1 Android Apps for Blogger: Blogging Has Never Been So Easier

The count of people who relies on smart phones and tablets for blogging is on a steady increase today. Well, blogging doesn’t necessarily want you to sit in front of a desktop with a full size keyboard and mouse. Thanks to many advanced blogger apps for Android, blogging is now an amazingly easier and user-friendly task. Smart phones and tablets of the day either come with QWERTY physical keypads or virtual alternatives. Thus, in help of key Android blogging apps, everyone can write, edit, post and manage blogs on the go. Here are five major Android apps for a blogger. 


WordPress’ official Android app is a nice tool for smartphone blogging. It has been designed for simple and convenient smartphone and tablet blogging. However, WordPress is more compatible on tablets other than smartphones that have small screens. Similar to its desktop client, WordPress Android app lets users easily write new posts, edit the existing ones and manage comments. The app supports both WordPress.com blogs and the WordPress-supported self-hosted blogs alike.


Blogger is Google’s official blogging service. And so, the Blogger’s official Android client has an easier sign-up process. You can just access the app and immediately start blogging using your Google log-in credentials. The Blogger is more compatible with Android than any other apps. Users can easily publish new posts, add pictures to the entries and label the posts under various categories. The app also has the option to switch between your multiple Blogger accounts as well. 


Tumblr is a famous micro-blogging and social media networking platform. Tumblr’s official Android app comes with lots of user-friendly features. The app has a wonderful dashboard, which rocks many enhanced facilities to add new posts, edit the old ones and manage the entire blog. There are also options to save drafts, queue posts, customize tweets and much more on Tumblr.


LiveJournal is yet another brilliant Android app for bloggers. The official client of LiveJournal lets users manage their web journals superbly. There are rich options to create, edit and manage new entries with less effort on LiveJournal. LiveJournal is the best option for you to chronicle progress of a trip you make with your friends.


Pixelpipe is not a particular app for blogging like the ones mentioned above. It is an Android app, which will help users bring together around 75 blogging services on a single platform. You can update Blogger, WordPress, LiveJournal, Tumblr and much more. The app also unites social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and others. 

Blogging is always a thrilling diversion. Once it is possible on your handsets, it becomes far more interesting, indeed. The above tools are only the most popular ones for the purpose. There are many more Android apps for bloggers. These apps further extend the blogging habits of bloggers to their smartphones and tablets.



Learn to Grow Your Business Through Blogging

learn-to-blogBlogging for business promotion and growth is obligatory in current business world. As an entrepreneur, it is vital to provide useful and effective content regarding to your prospective clients. If your business is able to converse with your target audiences over web, then you can expect a good amount of traffic apart from maintaining good customer base. The blogs are considered to be a dynamic medium to encourage sales, develop and maintain relationships and build communities.

Further, blogs are pretty search engine friendly, cost effective method of generating good traffic and build your credibility as an expert in your niche area. The below mentioned ideas would help you to follow an organized way to grow your business through the medium of blogging.

Create a blog around your personality

There are millions of blogs over the internet. To develop a unique blog which has the capacity to attract and maintain a competent subscriber base, you need to create with an effective personality surrounding your niche area. Your blog look different as a business expert in cut throat market place, which can only possible through the elements of personality. By having a personality, you can embark with your image, energy, your point of view and your own communication style. The presence of personality in your blog can portray things in an effective fashion. Be original and yourself and empower your blog with a strong personality.

Optimum use of complementary media

You should always use relevant media resources to publish your regular blog posts. For instance, you can use things like pictures, videos and different templates to add value to your blog posts. By these relevant media resources, you can give your blog a different look and feel and can render a user friendly experience to your readers. If your business blog is able to give a lasting impression over your visitors, then you can certainly expect increasing number of people visiting your blog more often in the near future. This will eventually give a good boost to your business development.

Write concise paragraph

When you write any post for your blog, it is always advisable to use concise paragraphs. These are easily visible to anyone visiting your blog. Your blog posts should have content in short properly laid out paragraphs to make the post easy to read and understand. The blog content should be flawless without any spelling or grammatical mistake. Any untidy content with full of errors will drive away your readers from your blog. However, when you put across a well presented content, you give an impression of quality and professionalism. At the end, you can make your blog more search engine friendly, which promised more traffic from these places.

