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SAHM Story – Success in Odesk


mylene dcGetting laid off from a company where I worked for six years is one of the lowest points in my life. I got so comfortable working from 8am to 6pm together with my boss and co-workers. Although there are rumors that the company is not doing well, I kept my faith that we will not cease to operate. And then bam! We were given a written notice that we could look for a new job starting that day.

I am a mom of three and in my age of 30, I knew it wouldn’t be easy to look for another job that would allow me to take leave of absences when my children need me.

During that time, I am already into blogging and had met few bloggers who earn from their blogs. Then I heard about Odesk. I was inspired by fellow moms who actually resigned from their eight hour job and chose to be work at home moms with only Odesk as their source of income. And here I am, nothing to lose and with skills that I can cater to Odesk customers. So on the first day of being jobless, I created my Odesk profile, came up with a cover letter and apply at almost all writing jobs I saw until I reach my maximum quota of job applications. I waited the whole day for responses but no one contacted me. I was devastated.

But I did not lose my hope. I kept on searching for tips on how I could land a job in Odesk to keep me in high spirit. And then one day, I saw a red notification— I have one interview invite! With that, let me say that the rest is history. I have been a work at home mom for almost two years now and Odesk sustain me and my family in terms of financial. Now, I don’t want to just blab about me being an Odesk-er so allow me to share what I learned on how you could land your very first job in Odesk exactly the way I did:

  • Your profile should be exceptional- Do not just tell you are a writer. Give your clients some links leading to your previous write ups or even your personal blog. From here he/she can have an overview of the kind of writing you could provide.
  • Do not use generic cover letter- You should make each one unique and in accordance to your client’s requirement. It would show that you understand their needs and specifications and it could lead to a possibility of getting interview invites. 
  • Comply with interview invitations- Odesk will give you the option to accept or decline interview invites. Choose decline of you have a handful of projects instead of just ignoring it. That’s the most polite thing to do.
  • Be on time and provide necessary information about your services during interview.
  • Give all your best- for your first Odesk job, do not aim on the payment you will get but rather focus on the feedback that your client will give to you. It would matter most especially if you would want to have an on-going career and continuous list of satisfied clients.

When people ask me what I do for a living, I proudly say that I work with the best company in the world that allows me to work on my pajamas.

About the author:

Mai is a 31-year old mom based in Philippines that believes she got herself in colorful pages. Taking care of her three (yes, three!) children in between work is the toughest job. She found out two years ago that she still have extra hands to manage her attempts in writing on-line and earn few bucks from it. Visit Mai’s blog and like her fan page to get to know her more. 









Top Elance Killer Profiles

logo_ElanceThere are more and more people getting hitched on having jobs and to actually earn a living through outsourcing websites. As of now the demand for online workers is continuously rising and with that, aspiring contractors are faced with tough competition among other contractors.

Elance is just one of the top most sought after outsourcing company that provides high quality contractors from different parts of the world. Getting through Elance, you would see swarm of killer profiles who all promise to give outstanding services for their clients. Just to give you a quick view of what killer profile means, here are our Top Three:

Feng Y.- Just below his name says, Asia’s #1 Direct Marketing Copywriter & Consultant. Now doesn’t it sound a little intimidating if you are on the same field of expertise? Wait till you see how much his minimum hourly rate is. Well I bet you already did and it surely made your eyes wide. The confidence and consistency evidently shown on this contractor’s profile could have been the key in making clients check out his works and actually try his services. And needless to say, client’s feedbacks have been exemplary high and only prove that his assistance would really merit his fee.

You would probably read his “overview” part to check out if this contractor could meet your requirement. But honestly speaking, you could skip that part because his portfolio would tell it all. Just merely looking at his past and current works that include Social Media Marketing to Web Development, you can really say that his portfolio only shouts one thing, “this man has a reputation!” So regardless of the amount he charges to his client, 100% satisfaction is surely guaranteed.

Seeing the real person talks behind a contractor’s profile could have been the wisest thing to do to attract clients. But of course, it doesn’t work for all but it sure did to him. An expert and of good standing contractor only shows that his rate is just right for his services. Armed with his expertise when it comes to strategic PR and marketing strategies, you wouldn’t doubt his capability to give you stupendous productivity.

First impressions last and that’s what you should keep in mind. Your profile could open the gate of your success so make sure you polish it with keen thoughts and understanding.


The Most Effective Way to Work with Virtual Assistant


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Businesses today come up with the most interactive way of doing things related to their advertising and promotion. With the upwelling positive feedback of bringing business to the worldwide web, it makes Internet Marketing the latest craze.

As we see swarm of companies riding the caravan, it is only imperative to know the people who help in making that venture a success. This is where the job of Virtual Assistants became the highlights of the soaring trend.

As we all know, writing articles, getting into different Social Media and making it big when it comes to Google are just few things that you need to do in order to bring your business to the next level. You probably have your own expertise in managing your business in real time but with these, you would need a reliable Virtual Assistant. So how could you be effective in working with him/her?

First and foremost, keep a regular communication with your VA. Meetings through Skype are common when it comes to Employer-Virtual Assistant tandem. However, do not be comfortable with just mere talks. Both of you should take notes of what you are discussing about. Keep a handy-dandy notebook with you where you could write your concerned topics for that particular meeting. You could also use interactive tools when it comes to reading reports in spreadsheets like Google Docs.

See to it that he/she is up to date with your given regular tasks like managing your Social Media or updating your blogs. From here, if the feedbacks are good, you could discuss with your VA your plans and other goals pertaining to your business. Perhaps you may want to put up a contest to generate more traffic to your site. Ask for your VA’s opinion regarding this and be open for suggestions.

