What Should You Do When A Client Posts A Bad Review About You?

Have you ever had your good name smeared by a client? You did your side of the deal. You interviewed the client, you got all the information required to do the job, you did the background research and you delivered the required service in a timely manner.

Despite all of that, the client has given you a bad review! Perhaps they were expecting an impossible level of perfection? Perhaps it was a case of miscommunication? Or maybe they were just downright mean! Whatever the reason, how can you respond in a way that saves your good reputation?

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The Ethics Of Using cc & bcc In Business Email

Sending email to multiple recipients?
If you have an email that you have to send to a large number of people it
may be difficult to do this one by one, eating into your valuable time.
One possible answer is using the cc and bcc function.
Now, before you jump in and start sending emails you may want to take
the following points into consideration, especially if you want to
preserve your reputation among your clients and work colleagues;

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5 Tasks that a photographer can outsource to a virtual assistant

Just as any other profession photography requires time and passion, and with a stress-filled daily day life that most of us are subjected to at some point in life, it can be hard to make room for the time needed to fulfill your passion. Here’s where a virtual assistant comes in handy. Think of it as hiring a cleaning lady or other staff to take some of the not-so-fun obligatory tasks out of your everyday life to increase your chance of pursuing your dream. Instead of giving up quality time with family, friends and so on – hiring a virtual assistant can really be one of the most important investments you can make. The nice thing about virtual assistants is the variety of tasks they can carry out. This means you don’t have to limit yourself to hiring a person who specifically deals with research, another with customer contact or other important things. Being able to combine several tasks and have them carried out by one person can be beneficial if done correctly!

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How to survive working as a virtual assistant when you’re a non-native English speaker

A virtual assistant is a person often working from home which can perform several tasks and can hence function as an excellent extra hand for entrepreneurs who have tight schedules. Therefore by being able to hire a virtual assistant for simple tasks off-contract is becoming more and more appealing. Doing a search on freelance websites like www.odesk.com quickly shows over 1,000 job postings with ‘virtual assistant’ in the title. Continue reading

Clients, where are you?

Whether you’re just starting out or you have an established business,
finding clients in any industry is no easy task.
There really is no set process for how to get their attention and convert
that in to business. This task can be even harder for virtual assistants.
By definition they do not operate face-to-face with their existing or
prospective clients, making it difficult to create connections and build
business relationships.
Here are some strategies that you could employ in order to get yourself
out there and attract that exciting new client; Continue reading

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