Time Tracking Software For Virtual Assistant

It is normal for any person whose work is executed via online to monitor his working hours anytime, anywhere. Yes, this is also why most online contractors are deemed hard worker and dedicated to their jobs. Whenever they got the chance to work especially if their employees need immediate result to an assigned task, even though they are on vacation, as long as they have their computers or Internet capable devices, they will get the job done.

But nothing comes for free nowadays, so they need to be paid and to be able to bill their clients they need to show how much time they spent working. Therefore easy and reliable time tracking software is necessary particularly on freelancers who work on per hour basis.

In line with the said time tracking software, we recommend the following list for you to try and make use of in your current endeavor as online contractors.

• Toggl- this is a free time tracker that works live or as a time sheet approach. It has an easy interface and can be understood in a matter of minutes. You can use the web version or the downloadable one. It is compatible with Windows, Mac or Linux so you can easily start tracking by a simple click on your toolbar. And for online workers on the go, you can have this time tracking software right in your pocket, just download it on your iPhone or Android phone and you’re good to go.

• Freshbooks- online workers usually work for a team and collaboration while working on a project is made easy with Freshbooks. Now you can work anytime, anywhere and still be able to monitor your time. You can leave your desk and continue working with your mobile devices plus the assurance that all your data are back up—safe and secure.

• Harvest- if you hate installations, then this is one is for you. Setting up Harvest could only take few seconds with no installation at all. It is easy to use and can be accessed both in desktop and mobile devices. It does not just track time but also provides reports and online invoicing. It is not free but offer competitive pricing plan.

• Tick- your work online could be complicated therefore a difficult time tracking software is the least on your list. With Tick, you can enjoy a simple and user friendly interface for your time tracking activities. Selecting your client, project and task can be done in few clicks. It has a pricing plan where you could choose one based on your needs and budget.

• Cashboard- you would love its time tracking widget on your mobile devices that’s for sure. You wouldn’t have to write down your time spent working as you could easily monitor your hours with Cashboard. As an honest contractor, you wouldn’t want to bill everything and you would want your employer to approve it first before you create invoice—this software has that feature. Apart from that, it offers add-ons giving more worth of your money since this are not free.

• yaTimer- it breaks the monotony of time tracking with its color-coding scheme. This is, by far, the easiest tool to use in monitoring your time as you work. If you are still on for a basic set up, like printing your time sheet, then this one is for you.

Time is essential for most online contractors therefore any one of the above time tracking software would be beneficial to them.

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