The Difference between Average Copywriters and Spectacular Copywriters

I have been into blogging and article writing for a few years now and yet I still consider myself as a newbie when it comes to writing. I read swarm of articles on the web most of the time and I often find myself amazed at all those written masterpiece. Indeed, I get inspirations from well-known writers and bloggers but for all we know, the success of an outstanding article often depends on how it was edited by copywriters.

A Copywriter can be either the writer himself or another person. Nevertheless, I have gathered few tips on how you could be distinguished as an average Copywriter to a spectacular one.

Focus on the project

It does not matter if the project assigned to you is big or small. It is still an article that needs your meticulous editing. Whether it is for your own blog or for a big time client, you should never shorten your time in editing. Use an eagle eye and check every single detail. Re-write everything if you must before you hit the publish button.

Time allowance

An article may look perfect after writing it. But giving it some time to just lay there, say a day or two would give you a more critical eye after that delay. Misspelled words, incorrect grammar, wrong punctuation marks are sure to float if there are– after you give yourself a time out from editing.

Review the job specifications

Perhaps you are so eager to check/edit the project that you almost forgot what your client really wants for their article. Before you start copy writing, re-read the task’s specifications as this would also refresh your creativity. New ideas are possible to come up that could give the article an extra kick to the readers.

Be certain with your goal

Perfection—that is. For every good written material, there is always a space for improvement. Keep that in mind. Do not settle on just finding what is wrong in it but instead aim for perfection.

Grammar checking tools are not 100% reliable

As they say, machine and computers are also prone to errors and mistakes. While these tools greatly help most writers of today’s generation, a person’s mind and knowledge can still be the most reliable thing to depend on. Just be keener in editing and you can get rid of these tools any time.

Re-read, re-read and re-read

After your initial editing, relax or take a cup of tea then start re-reading again. Do these for a few times and you will find some ways on how you could tweak the article. It is sometimes recommended to ask other person to read the article for you to have an opinion from other’s point of view. Do not get tired of this task as this is by far the core key to perfection.

Is it not more rewarding to see the project transformed from a hohum to a wow article? Just keep in mind that it all depends on how much effort you will give when it comes to the editing/copy writing part. It is always nice to be good but it is much better to be the best!

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