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Virtual Assistant: Solo or Agency

solo or agency vaAs of today, the craze of working online keeps on rising and more people have become more engrossed in this kind of job. Working from home are most popular to moms who choose to stay at home and look after their families but later found out that even in the comfort of their homes, earning an income is viable.

You probably heard about Virtual Assistants and how they become important to businessmen of today’s generation. In fact you might be fully interested in accepting jobs like this but then there are issues that you need to consider to begin with.

By becoming a Virtual Assistant, you have the option to choose whether you would want to work solo or in a company. Just like any other tasks, working alone would mean you are fully in control. You could work beyond your time frame thus giving you more accomplished tasks. However, since you are single handling the project, the prospect of accepting two or more jobs at the same time would be hard to accomplish. This could be the reason for your limited earnings.

Things could be easier though if you work for a company or a team.  There are normally team of Virtual Assistants, led by a project manager, who delegate tasks to each one of the members to finish a huge endeavour. By having more manpower, accepting jobs other than the existing one is promising. The income more often than not is based on profit sharing where all of the team members reap the benefits of working together. Nonetheless, being in a team is not all pure bliss. If there are one or more members who did not do their job well, most likely the project won’t be a success and what’s worse is that those people who did their preeminent would also be affected, negatively.

Well, if we are talking about Virtary. We choose none of the two options. We are not VA agency, nor solo virtual assistant. We are a team and except for the clients, our team work from one centre. Virtary do not outsource the job to another VA, all tasks are done onsite (in our small office). None of our team works from home as we find that it’s not fair to share client’s credential and private details. Virtary consists of full timer people, centered office and we DO not run a profit sharing basis, all team are paid based on fixed monthly salary. 

The advantages of doing VA business in our current system is very obvious:

-More manageable projects

-Protection for client’s credentials

-Easier to control

Yet, there’s also another disadvantage that means I must ensure that we have enough projects to pay salary of all full timers working in my office :D, but I’ll take that as a challenge. I personally prefer this way as I can have more control to whatever that my team works on rather than sharing client’s trust, considering that not all people knows the responsibility and commitment to work from home with high discipline.

So if you are to choose between working solo or in a company, weigh in the pros and cons first before diving into the caravan of becoming a Virtual Assistant. 

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Top 5 Jobs You Can Do At Home

jobs you can do at homeLife has never been easy since the development of the Internet. Traditionally, most people believed that a person who did not graduate from college or at least from high school will never get the chance to land a job that could feed a family. But living in the digital age, that belief has long been purged.

Today, if a person has the talent, perseverance and willingness to learn, he/she could earn upbeat income at the comfort of their homes. This is indeed true and for those aspiring people who would like to give it a try, here are the top 5 jobs you can do at home


1. Programmer

The need for this job is at high demand especially since we are talking about computers, Internet and websites here. There are businessmen out there who have ideas in mind to promote their industry but didn’t have the skills to put it into action. This is where they seek the help of programmers. Since programming is normally included in any college/high school curriculum, any person could be a programmer. However, it is a learning process and it is up to you to excel in this kind of field to get the job.

2. Designer

If you have that artistic side then you might fit in perfectly in this kind of employment. There are lot of software either for sale or for free in the Internet that could help you enhance your love for arts and crafts. Well, of course this is way too different than doing manual drawings or handmade scrapbooks. Great examples are Photoshop, Corel, Vectors and other software that could make your art applicable in making designs for websites and other Internet hub. Businessmen are willing to pay their designers a hefty amount as long as they are happy with the designs. Basically, it has to be eye-catching, unique, related to their business and of course, something that could attract customers to their business.

 3. Writer

Whether you’re a professional writer or simply loves to express thoughts into words, then you could be one of the million writers out there who earn from their writings. As to my experience, writers who have their own blogs or at least some articles written around the web have the edge in getting writing jobs. This is simply because employers wouldn’t have to ask for sample articles from the applicant since their writing styles could be easily seen from their blogs. If it suits their taste, the hiring process would be in a flash and work could start immediately. Less time in hiring could give ample time to discuss more about the job and their expectations from you.

