Virtual Assistants Pros and Cons

You probably have seen online advertisements about Virtual Assistants whether it is about VA hiring advertisements or training and seminars for VA’s. Curios of what a VA is? Well, Virtual Assistants are the modern personal assistants of people who are busy with their companies, businesses and even personal agendas. They do the same tasks as PA’s like organizing files, scheduling appointments, typing and documenting, email handling and the lists could go on. The only difference is that a Virtual Assistant works remotely from his/her employer and their means of communication could be through the Internet, phone calls or fax.

Virtual Assistants are popular nowadays and almost anybody wishes to become one especially with the kind of economy we have causing an increase rate of unemployment. However, before you join in the caravan, it is recommended that you first take a look of the pros and cons of becoming a VA. These would help you in determining whether you could make it as a Virtual Assistant or not.


• Work at your own place- Virtual Assistants usually work at home. Yes, by becoming a VA, you could skip the hassle of travelling, beating the traffic to get in time for work and dressing up. The pain of dealing with co-workers is also eliminated since you work alone—in your own private place. You don’t have to deal with prying eyes from your boss or co-employees. You could work on your own set of time even in your pajamas too!

• You’re the boss- you are self-employed remember? You are the boss then. You can set your own schedule, choose the kind of work you like, work with people you only feel like working with and set your own professional rate. But of course, the people paying for your services are the ultimate boss—keep that in your mind.

• Unlimited income- you can work with lots of projects from different employers. The more tasks you have, the more earnings you could earn. If you are a hardworking type of person, then expect a sky high income, perhaps higher than your usual income when you were employed.


• Tough Competition- because of its increasing popularity, Virtual Assistants grew in numbers making the competition tough. The demand for VA’s decreases because the supply increases. The scenario is this: Since one VA is enough to do lots of task the other VA remains on the side until another project opens. If you are a newbie, landing a job could be hard and just to have your first client you might be forced to lower your rate initially.

• No Health Security- employers of Virtual Assistants are not obliged to give them health insurances. Therefore, you as the Virtual Assistant are the sole responsible in securing your health finances and this could cut off a huge chunk on your earnings.

• No Vacation or Sick Leaves- this is the same as no work no pay policy. If you get sick and are not available to work, you will not be paid. The same goes if you go on a vacation. The best thing you could do is to advise your employer beforehand so that they would know when you will be available for work again. By doing this, you could expect another project waiting for you even after your vacation.

Virtual Assistant jobs are open to all, but not all are destined to be a Virtual Assistant. You should weigh in the pros and cons before leaving your permanent job or at least plan a fall back if ever you cannot hold on with the cons of becoming a VA.

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