Make regular updates

Updating your blog on a regular interval is significant. So, you should always organize a timetable for a week and stick to it. By providing an updated original content, you can keep your blog alive and active over the internet. This will therefore compel your readers to check the various updated articles and posts which you publish over your blog as per your routine. The search engines love such blogs which are updated on regular basis. This will therefore make you more visible over various search engines.

Ask your visitors to comment

The comments coming from your readers and visitors will help in creating ongoing interactions and thus build a good rapport with your readers. Hence you should always request your visitors to comment on your blog posts. With these comments and feedback, you can certainly get good tips to improve your posts and content over your blog. The increasing number of such interactions will certainly boost the popularity of your blog. This will therefore help you in making your blog visible over various search engines. In this way you get better rewards in a form of free traffic for your blog.

Blogging is an effective way of generating good traffic and customer base for your business. By applying the above said blogging tips, you can certainly help your business blog to grow and expand. In this way, you can also improve and enhance your brand awareness among your prospective clients along with building a good credibility in the market.



1 Urgently Required: Personal Assistant

We are looking for a personal assistant (PA) with the following qualifications:

– Female

– Perfect English both oral and written

-Extensive Google skill

-Excellent computer skill

-Strong interest in technology/mobile applications/software

-Lives in East Jakarta or surrounding areas

-Fast learner, hard working and pleasant personality


Please send out your CV to admin @ virtary dot com 

and CC to irine @ virtary dot com


How to apply:

– Please include one page of cover letter (in English) 

– Three paragraphs in English telling us why we should choose you for the position

-Your latest TOEFL score certificate


Please note that this is not Virtual Position.

The position requires the Personal Assistant to work full time in Virtary’s office.



Top 5 Applications That A Virtual Assistant Must Have!

Running a virtual assistant business demands you to be tech savvy and always update yourself with the technology development. Things keep on changing every day, and if you don’t keep yourself up to date, surely you will be left behind.

Based on my own experience, I found that being a virtual assistant means you must be fast, reachable and knowledgeable. Most of the time you act as the problem solver, not only the executor. In this case, technology applications can help you a lot in running the business, they can save times and energy while you have to focus on the project accomplishment.

So, here are my top 5 list of applications that a virtual assistant must have:

1. DropBox


Dropbox by Dropbox Inc is a cloud hosting service that enables the users to share file through a system called file synchronization. It allows you to share folder in your computer with other Dropbox user. What I like about Dropbox is the simplicity from the installation until synchronizing.

Dropbox has three packages: free, 50 GB, 100GB and Team for large shared quota, and get centralized admin and billing. Currently I am using 50GB package and so far I am very happy using this application.

By using Dropbox, you don’t have to worry about sending email with heavy attachment. Also you don’t need to send out email for report, file, images, etc as you and client can have them on our each other computer.

One thing about Dropbox, you can’t open a file together at the same time as it will become conflicted copy. Also, just like any other cloud hosting service, you need to be connected to the internet if you wish to share your file to other user. No internet connection means no sync and there’s no way you can’t share file.

2. Google Documents (Google Docs)

gdocsGoogle Docs by Google Inc is online file sharing and collaboration. This is the best Google application that is very useful to support a virtual assistant in his or her daily activities.

The app allows you to connect with client, update project at the same time. It even has a chat service where you can just easily communicate during the project hours.

Gdocs supports various kinds of file format such as document or Words type, spreadsheets, presentation, pdf, survey, etc. You can collaborate with many people, make your document private and accessible to the invited people only.

The best thing about GDoc, it’s totally FREE!

There may be a few hiccups working using GDocs, for example spreadsheet form is a bit different than the ordinary one (it’s simpler) but that won’t be a problem.

I have been using Gdocs for years and still amazed with the way it works. Until now, I have been connected with clients easily and keep the project updated day to day without any hassle.

3. Toggl
togglIf you wish for simple project collaboration application that also has time tracking feature, you can consider using Toggl. It’s very simple and clean looking interface.
Toggl works by 1-click time tracking that is also available in mobile version. It really helps you to stay on track and file your report easily.