4. Researcher

People who spends almost 24/7 on the Internet could be an outstanding researcher. Most businessmen today look for someone who could do research about the latest trend in their industry to be able to be more competitive. Moreover, historical background are also important for them hence they hire somebody who can do wide search over the Internet. Prove that you are Internet savvy and could dig deeper to get the most leads in this kind of work.

5. Internet Marketer

If you have the knack in making sales but didn’t want the idea of doing house to house selling or marketing then becoming an Internet Marketer could be your forte. Based on statistics, more sales occur through online marketing today. People now have the power to purchase what they want even without seeing or touching the actual products or services. With strong persuasion from Internet Marketers, sales continue to rise up. Now if you think that you have that strong urging power, and then try to apply into this kind of task.



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Freelancer Tips- How to Stand out in Outsourcing Websites

make yourself standoutIt’s not easy to jump in the caravan of working on line just because you heard it is the latest trend. While there are lots of outsourcing websites popping out in the Internet today, there are also lots of interested people who would want to build a career in freelancing.
Now, if you are one of those aspiring online workers, then you should know how to market yourself first. Your competitors would probably range from newbie like you or pros who know very well the ins and outs of freelancing. Get ready to be in action by creating a catchy profile. Remember the saying, first impression lasts? This is perfectly suited to our initial step.
It’s not enough to include your personal information then blandly say you are a writer, web designer or data entry specialist. Remember, those lines were used several times by lots of online workers seeking the same job as you are. Make your client interested in reading your profile. Include past and present work history. If you have blogs, projects or writings submitted around the web, include their links. If your client finds time in exploring your other works, then he might be convinced that you are the one suited for the job.
The main reason why you want to try freelancing is to earn money. Perhaps you heard how your friend earned an enormous amount by doing the same task. Think first before you bid for the same price. You’re a newbie, he’s a pro. You got the idea? Set your price based on what you can do for your client. You would never get a client if you seek payment more than the task you can handle. The same goes in seeking imbursement below your true capabilities. It would only make you look as if you’re at the end of your tether.
Be unique. In the world of freelancing, plagiarism is a crime. Of course you could get lots of ideas in the worldwide web but always come up with your own. Keep in mind that clients have their way to know whether you copy a certain article somewhere. Do not let your credibility be ruined by stealing the works of others.






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What Makes You a Good Virtual Assistant?



It’s remarkable how people of today’s generation can have jobs at the comfort of their homes. Thanks to the power of the Internet! However, as the trend of home-based jobs becomes a hit worldwide, the competition also becomes daunting. One of the top jobs that most online workers seek is becoming a Virtual Assistant.


Here comes the scenario now: you finally decided to give it a try but as you go online, you found out that there are swarms of other claimants vying for the same position, as Virtual Assistant. So where can you go from here? Don’t be dissuaded by your competitors. You can have the edge over them if you know how to market yourself. Start by being smart. If an employer asked about your credentials or at least invited you for an interview, grab it the soonest possible time. If he saw how fast you responded to his inquiry, then he might consider you seeing how enthusiastic you are to get the job.


Now you had your first client, make it a point to have regular meetings with your employer. While it is most common that the latter will give you schedules, it is better to initiate the deed. What should compose your meetings? Naturally, you will need to submit progressive reports. Discuss how the job has been doing. You don’t have to say everything is going out fine when the truth is there’s a glitch with the task and it’s neither you nor your employer’s fault. You will be highly regarded if you’re honest enough to tell the truth as long as you have with you some recommended solutions for that.


Lastly, the key to becoming a competitive Virtual Assistant is by being communicative. That’s actually the lifeline of choosing to work online. Disregard the distance between you and your employer. Communications must always be open anytime, anywhere. Be resourceful in reaching out and relaying important messages. You don’t have to be in front of your laptop to be connected. Mobile phones are created with Internet connection hence there could be no reason for you to be missing in action especially on hectic time schedule.

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How Do Online Freelancers Get Paid?

 The whole point of doing freelance work is to work independently, and have more flexibility to spend more times at home while, at the same time, also making money. By working online as a freelancer, you can take as many project as you can effectively manage and complete, which will then lead you to financial stability. However, having the method to accept payment for completed work is as important as landing the big contracts. Working online is definitely not the same as day working job where you can see your salary landed on your bank account by the end of the month. Especially when you work for overseas client, which means you, will have to go through complicated wire transfer process (and high cost!) due to currency conversion, bank clearance, etc.

