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Why Your Business Needs an Online File Sharing Service

Why Your Business Needs an Online File Sharing Service

Why Your Business Needs an Online File Sharing ServiceIf you own your own business, you’ve probably heard of cloud storage and file sharing services, but you may not know exactly how it will affect your business to obtain one of these storage services. If you find a company that provides what you need, you can improve your business and help yourself become more organized, professional, as well as create a better experience for your customers.


Keeping your files online can help your business stay more organized and keeps your files set up in such a way as to provide you with simple ways to avoid duplication of data. For example, if you have a document that multiple people need to access and work on, rather than emailing the document to others and creating multiple copies that will need to be reconciled, losing some important changes in the process, you can have a single document held online that each person you give access to can go and work on, which saves all the changes automatically.

Since many of these programs are created specifically for businesses, they have organizational systems set up to work for you, including filing systems for customer data. To see if the organization systems set up within the site work for you, use a 30-day trial and play with the programs available. Continue reading

Three Steps to Recovering From Bad PR

Staged for the cameras

Three Steps to Recovering From Bad PR

It’s not easy for public figures to recover from off-color comments and other scandals. Cameras are on them 24 hours a day, and the media delights in turning small things into big snafus. The unfortunate truth is that there are some things that can’t be recovered from; people may forget in time, but sometimes it’s not quick enough to change the outcome of an election or to save someone’s career. Such cases are rare, however; most people just want to see public figures apologize and correct their mistakes. Almost everyone understands that, but the way it’s done makes all the difference.

Step One: Come Clean

People respond negatively to whiners. If they think that someone is trying to pawn responsibility off on someone else, they will respond with wailing and gnashing of teeth that rivals biblical descriptions. Humility and responsibility are the two words that someone in the midst of a PR crisis needs to keep in mind. It’s not a time for grand declarations or over-the-top apologies that appear to be lacking sincerity; simply coming out and owning up to it is enough to mix some positive talk into the airwaves.

Step Two: Time Things Right and Stay on Message

The sooner someone apologizes, the better. Even a slight bit of hesitation is enough to kill someone’s chances of being accepted by the public in the aftermath of a scandal. Beyond that, the proper strategy will differ. Some people need to lay low for a while; others need to keep themselves in the news as long as possible. The public will forget most things before too long, and laying low is the best strategy in those cases, but people like Todd Akin and Michael Vick don’t have that luxury.

Michael Vick was able to get his career back because he did everything in his power to prove that he had reformed. Todd Akin acted when he needed to act, but his words only compounded the problem instead of solving it, and there’s a very good chance that he’ll lose the election because of it. The old maxim that “all PR is good PR” is patently false; it doesn’t help someone in the slightest to stay in the public eye while doing and saying the things that got him in trouble in the first place.

Step Three: Learn and Grow

Insincere apologies are the expected norm, and the public has become so cynical that it’s hard to convince them that even the sincerest words uttered by celebrities and politicians are actually genuine. The only thing that has any chance of breaking through pessimistic perceptions is a demonstration of actual change.

In Michael Vick’s case, that meant supporting organizations that work to stop dog fighting. People still argue over whether he actually changed and whether he should have been forgiven, but no one can say that he hasn’t done everything that people could ask him to do. To contrast, Todd Akin tried to say that his comments were just poorly worded, but there’s no way to argue that wording things differently would have substantially altered the core sentiment of his words. He didn’t destroy his chances of being elected with his initial comments, but he made his own victory much less likely by issuing a non-apology to those he offended.

Bad PR Doesn’t Have to be the End of the World

The biggest factor in resolving PR crises is whether or not someone appears human. Politicians and celebrities often seem like they live in a completely different world, and it’s easy for everyday people to feel as if they are utterly divorced from the realities of these peoples’ lives. When someone can humble himself before a national audience and talk to people on their level, they are much more likely to facilitate his future success. It’s the people who continue to act like they’re above the rest of humanity that suffer the most through PR crises, and more often than not, the public is glad to strike them down for good when that happens. When it comes to prominent and powerful people, a little bleeding goes a long way.

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Hostgator Review

People are very much accustomed in using the Internet almost 24/7 that’s why even mobile phones nowadays are made capable of surfing and browsing the worldwide web. And for some Internet junkie, building their own blogs or creating websites for their businesses had always been an option.

While there are free platforms where you could start creating your personal blogs for free or build a website at no cost, there would come a time when you would want to take your endeavor to a higher level. This is where you would purchase for your own domain name and hosting site.

Speaking of hosting sites, Hostgator had always been on the top list among bloggers and website owners. There are more than enough reasons why they choose Hostgator among the rest. We couldn’t have the nerve to write this review if we are not a Hostgator user, so yes, we are among those who give full trust to this hosting site. Why we love Hostgator? Here’s why:

1.  We actually came from another host and the switch from them to Hostgator was a smooth experience. We thought it would be that difficult but they guided us all through the transfer—for FREE

2.  We’ve been in the business for few years now and never did we experience any downtime on our sites (truly a 99.9% uptime guarantee). For us, to have our website up and running all the time is imperative to make sure nothing escapes any single chance of giving our business the right amount of traffic and boosts on our online presence.

