Customer Sales Representative – One of the Top Jobs of the Year

customer-serviceFor customer sales representatives, having an enthusiastic personality will pay off in this career path as it is one of your stepping stones to let your customers become interested in the product or service you are selling. In order for companies to be successful, they heavily rely on the ability of their sales representatives to market their merchandise either in person, through phone calls or high speed Internet. Sales representatives often travel as they will be required to attend trade conferences and shows which will help develop interest on their products.

 A projected amount of 15.6 percent growth employment has been seen by the Bureau of Labor Statistics for sales representatives between 2010 and 2020. Within this time period, around 223,400 jobs are needed to be filled by people. The promising outlook for this profession has made it to the 20th spot on the list of best jobs this year.

 In 2010, the median annual salary for a sales representative professional was $52,440 according to the Labor Department. People who made around $108,750 were some of the best-paid 10 percent while the lowest-paid professionals acquired $26,970 a year. Most of these professionals can be found in the companies that focus on development and scientific research, securities, satellite telecommunications and commodity contracts.

 No formal training or education is needed in order to be a sales representative. A lot of employers however appreciate people that have post secondary education and positions wherein they received training in scientific and technical products. Although sales experience is advantageous for applicants, a lot of jobs can still be landed with just high school diplomas. One of the ways that a person can stand out amongst the many applicants is by taking courses in marketing and attending seminars that show and talk about sales techniques.

According to experts in the field, experience in the use of a product and its culture is a key factor within the industry. But its most important aspect is perhaps being able to relate to the customer. Orientation and empathy towards a customer are some of the critical traits that sales representatives should have. A professional in this field needs to understand the needs of the customer and interact with them on a regular basis in order to fix the problem they are having. A sales representative should also be resource to these customers by respecting them and developing friendships along the way. 

Freelancer Tips: How to Manage Your Online Income?


“So how do you sustain your family’s financial needs when we rarely see you go out for work”? Talking about nosy neighbors huh? For people who had found their careers through working online, this kind of question should no longer be an issue. Sometimes it’s hard to explain what you really do on the Internet to earn an income so most of the time, it’s better to just leave it unanswered and keep working on your tasks.

But deep in our thoughts, as online workers, you knew that this kind of job is far different from having a regular job where paychecks arrived on your expected date. Being your own boss, you have full control on when money should/could come and that is something that you should be alert of. Remember, you have your family who depends on your income therefore handling your finances must be done wisely.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a pro or just starting on this kind of career, what important is that you know when and how you can make both ends work when it comes to your income and expenses. With that let me share my own tactics on how I manage my income that comes from my online jobs:
• Prepare a time table- You probably have established working relationships with your long time clients which gives you regular jobs. It may not be on a daily basis but at least in a span of that week, you’ll get two or more jobs which could be enough to cover some of your expenses for the month. In this case, a time table is useful. In an Excel sheet, write down all your expected jobs for the month as in those you could call as 100% sure income. On another sheet, jot down all your expenses. This is what I meant when I say “making both ends meet”. If you see that your expenses are higher than your expected salary, then as freelancer you have the option to look for extra jobs keep up on your budget.
• Cost-cutting- there’s nothing wrong in cutting down your expenses if online income is not yet due. There are incident when your clients may be out of town or on vacation and won’t be back until your credit card’s due date. Since you knew that it’s going to be delayed, then perhaps there’s no harm in holding up yourself from shopping.
• Save up for rainy days- this is most important. Online earnings don’t come regularly into your bank account. There are days when business is weak and job requirements from clients could be less than you expected. The same goes with the saying “when it rains, it pours”. Take advantage of times when you have a handful of works because it obviously means money. What I do is that no matter how small or big my income for that month, I allot a certain amount for my savings. In this case, when business gets worst, I would still have something to shell out to cover my family’s financial needs.

Do not be discouraged though about the idea of unstable income if you aspire to pursue a career online. It really depends on how you will manage your personal finances and on how determined you are to earn an income. You may even be surprised if you reached higher than what you expected just always look into the positive side.