Fortunately there are online payment gateways that can make easier for you to receive money from overseas client. Check out the following online payment method that you can use for your payment system.

paypalMost popular payment method among online workers is Paypal. It is like your digital wallet where you can send and receive money, also securely store all your payment options in one account. Good thing about Paypal is that when you want to purchase something online, you don’t have to expose your credit card details, as they are stored in your account already.

Paypal has some types of membership, for personal, business or developers. Yet, no matter what your membership is, you should be sure that you have Paypal verified account in order to be able to send or withdraw money. However, you can still pay someone by using Paypal unverified account, but there is a limit of how much money you can send.

In Indonesia, you should have credit card to have Paypal verified account. The registration is actually simple. You can sign up, verify your email and enter your credit card information. Then they will charge your credit card with small amount and send verification code that you must send back to Paypal to verify your account. If you don’t have online access to your credit card billing, you can just call your credit card provider and ask for the verification code (usually it’s in your credit card billing statement).


Another payment option is Skrill, which is formerly known as Moneybookers. It’s one of the largest online payment providers available in more than 200 countries worldwide. Unlike Paypal, Skrill offers three account verification methods: by email, sms or snail mail. I do have MoneyBookers account before they changed their name into Skrill, and I did try snail mail verification method, and I was surprised to see that they really did send a letter along with verification code to my address (I received in about 2 weeks after I signed up).

Unfortunately by the time I signed up in this alternative digital wallet service, MoneyBookers is not available in US, where most of my clients live, so sadly I have never used my MoneyBookers account either to receive or withdraw money. So, in this case, I can’t review much about how they work. Yet, if we look into the service such as offering MoneyBookers prepaid MasterCard that can be used to shop online and to withdraw cash at 1.5 million ATMs, perhaps this can be one of great payment methods for freelancers.

Other payment option available for freelancers are money order, credit card payment, and wire transfer. These payment modes, however, entail more work compared to other methods. Although not popular among many employers, these are still legitimate and secure ways of receiving payments for completed transactions.

Regardless of the method used, there are certain fees that need to be paid to complete transfer or withdrawal of payments received. Such fees are important for the financial institutions providing this service. Still it is important for a freelancer to review these fees and to verify which method of payment will deduct less from their hard-earned dollars.

Working Online? Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket!

Easter Egg Basket

Before started my online career, I always remember the concept of not to put all your eggs in one basket. All of us may be aware of the concept’s objective, which is to prevent us from bigger lost when something bad happens. From my own opinion, the concept can be useful reference for someone working as online freelancer.

Internet is a big source for online freelancer to get a project. We can go hunting for target client everywhere, either by joining outsourcing websites such as Elance, Guru and Odesk, running Google Adwords campaign, advertisements, forum posting, search engine optimization, etc. Yet, I found that as a smart freelancer, our marketing and promotion efforts shouldn’t focus on only one channel.

There is always a risk from one of the channels you use. For example, joining outsourcing website can bring a lot of opportunities. If you really have specialization and skills, you can build your profile and reputation, get a lot of clients and money surely coming in.

Unfortunately, nothing is perfect. Not the outsourcing website, and nor yourself. So, when bad thing happens, such as someone gives you bad review, feedback and rating, or there’s an error on the system that makes you banned from the website, and you must build everything from the beginning again.

That also happens when you rely marketing campaign by search engine optimization. If you didn’t use proper techniques, or you hire someone to do SEO for you and apparently the person you hire using black hat method until the search engines penalized you, then all of your efforts become useless. You will be left alone without any search engine visibility, and it’s kinda suck that you must start everything from the scratch.

Anyway, the great thing about working online is you can just sit in front of your desk, and find all the possible channels where you can get the opportunity. Clients can come from anywhere; they can approach you in Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, or even comment in your blog. You can win the projects in outsourcing websites, they can also come to your website after searching on the search engine with some keywords, or they come after clicking your ad. There are so many ways to get money on the internet!

Be enthusiast to try any marketing method and don’t stop even you know that you succeed by practicing a method. Combine all strategies and mix them together into powerful marketing machine. When one of them goes down, you can still have another.

Good luck!






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