3.  Hostgator’s customer services are up and about 24/7, 365 days a year! There is no big or small inquiry for them, just call their hotline and they will gladly be of your service. This is what we actually love the most about them. You could relay your dilemma to a customer representative, receive a loud and clear response plus they would try to fix the problem right then and there.

4.  Accessing and understanding Hostgator’s control panel is so easy. There are occasions when we would hire a new member on our team and being a newbie, we allot time on teaching them how to manipulate our sites. But with Hostgator’s user friendly control panel, we are often spared from tutorials, no need for that since it’s as easy as 123. So, we all go straight to our actual task.

From time to time Hostgator offers discounts and promos to new and existing clients so it would be better to visit their site more often. And if you finally decided to give it a try, ease yourself from any worries because they have a 45 Day Money Back Guarantee in case you didn’t liked their service (which we doubt 100%).

Instagram Tricks for Small Business

I couldn’t agree more how people literally sleep and wake up with their smart phones nowadays. With powerful built in cameras, capturing and sharing photos had never been better. Perhaps this is the reason why more and more applications related to photo sharing with photo enhancement are popping out in the market these days.

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Be Inspired but Do Not Copy


Be Inspired but Do Not Copy

Going out in an outfit which you personally mixed and matched for your self is something any of us would love to flaunt. But when you bumped into a friend or an acquaintance who is wearing exactly the same fashion as yours— how would you react? Furious, betrayed or in some extent you would feel robbed.

This is just a simple and clear manifestation on how plagiarism affects the person being copied. In the blogosphere, coming up with your own writing ideas is a must. While it is pretty obvious that the Internet is a black hole, there are certain limitations on the extent of your curiosity. If you find any kind of writings that inspires you, then remain inspired. You could, however, talk about the same topic but rely on your own thoughts and feelings.

Always put yourself into someone else’s shoes.

You worked hard in writing a review or a post, you probably even wrote it during wee hours when you felt you were more inspired and creative and then someone out there would only copy and paste your article and let others think that it is their work. In less than five minutes your ideas were robbed.

Now that’s when you could say “it sucks!”

Hypocrisy aside, there are certain topics that a writer would find uninteresting but need to come up with something to write hence they go over Google or other query sites to find inspiration and ideas. At that point there is nothing to feel guilty about. If you are keen in writing, a phrase or two could be enough for you to make the same topic more flowery, interesting and make it sound as YOU.

Be spared from the temptation of plagiarism, here’s how:

1. Be proud of your works

Make yourself your number one fan. If you believed you are good with what you do, then there’s no need to steal idea from the others. You are the best, remember?

2. Go out in the real world and refresh your mind

There could really be a time when you might experience a “writer’s block” for some, this is when they plagiarized, but you don’t have to. Go out and unwind—after that you would be surprised at how ideas would flow in naturally as you write.

3. Take your time

There’s nothing more humiliating in submitting works you just copied than delayed projects which you patiently wrote on your own. Being labeled as plagiarist once is more than enough to ruin your reputation in writing especially in the blogosphere and in pursuing a career online.

Remember, there is nothing wrong in being inspired, just make sure that you could come up with a much inspiring post—yes, way better than your source.



VA Tips: What Happens When They Don’t Pay?

paymentWhat Happens When Client Doesn’t Pay?

So, you got a new client who would probably keeps you busy for at least a month or so based on the tasks he/she assigned to you. The job lasted for more than a month and you have been friends all along— you promptly submit reports and you got paid right after that. But as another month comes in and you did the usual routine of submitting reports of all your finished tasks—your client becomes silent, as if he/she totally forgot all about you. That would be okay but what if you were left hanging— unpaid?

Sad to say, this scenario happens in the virtual workplace and not just for newbie but even for those who have been in the business for a long time. Instead of sulking because you don’t see any chances of getting your client to pay you for your hard work, you can take some humane actions which might stir guilt on his/her side and pay you after all.

When your client doesn’t intend to pay
, here are things that you can do

1. Gently remind your client of his/her accountability

Perhaps like you, he/she had been caught up with a busy family schedule or he/she is busy dealing with new clients or workers. Politely tell your client that you had sent your invoices for him and that he might over looked them.

2. Give a firm reminder

Albeit friendship had built up as you work together, be firm in asking for your payment. Tell him that you had done your part and though you have been disappointed of not receiving payment from him despite of several reminders, you are more than willing to accept late payment than being not paid at all.

3. Be consistent during collection

If the first two tips didn’t work then double your effort when it comes to collection. Send invoices and email twice or thrice within the day. If you can, call your client personally on the phone. Tell him that as much as you would want to be diligent in asking for payment, you also have personal bills to settle and you need to be paid the soonest. By showing him how determined you are to collect, you will be on his top list of priority in case he really is having a hard time thinking of whom to pay first among his collectors.

If all else fails and payment is far from possible, tell him that you will then seek help from an attorney. But of course, you could just do this as a bluff (it may or may not work anyway). If what you are collecting isn’t that much to cause you from trouble of filing a case or even hiring an attorney, then forget it. Just block him on your list and if you have affiliations, report him/her as a bad client to prevent other online workers from dealing with him/her. Just think of this line “charged it to experience”.

Like in any kind of industry, amidst good clients, there are bad too. It is all up to you how to handle negative people, who would, at some point in time, would test your patience and would try to run before you. Be cautious and remember we, as online workers, work for a living and not for free.

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