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virtual assistant indonesiaGoing on a paperless business has never crossed my mind, at least not on the first time when I started this virtual assistant business.

I thought we’re going to have an ordinary office, with file cabinets and lot of stuffs on them.

Just realized that I was wrong as in fact, the printer and copier are the office equipments that are very rare to use here.

We don’t print a lot, do not copy documents a lot, and we don’t have to buy office paper monthly like other ordinary offices do.

All of our works are saved in our computer, sent to client by email or shared using sharing application.

We use online invoice to bill clients, online absence application, online time tracking tool, and other applications that (we have never realized it before) have reduced our paper consumption to very minimum number (only about 1 – 2 times paper printing per MONTH!)


Without we realize, we have helped reducing the global paper consumption (in small scale). Isn’t it great?

Paper Shocking Statistics

12,500 sheets of paper can be made from 1 tree

A typical office worker in US uses 10,000 sheets of paper in a year

Indonesian office worker uses about 300 sheets of paper per month which is equal to 3,600 sheets of paper per year (in average)


My assumptions based on the above facts are:

1. An office worker in US could ‘spend’ one tree in a year ! (this is really shocking fact!)

2. Indonesian worker could ‘kill’ one tree in less than tree years!


Although trees are renewable resource with 1 cut  : 5 planted ratio (currently), but a normal tree would need about 10 – 20 years to grow before they are ready to be harvested for paper production. If we don’t start it from now, who can guarantee that the numbers won’t get higher later on?


Are you ready to go into the paperless office world?




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