Who is your mentor?

Mentor for Virtual assistant Business

Building your career as a virtual assistant is nearly something you have never been taught at school. The only thing that you could do is trying to get as many references as you can (glad that Google provides nearly everything!), but sometimes it’s not enough. There were times when you feel stuck and no one to ask or to give advice. On that case, having a mentor can help you a lot.

So, who is your mentor?

The question arose when I did a research with similar topic for a client in the last couple of days. It was such an exciting assignment because I found so many useful information about mentored – mentoring things. One thing came across my mind. Who is actually my mentor(s) in building my career as a virtual assistant?

Looking back to a few years back, I remember starting my business alone. I was all by myself. No one to teach me, nor to give advice. I didn’t even know what my skills are and how should I utilize them. None. I didn’t know anything about working online.

So, in this case. I may say that my first mentor is Google. Yes, it took a lot of researches, a lot of Googling efforts to find the information that I can read and refer to.

But then I realize that actually I also have another mentor. Or I think I’ll better say it as mentors.

They are clients!

Perhaps you realize this fact too, clients are actually our mentors.

Every client comes with different requirement and every project makes us learn.

There’s always a new thing, new skill, new knowledge comes along with every project assigned and that is absolutely fantastic.

I didn’t say that we can treat client’s project as our trial and error program where we act like student and they should become our teacher, no. That’s not my point here. What I am saying is that every project should make you learn about something, strengthen your skill on some points. It makes you think a lot and see things from client’s point of view.

Cheers for all the best clients in the world that are willing to share their knowledge to their virtual staff!


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