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Each individual is unique. But in the world of Virtual Assistants, you have to come up with the “most unique” representation of yourself in order to standout among the rest.

Looking at how far the industries of Virtual Assistants had gone through, we could say that it hit the worldwide market both for Virtual Assistants and companies of different scales. Needless to say, the competition becomes tough as more and more VA’s vie for the position.

It’s not easy to land a job or have an employer at a single snap. As a competent Virtual Assistant, you have to make a move on how to convince potential employers to hire you. To do this, you need to come up with an interesting portfolio where you could showcase all your skills, abilities, past and present VA jobs and other pertinent data about you and the services you could do for your client.

Different Forms of a Virtual Assistant Portfolio:

• In a folder- printed handouts for personal meeting with clients
• Digital Media- CD’s, DVD’s and/or USB can be easily mailed and distributed to would-be client
• Online portfolio- this is the most convenient form. You could easily place this on your personal website or blog or even in your Social Media accounts.

You would probably think that creating your portfolio is a piece of cake because all you need to do is to gather all information about you and your services in one place— if so, then you might think again. First impressions last and your ultimate goal in creating your Virtual Assistant portfolio is to make a good impression. VA jobs are mostly posted by professionals and reputable companies therefore you need to make your portfolio in a professional manner as well. How? Make it 100% free of errors. Check your grammar and spelling. Keep in mind that whatever you place in your portfolio will be a splitting image of your services and of what you could do for their company.

What should be the content of your portfolio?

• Opening letter- this would hold your introduction of yourself and your services or business. It doesn’t need to be lengthy but rather short and direct to the point.
• Mission Statement- just like in schools, companies and other entities, it would be at your advantage if you could come up with a mission statement. Potential clients would definitely love to know your mission and values in pursuing this kind of career.
• Character References- it would be comforting for your prospective clients to see how others spoke of you and your services. Their testimonials would be living proofs that you could give them outmost services just like what you did with your past satisfied clients.
• Professional Fee- let your future clients know how much you charge for your services according to their requirements. Price negotiations could also be arranged earlier if they would be really interested to hire you.

Stand out from the rest and start creating your own Virtual Assistant portfolio as this will be your ticket to success once you pursue a career of becoming a VA.

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