What Should You Do When A Client Posts A Bad Review About You?

Have you ever had your good name smeared by a client? You did your side of the deal. You interviewed the client, you got all the information required to do the job, you did the background research and you delivered the required service in a timely manner.

Despite all of that, the client has given you a bad review! Perhaps they were expecting an impossible level of perfection? Perhaps it was a case of miscommunication? Or maybe they were just downright mean! Whatever the reason, how can you respond in a way that saves your good reputation?


  • Take some time out and cool your jets.
    You’re probably feeling angry, incensed, apoplectic with rage! With strong emotions like these clouding your mind, you won’t be in any position to respond in a constructive, positive manner.
    Your best option is to take a breather, relax and give it some time before responding.
  • Make sure the feedback is actually unfair.
    Your first port of call is to contact the client direct. A short, polite message will do the trick. Find out why they were disappointed with your service, express that you wish they had contacted you in the first instance and let them know that you’re more than willing to do all you can to resolve the issue. That’s all you need to do at this point. Give the client time to respond before taking things any further. In many situations you’ll find that the issue was simply a misunderstanding, and is something that can be easily remedied with a slight reworking of the service provided. No harm, no foul.
  • You decide that the feedback was unfair!
    If you feel that the issue is more than a simple misunderstanding and the response you received from the client wasn’t positive or hasn’t left any doors open to rectify the problem, you should remain calm and send them a professional response that details certain factors about the job. Highlight the job you were asked to do, what you actually did and how you did it.
    After that you really have no other option but to contact the administration of the site you are working on. Explain the situation, the work you did, and be prepared to send
    copies of all interaction with the client. Most freelance sites are used to dealing with this kind of issue, and they’ll have a system in place for sorting out your problem.
  • After that?
    Focus on your next job. You may already have more work lined up, and you certainly shouldn’t allow any negative thoughts or feelings to linger, as this could affect the quality of your next piece of work. Focus on providing a consistent level of good work, and try your best to be as honest and forthright as you can be with your
    clients. There are positive aspects to be taken from all manner of interactions with people throughout not only your professional life, but also your personal life. A bad experience is something to be learned from. Take it on the chin, deal with it as best you can, and move forward!

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