Toggl is free if you use it for yourself only, but if you want to collaborate with client or team member in the same working room, there will be charge $5 per user. They have changed their subscription service into flat fee – $5 for any user in your working room.

Personally I love Toggl and I have been using their paid plan for the last couple of months. The price is excellent, and time tracking works well. You can also export your file into PDF, CSV or Excel. Just one thing, Toggl doesn’t provide billing and invoicing service. All you can do is just export the report and time sheet and bill your client manually.

4. Trello
trelloThis is nice and free to do application that I found so far. If you have a team working on your project, Trello can be a great tool to assign task and easily manage which task has been done, doing and waiting. The app works by drag and drop system, so easy to use. You can create as many boards (working room) as you want, invite your team as many as you wish and work together.

Just one thing to remember, Trello is only a TO-DO application, nothing more than that. You can actually download your board and to-do list, but not in the familiar type of file, so this feature is a bit useless for me. I don’t have the application to open the file format.

But if you only need a simple FREE application to assign task to your team, Trello is the one.

5. HootSuite
hootsuiteHere is the best social media dashboard for virtual assistant, especially those who offer social media service for clients. With this application you can manage multiple social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook personal account, Facebook fan page, Linkedin, FourSquare, etc.

You can schedule your message and check the social media progress as well as monitoring keywords, track conversation. You can share the access to your team and work together to deliver social buzz for clients.

Hootsuite has two kinds of memberships: free where you can manage 5 social media profiles with 2 RSS and basic social analytics feature, and Pro for unlimited social profiles and more advance features. Pro version costs $5.99 per month, and there are also another upgrades for enhanced support, additional team members, archiving, analytics points, etc.

Balancing College and Work – Five Easy Strategies

As a college student, it is difficult to find time to balance out your various priorities. To make matters worse, for many students it is the first time they have had to live on their own, which means that they have to pay for their own bills, schooling, and miscellaneous items. This requires many college students to get a job so that they can afford the costs of living on their own, but this can be quite hard. To be able to pay monthly bills with a low-paying job it takes a lot of time and effort at the work place, which takes away from the time a college student can put into studying. Not only that, but when they do have time to study they are typically tired and exhausted. By using these techniques however, you can find both the time and energy to balance out your busy life!

Reduce Expenses

This first step is an easy way for you to cut down on the amount of hours you need to work each month. Look at some of the ways you spend your money and think about how you can eliminate them, or at the very least reduce them. If you are the type of person who eats out every day, try packing a lunch with you to school or work. This will be a lot cheaper than buying fast food every day and is just the first bill you can reduce. Look at your energy and water usage and try to cut back on these as well. Also, look at your cell phone bill. Maybe you do not need so many minutes or such a big data plan.

Plan Classes Accordingly

You may be trying to take on too much at one time; after all you are just one person. Do not try to take a bunch of tough classes all at once just to get them out of the way. Instead, spread your difficult classes out to maybe one or two a quarter, allowing you to take an easy class as well that doesn’t take up as much of your study time.

Create a Plan

Plan on when you are going to need to study for a big test or exam. This will make it so that you do not have to cram at the last minute just to do well on your test. Not only is cramming a horrible way to study, you do not retain the information very well and will forget it immediately after your test. While this may not be such a big deal at the time, when finals roll around you will bomb, which is not the same thing as being “the bomb”. Spread your studying time out a little bit each day. This has proven to be a much more efficient way of studying, as well as reducing stress while studying. It may help to write down your plans so that you stick to them.

Take Your Homework to Work

Taking your homework to work can reduce studying time outside of school and work, as long as you do not allow it to interfere with your job. Whenever you are having a slow day and are not needed at the time, take out your books and study. You can also make use of your lunch time by studying while you eat. It is best to make sure that it is okay with your employer for you to bring studying material to work as losing your job isn’t worth those few extra hours of studying time.

Be Responsible

Many people think that they do not have enough time in their day to get everything done, but that is right after logging off of their game or turning off the television. These activities actually take up a lot more time than many people think and are a common problem among college students. It is the first time that college students don’t have their parents nagging them and they actually have to be responsible for themselves. Set time limits for yourself to make sure that you get plenty of studying time, as well as sleep so that you have energy for the next day.

Marilyn Tate is a writer and city worker earning her masters in public administration to take on a higher paying position.

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