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1 Client Visit 2013

February is a very busy month for us. We got two client’s visits this month. 

Client visit here means client visit us in Jakarta, not the other way round 😀

So, our two of clients came to Jakarta last week, even one of them had a chance to visit our small office for training.  The first client came from Australia, the other one is Washington based client. They are from different project and came to Jakarta at different time, only about two days from one to another. 

Client’s visit is always fun as we can meet the clients that we have been working with, meeting face to face. It’s always wonderful to see someone you have only been able to see via Skype virtually. 

Most of our clients are overseas, so we can’t describe how we feel honored when they are willing to spend some times to have lunch or dinner with us while they’re in town. 



Rise of the Warriors – The Chaos Invasion, Free MMORPG Game Available for iOS Gamers

Rise of the Warrior brings a chaotic perpetual world where players massively combat against thousands of others to the iPhone and iPod Touch gamers. This mobile multi player online role-playing game offers a strategic fight system that renews the traditional text-based game.

The Monkey Twins Studio Inc., Canada based independent mobile application developer just released Rise of The Warriors, massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) for iPhone and iPod touch this summer. Wrapped with addictive storyline, The Monkey Twin Studio promised that Rise of The Warriors (RotW) will bring magnetic game-play where players can hardly put their devices aside.

According to Daniel Tremblay, the Creative Director behind The Monkey Twins Studio Inc., “Rise of The Warriors is a game that changes the way in which text-based MMORPGs are played by adding interaction during the fights. We strongly believe that way can be more convenient for players as it means no more tap the button and get the result. IPhone and iPod touch gamers can also expect simplicity yet challenging unique game-play they may have never seen on other MMORPG games.”

Rise of The Warriors offers an extraordinary experience of the realm where players must go through the deep of the chaotic invasion, train themselves on the training zone and combat other players in deadly duel. Players are led to accomplish mission by mission while fighting all bloodlust foes from goblins to orcs, ogres to dark elves along their path. The primary objective for players is to rise amongst the warriors and become the last warrior standing.

 Core Features:

  • Duel other players LIVE
  • Original touch-feel in each fight by using the skills.
  • Eight different dueling styles with specific skills: War Dancer, Pit Fighter, Ranger, Soldier, Monk, Berserker, Thug and Marine.
  • Three different avatars to customize characters
  • Five Noble Houses to join: Northwood, Blackrose, Dragor, Helrohann and Tremblay.
  • Build and upgrade the Camp, which consists of: Headquarter, Armory, Training court, Stable, Dock, Alchemy Lab and Shrine.
  • Browse over a huge map for missions, training, challenges and bonus.
  • Perform numerous heroic missions in a fantastic storyline.
  • Unlock rare weapons, armor, potions and blessings.
  • Challenge fantastic creatures in the Monster Pit and get more rewards.
  • Fight for a FREE bonus everyday.
  • Easily find and duel Game Center friends.
  • Tag other warriors to find them quickly.
  • Send messages to other warriors.
  • Gorgeous graphics
  • Medieval music and sounds
  • Real time updates.

App Store Link

Rise of the Warrior Website

Game trailer



Rise of the Warriors is available for FREE download on the Apple Application Store worldwide. An updated version with more improvements and advanced features will soon follow the first version.

About The Monkey Twins Studio Inc.

The Monkey Twins Studio Inc. is an independent mobile application developer based in Quebec, Canada that focuses on building creative and strong character mobile applications.

For press and interview inquiry related with this release, please contact:


Being a VA: Your Performance Depends on Your Internet Connection

speedtestWe’ve got quite a lot inquiries, job application letter or even just a short message asking how to start working as a Virtual Assistant submitted from our contact form. We really thank you for that. Although we don’t think that we’re the expert, but we love to share some of our experiences and hope that it can be useful references. 

First thing we need to remember. Working online means you depend 100% to your internet connection, so it is extremely important for us to prepare for good and reliable connection before we can move further into the business. There were some times when we did online interview by using instant messenger to some candidates that applied for the post of virtual assistant in Virtary, and internet connection seems to be the major problem.

You can ask for excuse for one-two days, but clients can’t wait (and they won’t) forever. They have the inquiries, and surely they won’t be willing to let our ‘connection schedule’ to control their activities. So, try it hard to make sure that ‘Sorry disconnected’ or “Sorry no service” will only be spoken in the times of emergency where there’s really nothing you can do to make the error up. 

Probably internet connection isn’t a problem in major Western countries, but IT IS still a problem in Indonesia. Based from our own experience, living in the capital city of Indonesia doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t have slow connection. You might have good enough speed to do social media chit chat, but when it comes to work, bump! The connection is as fast as a snail walks, LOL!

So, it is not true that building virtual assistant business won’t cost you anything. Well at least you need to be sure that you must invest for fast internet connection for the start. 



Working Online? Be Aware of Internet Scams

internet scamVenturing into an online career has always been very tempting especially for those people who always stay online. With several clicks on different ads and links that often promote easy money while browsing the Internet there is the possibility that people would bite into it even without further proof that such offer is legit.

Being a newbie into this kind of Internet trend is not an excuse to get you scammed by people behind illegal sites. You have the prerogative to investigate first and ask if the deal seemed vague or unclear to you. We would not want you to be another victim of scammers around the net so better take note of these following tips:

1. If a certain company requires you to shell out money, let’s say for registration purposes or for a membership fee before they offer the job—think again. There are huge and legit outsourcing company who seeks online workers for free so why would they? It is acceptable though if a certain percentage from your earnings is cut off by an outsourcing company, provided you got the job first before the deduction occurs.

2. If the job offers sounds too good to be true—stay away from them. There are lots of people who got scammed because of this. Remember, nothing comes for free nowadays so why some companies would offer you a hundred dollar just by reading e-mails or lousy surveys? Your instinct should be working by then. It is either they would use your account for illegal purposes or it could be a real business but the amount is way behind the agreed payment, yes, not the resounding $100.