Virtual Assistants, as the word pertains, is your guide over the worldwide web. There’s nothing wrong in delegating tasks especially if you have little knowledge about it and if shelling out some amount of money could generate more income for your business in return.



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Job Application Letter – Tips and Tricks



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After graduating from college, one important thing that any student aims for is to land a job. However, year after year, the number of unemployed continues to grow. The competition keeps getting tougher and sad to say for those who failed to snare their desired jobs, the will to try again stopped from there.

In this article, job seekers will be given some tips and tricks on how they could get the edge over their competitor through an outstanding job application letter. Yes, this is where it all starts when you want to have your dream job.

Did you know that most company’s management would look at your job application letter first thing next to your personal appearance? So impress companies with this important key by following these tips:


  • Be grateful to the invention of Internet because it makes sending job application letter much easier.

Traditionally, you would have to buy stamps, type your resume and send them to the company’s physical mail box. So speaking of which, in sending your application letter, keep in mind that you are sending a correspondence to professionals. It is just right that you set up your professional email using your real name. Do not use your teeny, cutesy email address that you use in setting up your Facebook account. By using your real name instead of nickname or alias, it will show how serious you are when it comes to landing a job.

  • Avoid plagiarism.

Come up with your own application letter wherein you could state your own personal desire to be a part of a company. Make a template to salvage time but if you are sending a lot of application letter to different companies, then you might as well give time to modify each of them to suit their different taste when it comes to hiring people.

  • Do not apply to a job if you have no knowledge at all when it comes to their job requirement. 

Read the job description carefully and highlight your strong points. From here you would know where you stand from the start.

  • Be smart. 

How? Ask questions. The hiring manager would definitely keep in mind the applicant who asks questions compared to the one who just answer his/her question. It would show how interested you are to their company. Show your interviewer how much you know about the company’s background, goals and objectives. Avoid asking questions that will give obvious answers. It will only make you look stupid and that is something you would not want to be remembered of you.

 Nothing can be more rewarding than to land a job on your own rather than because of connections. Do not be discouraged if you have been rejected once or twice, just keep on polishing your job application letter and you will surely catch some company’s hiring manager the soonest possible time.



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Take Classes Online to be an Insurance Agent

Students working on class assignment in computer lab

An insurance agent, also known as an insurance broker, is someone who is involved with the selling of insurances or is someone who operates in and with the retail aspects of insurance. This could be a variety of positions, but agents are usually required to understand how insurances work and know how to best aid their clients. The main concepts that are focused on while helping clients find the best insurance plan for them is risk management.

Qualifications For Being An Insurance Agent

Individuals who are insurance agents need to have at least a high school education. Although a college degree is always beneficial, it is not required. However, certain college courses that are specific to the area in which you are interested in will only boost your ability to increase sales.

What To Expect From An Online Course

Most of these courses for attaining online insurance agent certification are similar in style to how other classes are set up. There are video lectures that are viewed online, reading material that is assigned, quizzes that reflect what is covered in the lectures along with reading materials, and a final exam at the end of the course. Completion of the final exam, however, does not credit the participant with their license for selling insurances in their state.

The entire point of the online course is to prepare you for the state exam and each state that you choose to practice in will require you to be licensed. Obtaining a passing grade on the state exam is the only way to qualify for selling insurance in that state. Therefore, it’s important to be dedicated to the course otherwise you may be wasting your time and money.

Common Course Design

The preparatory online classes incorporate thorough training for the fieldwork that you will be conducting as an insurance agent. Another aspect of taking these online classes is that there are different areas for becoming an insurance agent. This separates the life insurance and auto insurance learning objectives because they are two different topics. You should take time when considering which avenue you would rather pursue, since certification will vary.

Other Forms Of Online Certification Programs

Some insurance company’s offer their own agent training courses. However, this training may only apply for the state in which that insurance company resides and most insurance programs only qualify the agent for the state in which they choose. Look for companies that have online programs which guarantee to meet all of the state qualifications for training insurance agents in their respective fields. This ensures that they will be able to pass their state exams when the time comes to take it.

Online learning is convenient and usually can be done on a more rapid pace compared to traditional classrooms. Being able to accomplish your goal will boost you confidence and prepare you for future online learning. Whether you are thinking about becoming an insurance agent for extra income or as a full time position, consider online classes.

Andrew Greene is a freelance writer and blogs for a site he recommends to anyone who wants to learn more about ppi claims.


Why Choose WordPress as Your VA Website

wordpressIf you are an Internet junkie, then you probably have come across hundreds of websites under WordPress platform. From the simplest to the most extravagant sites, you probably wondered why most people choose WordPress. Let me give you some insights on why WordPress takes the lead when it comes to blogging and site building especially if you are planning to create your own VA website.

1. It’s as simple as ABC- Any person who knows the alphabet could easily learn how to create his own VA website through WordPress. There might be some who got intimidated by some alien terms pertaining to website building but you shouldn’t be. Widgets are so easy to understand plus you could always look at the menus and options on your dashboard.

2. Less is more- Don’t be tricked by free blogging platforms sprawled over the Internet if your intention is to build a professional VA website. The term “Free” could not give you an assurance that your site is safe and secure. It is best advised that you pay for your site but not necessarily a pricey one. Start with getting your own domain name and from then you could start scouting for cheap but reliable domain hosting for your site

3. Experiment on your own- Perhaps you would want an instant, unique and catchy website and so you would probably hire a designer. But it is not wise to hire that person every time you will need some modifications on your site. As stated on number one, WordPress is as simple as ABC. You could easily update and modify your site on your own, thanks to WordPress themes and plug ins. These materials come in handy and all you need is your creativity and the ability to foresee what attracts people to your site.

 Keep in mind though that updating your websites content on a regular basis is still the topmost important in making your VA website a success no matter how you create and pay for it.

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