Virtual Assistant Business: A Big Opportunity for Stay at Home Mom

You are having the time of your life managing your career in the corporate world, dressed up for work every day and had few good times going out with your friends— just to unwind from a busy day at the office. You probably even told yourself that it is the best job you ever had while living in Indonesia.

But what happens when you got married and had kids?

This is where the story starts, when you later realized that juggling work and taking care of the family is the toughest job you could ever had. It can be a major turn of events when you finally quit your day-time job and decided to be a stay at home mom instead.

Doing household chores, performing mommy and wife duties could be time consuming but not for moms who are experts in multi-tasking. This super power ability could actually open a new gate of career for you at the comfort of your home—as Virtual Assistant.

There is no reason for you to just throw away the experiences you had in the corporate world. Your skills in marketing, research, email handling, data encoding and other administrative duties you did in your previous job are still valuable and would be taken into account by employers and businessmen who would hire you as their Virtual Assistant. You would be surprised at how this interactive job makes stay at home moms more confident with themselves because of the fact that they are still earning the same time as they take care of their family.

Being a stay at home mom used to have negative connotations from other people. Some people couldn’t see the reason why you would quit your job to be with your children 24/7. Big thanks to the power of Internet for connecting businessmen and Virtual Assistants. Who would have thought that while your kids are playing or watching television, you on the other side are having an important conference call from your employer— in your pajamas!

Every person, whether you’re a wife or a husband could be a successful Virtual Assistant as long as you got the skills and will to be in partner with your employer. However, keep in mind that being your own boss, since you work independently at your home, needs extra discipline and organization on your part, imparting time for your work and your family. Becoming a Virtual Assistant is indeed a big opportunity for stay at home mom of today’s generation. 


Three Reasons Why Your Online Career Stuck

stuck-careerJobs offered for online execution have been an inspiration to most stay at home moms and to those who have been jobless for quite some time. It has given them another reason to smile with the idea of earning at the comfort of their homes. With the rise of different outsourcing companies in need of reliable online workers for various businesses, many had jumped in to the caravan of pursuing their own online careers.

But not all who joined in the trend had successful stories to share. Unfortunately, there are factors that were left behind by people who thought that working online is an easy job and they are as follows:

1. Less commitment

Working online is far different from working in a corporate world where you probably have a superior who would give you tasks at the same time will monitor you if you are doing them correctly and on time. In pursuing an online career, you are your own boss. Therefore you have to adjust in all aspects when it comes to your work. Clients may live from different countries, which means they could have different time zone from where you are. Do not commit on schedules which you are unsure of, like scheduling conference meetings at time which you knew would be impossible for you. Keeping up with your commitments are very important to both of you, as employer and employee because you have the same goals and objectives therefore, failure to do so even just once could caused negative effect on your online career.

2. Language barrier

You mostly have the skills and talents to cater for your clients however, communication is imperative in nurturing your relationship with them. There could be no problem unless your client has the same native tongue as yours. But since it is evident that English is the most used language in any parts of the world, you can never be competitive enough if you can’t communicate clearly using that. In job application and interviews, how you master the English language can determine your capabilities. So whether you have good hands in web design and application but cannot relay your thoughts to your client, other provider might be chosen instead of you. 

3. Unwillingness to learn

The Internet is most known as the worldwide web. People may be drawn from one site to another and endless search and results can be achieved through surfing. Therefore, as a person who aims to succeed in online career you should also be open at the idea of continuous learning. From time to time, the trend changes especially when it comes to online marketing and other Internet related jobs, which simply means, you also have to keep up with that changes. Employers normally advise their staff if there are innovations or changes in systems but it is most appealing to have suggestions from you. If you remain on your own hive, your own method even if it means you are being outdated, then you are in for an unpromising career online.

To end this post, let me leave you with these saying: “One of the greatest things about being an online worker: whether you sink or swim depends mostly on you.”

new basecamp

Nice Looking Board Style Project Management – New Basecamp

new basecamp
It’s amazing how businesses today can now be operated and mandated from the comfort of their homes with workers collaborating from different parts of the world. No wonder programs and software are invented not just to make things easier but to make online
group effort more effective and efficient.

