gamers to have fun doing simple goal-kicking action by using their fingers with an objective to hit as many as possible’s goal score. Brilliantly packed as universal app that works with all iOS devices; iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, FingerKicks is now ready to challenge all iOS gamers to become finger kickers and mastering the game leaderboard.

“FingerKicks is a fun-tastic football theme game that everybody would love. It’s suitable for all ages, non-violent action game that’s safe for kids, extremely fun for adults, and surely a BIG challenge for your fingers! FingerKicks is about how to learn to accurately hit a goal and let your fingers feel the glory of becoming a champion !” said Luís Fonseca, the Lead Developer for X-Team excitedly following FingerKicks official launching.

FingerKicks Features:

  • Beautiful HD graphics
  • Retina display support
  • Advanced particle effects
  • Super detailed graphics
  • Great performance
  • Universal app – Runs on iPhone 3Gs/ iPhone 4, iPod1, iPad 2 and iPod Touch !

Awesome Features:

  • Original soundtrack
  • Special balls
  • Smart goalkeeper
  • Bonus time
  • Wind challenge
  • Leaderboard and achievements

FingerKicks can be found and downloaded on App Store worldwide with only $0.99 for a limited time!

FingerKicks Trailer

About GAMEized

GAMEized is a business unit of the X-Team, a global league of industry experts who together work on the world’s best projects; Fox, Twitter and Threadless website are some of them. The team consists of highly creative people with endless passion in technology, web and mobile app development. GAMEized and X-Team are part of X- Company Pty Ltd founded in Melbourne, Australia.

personal assistant indonesiapersonal assistant indonesia


Work With Us – Virtary Vacancy

personal assistant indonesia

Virtary is currently looking energetic, high-skilled writer.


  1. English proficiency
  2. Genuine copy writing skill
  3. Blogging experience is preferable
  4. Strong passion and interest in technology
  5. Fast and able to meet deadline
  6. Advertising agency working experience is a plus

Although we prefer to give opportunity to Indonesian talented writer, yet we’ll consider every application and do our best to reply all job applications.

Interested to work with us? (not work for us as we will work together as a team!)

Send your details to :





It’s Stupid, It’s Silly, It’s Totally Necessary, and It’s Live – SoStupid.com

indonesia assistant

Have you ever seen something so incredibly stupid that you just wanted to stand up and shout it out to everyone? Well, now you can.

The launch of SoStupid, gives everyone an online place to point out whatever they think is “stupid”. From the mundane to something on TV last night to the latest “stupid” app you just downloaded, SoStupid.com wants to hear about it.

The site is set up to be extremely pointed and intuitive – people can go and read what others think it stupid, and then sign up for free to leave their own “this is stupid” opinions. The site also encourages interaction and is simple to use, utilizing a series of dropdown menus combined with text boxes so people can get their exact “this is stupid” message across.

So what can be chronicled at the site? Well, almost anything – was there something on TV last night that was stupid? Go to the site and tell everyone. How about a song, or a movie? Maybe something that happened at school and/or work? It’s all fair game for SoStupid.com.

Now a days, SoStupid.com is something that is needed.  There is so much that is “stupid” out there, but no real place to chronicle it. Yes, you can use Facebook and Twitter for such, but with SoStupid.com, people will come to the site to “expect” the stupid, making it a lot more fun.



The site is meant to be fun, but will draw the line at hateful speech or online bullying. You have to be 13 to register, and the site will not allow “stupid” postings for non-public figures. So, you can’t say your classmate was stupid, as that’s not really what the site is after. It’s more of a pop culture, observational thing. Which leaves, oh, maybe 100 million stupid things to write about.





beOrganized, an innovative time management application for Android smartphones has been released in Android Market. The app comes in paid and free versions.

PIM Systems has announced the release of their innovative time management app beOrganized. beOrganized is time and task management app that integrates Google calendar and tasks.

The key features include:
– Every action requires a minimized number of taps
– Quickly adding tasks and events using speech recognition
– Events and to-do’s on one, easy-to-view list
– Full sync with Google tasks and calendar.

The philosophy behind beOrganized is to be “invisible” to the end user. It allows to arrange and re-arrange the user’s day using as little effort as possible. A task for today can be added with just one tap using the Android native speech-recognition feature. Every appointment can be moved to another day using just two taps.

beOrganized supports all the calendar features that are required for intensive everyday planning, like color-coded calendars, recurring events and alarms. The app comes with elegant widgets that show the list of upcoming events and to-do’s for today on the main screen. The app can work in a fully offline mode, which allows user to store her or his schedule locally for increased privacy.

beOrganized comes in paid and free version. The free version is ad-supported, it also lacks widgets and voice recognition features. Except for these functionalities, free version has no limits and is a fully-functional organizer that gives user the daily schedule at a glance.

Device Requirements:
beOrganized is compatible with Android smartphones, minimum OS 2.1 and higher.

About Us:
PIM Systems is a Poland-based company focused on developing innovative mobile time-organizing solutions. Its product go through extensive usability tests to provide solutions that minimize the end user’s effort when doing the daily time management.

The app was released under productivity category in Android Market.  Android users can download the app by directly visiting Android Market website using Android platform phones.

Paintbyhand – A Free iPad Paint, Art and Creativity App Designed for Kids Released & Updated on the iTunes Store

Paintbyhand’s release on App Store brings a fresh air in the edutainment world by offering a truly masterful app that allows children to express their creativity on the iPad and all with no mess.

ONTRI, a software and web company, today proudly introduces their first iPad app’s availability in the Apple App Store.  It is an iPad app designed specifically for kids to have fun painting and coloring by hand, and easily save their artworks, share it with friends on Facebook, email to friends or submit to the Paintbyhand gallery which can be viewed on its website and fan page. The app has been released and updated to the latest version.

“Kids have wonderful talents, borderless imagination and unique ways to express their creativity. That’s what we can see from the artwork they submit to the online art gallery every day. It is amazing how proficient kids are in combining technology with creativity even from a very young age” said ONTRI’s founder, explaining the idea that went behind Paintbyhand’s creation.

Paintbyhand was designed as hi tech version of traditional flipbook, developed with very ‘finger’ responsive menu and simple navigation that even a 2 year old kid can use.  Although Paintbyhand was created for children, it is actually suitable for all ages.

Feature Highlights:

-Free with no advertising

-Instant sharing tools (upload to Facebook and email to friends)

-Save to iPad gallery

-Submit to Paintbyhand website and fan page (seen by thousands of people)

-Scrolling color palettes

-Flipbook type (easily go back to previous artwork)

-Bright and clear colors choices

-Different brush sizes

-21 creative coloring shapes (available for purchase)

-Undo and delete page option.


Pricing and Availability

Paintbyhand is free download app with option to buy color shapes as virtual goods, it is exclusively available only on App Store.

Device Compatibility:

Paintbyhand compatibles with iPad version 3.2 or later. It is listed under entertainment category in App Store worldwide.

Paintbyhand Website

Download Link

PaintByHand Fan Page

PaintByHand Twitter


Currently Paintbyhand has been downloaded by more than ten thousand users in its first month and is enjoyed by thousands of kids from around the world.  The number is growing bigger and bigger every day.  The most important missions of the Paintbyhand app are to accommodate creativity and sense of art, bring education wrapped with entertainment to the iPad, and even making it fun to paint without any mess.

About the Company

ONTRI is an app and website developer located in Boston, Massachusetts. The developer has years experience working in technology related projects; particularly technologies that help connect people.  Paintbyhand is their first iPad app to hit the Apple iTunes App Store.