3. If there is only a single mode of payment. Credit cards and other money transferring companies are sprawled around the Internet nowadays. Why would they give you a single mode of payment if they really are legal companies? When in fact, it would be both for your own good when flexible payment schemes are available. From here you could sense if the company cares for your service fee or would leave you hanging if payment is delayed.

4. If testimonials or feedbacks are not available. Companies offering jobs online usually take pride on giving work to people through the Internet therefore testimonials and feedbacks from their present and previous workers should be visible on their sites. If there are none, then try doing your own research and seek feedbacks on the Internet. Just by simply typing the company’s name would lead into thousands of results, read them carefully and find out if it is legal or not.

There are lot of scammers in the real world, what more in the virtual world where almost anything is possible. Be assertive and wise before you jump on a tempting offer to avoid being scammed.


Google Drive Review

google drive

Hello Dropbox, here’s a big challenge for you!

It is quite obvious how meticulous running a Virtual Assistant company is. Collaboration between our clients and our group of staff is imperative and needed to be organized to come up with productive results and of course with satisfied clients. Any kind of applications especially those that are released by Google itself are being tried and tested by our staff, just like the freshly released Google Drive (previously known as Google Document)

Google Drive is like a one-stop shop where you can store all your pertinent files, videos, photos and the list could go on and on. They could all fit in one place- into your Google Drive. To create and share important data had just been made better and easier especially for those people and companies on the go.

The usual scenario at Virtary: we or the staff, creating and collaborating on several projects for our clients whether we are in the office or on the road. Time is essential to us and with Google Drive, not single minute goes to waste. We could collaborate and response real time to any of our staff or client’s inquiry. Google Drive is like a heaven sent to most Virtual Assistant as we can store everything that are important to our work and can be accessed with any kind of devices—desktop, laptop and through mobile devices. We could literally bring our work anywhere we go! We didn’t even have to scram our way in search for a particular file because such task can be done by simply typing the keyword or even just a word from an actual article, adding up to that is their image recognition which is yet another milestone for Google Drive.

Our experience with Google Drive was made possible with their 5GB free storage! Well, that was enough for us to transfer several important files and documents into it and to be able to come up with this review. It was indeed another superb invention from Google and as of this writing we, at Virtary, had just upgraded to 25GB for $2.49/month and will probably upgrade more. We were also surprised when upon upgrading our Gmail account storage also expands up to 25GB.

As Google says, this is just the beginning of Google Drive and there’s a lot more to come. 

The Best Android Apps for Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants are basically people who work through the power of the Internet. Traditionally, the only way to get connected with their client is to stay in front of their computer or lap top 24/7 just so they can keep up with time differences and be at their client’s back whenever they need them. Thankfully, Internet capable phones were invented along with different apps that can be incorporated to help Virtual Assistants do their job effectively and efficiently. Below are the best Android Apps for Virtual Assistant:

  •  beOrganized- If you are accustomed in using Google Calendar to record your personal activities and Microsoft Exchange when it comes to your work, then this is an app where you can combine both. With an eye friendly interface, meaning a well organized view from your screen and large fonts, adding tasks or event is easy with a simple touch or click. And since most Virtual Assistants are skilled when it comes to multi-tasking, its accurate voice recognition is highly appreciated. In addition to that, an icon can be placed on the very screen so when you execute a voice recognized command, like adding task, it can come in handy. Syncing will only take a matter of seconds then update is done—what a preposterous way of Google integration. As Virtual Assistants’ daily mantra—seeing in one glance what they have to accomplish in a day is their cue to start working.

With the use of beOrganized app, instead of stuffing all the info on one screen, you just need to simply scroll down to view the date you are looking for. No need to stress yourself especially when client is on the phone waiting for you. Highlights of beOrganized are the following:

  • Speech Recognition for adding tasks or events
  • Easy viewing of to do’s list and events in a single glance
  • Number of taps results into actions
  • Google tasks are synchronized
  • Color Coded Calendar
  • Simple organizing and re-organizing of tasks in a day

original android link :

  •  Time Tracker- Virtual Assistants normally work on hour basis. Time Tracker is perfect in monitoring how much time they spent working and of course how much they should bill their clients. With a simple click on their phone, time is clearly monitored. What we found best on this app is that it doesn’t use Internet in storing data which is a relief especially when insightful data are at stake plus you can track your working hours wherever you are. Now, for Virtual Assistants out there, here are just few reasons why you should love Android Time Tracker App:


  • User friendly- no need to look at any manual—install and you are on the go
  • Reliable- if you forgot to charge your phone and it suddenly dies on you just right after you punch in—the app will continue to work and you’re still on track
  • Got questions?- superb customer support are waiting to answer your query.
  • Easy and most basic features- punch in and punch out, pause and resume, password protection, choose among 33 most used currencies, configurable first day of the week, multiple clients/projects/tasks and more..


  •  GDocs- There’s no way a Virtual Assistant can be left behind even when he/she is on the go and setting up a laptop is impossible with one hand alone. Mobile phones are their second most needed companion and it intensifies its purpose with GDocs app. Your Google Docs now come handy in a notepad where you can view, edit and sync documents just as if you are using a laptop. You can also create, import/export and send documents with this app on your Android phone. Pros and Cons of GDocs are the following:


  • Can edit Word and Notepad documents but unfortunately not Power Point and Excel on the App itself.
  • Syncing of Google Documents for editing and viewing purpose but cannot directly open documents coming from emails or SD Cards.
  • Impervious kind of Android App, simple tap can download document while having two taps would open and prepare the document for editing.
  • Color-coding assigned for different kinds of document

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