Speaking of programs and software, you most likely heard about the New Basecamp being introduced and is now widely used by most number of outsourcing companies, virtual assistants and online workers. Basecamp is web-based project management software which keeps any business’s projects, to-do lists, documents, decisions, feedback and team in one. It was primarily launched in 2004 and to keep up with the fast changing trends and of course tough competition in the market, they now came up with substantial updates all for the convenience and satisfaction of their clients.

We have used Basecamp classic for some times, and after all we found that the classic version is the best among other project management applications. It has so many additional features and third party’s integrated software that can be used to optimize Basecamp functions, such as time tracking, invoicing, calendar, etc. So, finding that Basecamp has just launched their new Basecamp application, we decided to go for the trial (45 days FREE without entering credit card information! Nice, huh? :D)

First impression:

Pretty nice user interface. New Basecamp lay out reminds me a bit about Pinterest interface. Board style type where we can easily drag and drop a board (in this case it means a project or working room), invite team member, create to-do lists in order and easily drag and drop the list. 

Following our conclusion:

1.Improved discussion features- collaboration on projects is made easier.

Keeping in touch with the team via online discussion board and live chat is indeed one the highlights. Emails response are auto posted in the discussion board which means no one would be left behind even if some of the team members are on vacation. Making use of Internet capable mobile phones is greatly utilized

2. An eye-friendly user interface

It’s like looking into a clean sheet, no more hassle and bustle if you wanted to look at a certain page which probably why loading is faster than before.

3. Serious support group

Their free webinars which is purposely created to assist their clients walk through their updated system is greatly appreciated.

While the latter statements are on purely on the positive side, I also noticed some glitches in their new scheme such as:

The time tracking and invoicing feature which is very important for me, as freelancer is no longer available.

I understand that Basecamp uses third party applications for Basecamp classic to enable this feature, but unfortunately we can’t find the add-on applications to support these features in third party software list for New Basecamp. Just hope Basecamp will put this issue into their serious consideration. Hey, what is good of a project collaboration application if we can’t integrate our invoice into the app 🙁

Dashboard do not offer a straight view of all the projects I’m working with which makes it hard to view all of them in a quick glance.

As of now, these are all I can say about the new Basecamp as I am still adjusting to their new system. But all in all, I find Basecamp as still my number one choice among other software when it comes to project management.

Do you want to try out New Basecamp? Well, just go ahead and visit this link 



When to Consider Hiring a Labor Marketplace Employee

freelancerLabor marketplaces like oDesk are revolutionizing the way we do business. They cut labor costs on certain tasks so you can focus on growing your business and paying your existing employees well. However, hiring labor marketplace workers may not always be the best solution for your business. Here are a few reasons you might want to consider hiring a contractor from a labor marketplace: 

1. You need occasional help with writing or website design – If you need some occasional help with writing or website design, a labor marketplace is a great place to turn. Based on your needs, you may not be able to justify hiring a full-time or part-time staff member to fulfill your writing and design needs. Labor marketplace workers will help you complete projects, as you need them completed at affordable rates.

2. You need a lot of written content fast – For whatever reason, you may at some point need a lot of written content delivered in a short period of time. Your employees may not be able to handle the workload. In which case, you might be interested in seeking out options on labor marketplaces.

3. You need help with data entry – If you need infrequent help with data entry, you may want to consider a labor marketplace. You can easily find someone to handle a simple, mundane task like this for you. Temporary data entry projects don’t have to be delegated to your busy employees.

Figure out how much work you need done and consider whether it’d be best to hire a new staff member or contract some work out to labor marketplace workers. Outsourcing some of your company’s work to contractors can save you some money and stress!

 Author’s Bio: Carolyn is a guest blogger who writes about small business operations, how to cut your company’s costs, and order management systems that work in concert with 3dcart, Shopify, and BigCommerce

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